AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jeanette Finicum Speaks to AFP

Jeanette Finicum

The tragic death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, the iconic Arizona rancher who served as a key leader and spokesman for the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon earlier this year, has sparked outrage in the patriot community. Finicum was shot and killed by agents of the Oregon State Police on January 26 in a joint Federal Bureau of Investigation-Oregon State Police operation.

Regular readers of AMERICAN FREE PRESS are familiar with those circumstances, as well as the background and purpose of the occupation of the Refuge, which was led by Mr. Finicum, Ammon Bundy, and a number of other American patriots and Constitutionalists.

On March 17, John Friend spoke with Mrs. Jeanette Finicum, LaVoy’s widow, and Thara Tenney, one of Finicum’s daughters. In this exclusive interview, these courageous ladies talk about the type of man and father LaVoy was, his motivation for participating in the occupation of the Refuge, the powerful novel he published in 2015, the redress of grievance submitted to local and state officials in Oregon, and the mass media’s coverage of the situation, in this revealing interview (36:56).

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  • For someone as ‘freethinking’ as you John, I find it interesting that you refuse to at least address the links that I’ve sent that show there are serious questions about Finicum’s supposed death. In part I believe you as many others do NOT grasp how the Mormons ‘think’ and how they are heavily involved in Zionism. I suggest you view ALL of tachyon timewarps videos on youtube and suggest you have him on for an interview. I also suggest you also have one True Ott for an interview as well to understand the role of Mormonism in all of this. Again, see what is hidden in plain sight!

    New Leaked Video Lavoy Finicum Head Shot FBI Blew His Brains Out

    Mormonism, Judaism, Satanism, and Red Symphony

    • I’d be more than happy to interview the gentleman who made these videos. Can you put me in touch with him?

    • The first video is hardly proof of a false flag, much less that it is all faked.

      So bad that I cannot bother myself wasting time with the second.

      You had your shot, yet used very poor evidence to support your claims.

  • Ed in Salt Lake

    True Ott’s website here: I suggest you have him on to discuss Mormonism and its relationship to the Jews. True was very involved with someone in the LDS Church years ago, had an awakening and now exposes Mormonism for the fraud it is.

    As far as Tachyon Timewarp goes, you would have to contact him vis-a-vis his youtube channel for an interview. Here is a three part piece by one Mando Mohan that addresses some of the same problems with the Finicum shooting. As you well know John with 9/11(September Clues) what we see can now be manipulated to a high degree!

    Pt 1-

    Pt 2-

    Pt 3-