Can You Believe Your Government Supports This?

Seriously people – we need to #DumpIsrael immediately. These murderous, genocidal psychopaths need to be shunned by the entire world.

Remember: the United States federal government gives the Jewish state of Israel billions of dollars every single year, and provides it with unwavering political, diplomatic, and financial support.


  • I fear Im gonna lose whats left of my mind. I cant understand why my fellow Americans wont wake up. Im gonna tear out my teeth as I have no cheap morals to draw from all the senseless killing and lies by and for israhell. fuck the devils. God save Palestine. IU better shut up now.

    • Joe Stolen-Fields

      There will be no greater frustration than knowing the truth, having to share it, and nobody wanting to listen. Do not worry. Those we speak of ARE descendants of the actual being Satan. The Bible tells us so. As does history.

      We’ll technically the Adam and Eve story comes from ancient Sumerian texts about the “gods” that created the Adamic race, designed to do the work of slaves. But that’s for another discussion!

      Like I said, don’t worry. Be brave, be good, be just. All peoples of Earth are being manipulated, lied to, robbed, used, murdered, and enslaved. All but one.

      Now it looks like we’re all being led to World War 3.

      Make peace with your fellow Goyim. We’re in this together.


    • Stay strong, my friend. It ain’t easy. If it was, there would be no point to life. The Jews are the Devil, incarnate. It REALLY IS that simple. Christ himself put it so clearly even a six-year-old (an honest one, anyway) could understand.

      “Ye are NOT the “children of Abraham, your father was the Devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.”

      How much simpler can it get? Jew = Devil. PERIO-FUCKING-ID.

      Martin Luther, the founder or Protestant Christianity, was said to have said, at one of his many trials:

      “Know that, whenever you see a true Jew walk by, you have just seen a Devil.”

      If you’re old enough to remember the line: “This is a test, It is only a test. If this were an actual emergency, your screen would be showing actual emergency instructions showing proper evacuation procedures……”

      We lived with this zionist CRAP for YEARS in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

      There’s NOTHING wrong with HATING filthy creatures that want to destroy you.

      I don’t have a solution to the Jew problem, but my pal Mr. Ruger does.

  • Watch this monsters body language. Notice his rapid eye movement while he makes the claim. The rapid eye movement is a classic indication of deceit. Watch how he moves forward to force out the lie.

    These people, the Palestinians, are defenseless. Stealing their land wasn’t enough. It’s slaughter on top of it. Force that New World Order puppet and obedient slave to the Jews in the White House to watch this.

    The Jews can be summed-up in two words: humanities cancer.

  • Israeli Official Meets with Google and YouTube to Censor Palestinian Videos