AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: AFP Speaks to Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, more commonly known as “Diamond and Silk,” and the “Stump for Trump Girls,” are two of the more outspoken and enthusiastic supporters of Donald J. Trump, the leading GOP presidential contender who has caused much controversy since announcing his presidential bid, and who is often portrayed by the elite media as a divisive, unrefined renegade degrading American political discourse.

Lynnette and Rochelle are sisters from North Carolina who have gained national attention with their hard-hitting and provocative YouTube videos, which feature political commentary, media analysis, and insights into the presidential election not found elsewhere. They have appeared as guests on a number of mainstream media outlets and have even joined Trump on stage during a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina late last year.

John Friend spoke with the sisters about their activism, in this engaging interview (18:22).

‘Diamond,’ ‘Silk’ Tell AFP Why They Like Trump

Donald Trump, the leading GOP presidential contender who has caused much controversy since announcing his presidential bid, is often portrayed as a divisive, unrefined renegade degrading American political discourse. However, the maverick businessman turned presidential hopeful has gained tremendous support from millions of Americans from all backgrounds. Trump’s populist talking points and public policy positions, as well as his harsh critiques of the controlled mass media and corrupt political establishment, have resonated deeply with large segments of the American populace.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are two of the more outspoken and enthusiastic supporters of Trump. Hardaway and Richardson, more commonly known as Diamond and Silk, are sisters from North Carolina who have gained national attention with their hard-hitting and provocative YouTube videos, which feature political commentary, media analysis, and insights into the presidential election not found elsewhere. Diamond and Silk, who are often also referred to as the “Stump for Trump Girls,” have appeared as guests on a number of mainstream media outlets. The outspoken duo even joined Trump on stage during a rally in Raleigh, N.C. late last year.

According to Ms. Hardaway, the “Stump for Trump Girls” were impressed with Trump from the outset.

“We were on the Trump Train from the very beginning,” Ms. Hardaway recently explained to AMERICAN FREE PRESS in an exclusive interview, “and we started making videos about Donald Trump because we saw how the media was trying to throw him under the bus. We didn’t like that, so we had to talk about it, and we talked about it on our YouTube channel. The craziest thing is we didn’t know all these people were going to hear us.”

Diamond and Silk’s YouTube channel The Viewers View has just under 32,000 subscribers, and millions of people have seen or heard the candid sisters on CNN, Fox News, and other mainstream outlets since they gained national attention last year. As is the case in all of their media appearances, the duo eagerly elaborated on the reasons why they are supporting Trump during their conversation with AFP.

Trump “resonates with me, with us, 100%,” Ms. Richardson told AFP. “The things that he talks about that need to happen to help get this country out of this economic crisis is something that I do not hear from the rest. He’s talking common sense instead of politics, and he resonates with me 100%.”

Ms. Hardaway echoed Ms. Richardson’s thoughts.

“I’m supporting Donald Trump because he wants to secure the border, he wants to bring back our jobs so we can thrive again, and he wants to bring back spirit by uniting this country,” she explained.

Ms. Richardson continued: “People are tired of being under- or unemployed. We need to bring back good jobs, opportunities for people to be gainfully employed. People are tired of his divide in our country. It’s time to bring back spirit, it’s time to unite. Remember, this is the United States, not the Divided States, so it’s time for us to come together.”

The duo also noted how Trump is influencing the political discourse in America, opening up space for formerly marginalized and rarely discussed topics, including illegal immigration, political correctness, and the disastrous impact of so-called free trade and economic globalization, which has resulted in millions of manufacturing jobs being outsourced to China, Mexico, and other developing nations.

“No one was talking about securing our borders, about the illegal immigrants in our country—nobody until Donald Trump,” Ms. Hardaway emphasized. “Now, everyone is trying to run on his platform. That’s why we don’t need another insider, because they are all talk and no action. These people have been in office for years and haven’t done anything.”

Ms. Hardaway and Ms. Richardson have been especially critical of the controlled mainstream media’s coverage of Trump and his campaign, which they view as dishonestly distorted in an attempt to discredit the renegade GOP contender.

“What the mainstream media does is take it and twist it and turn it and take his words out of context,” Ms. Hardaway told AFP. “It’s like they are the ones trying to decide the election. But we the people will not let that happen. We don’t need them feeding us a narrative. We the people will be deciding this election. Any time you see them smearing you, that means they fear you. This is exactly why people need to get out and vote for him. They know he is going to make changes.”

Curly Haugland, a member of the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee, recently stated that the Republican Party—not the voters—determine who the GOP nominee will be, a statement that has sparked outrage with many Trump supporters, including Ms. Hardaway and Ms. Richardson.

The GOP establishment is “trying to steal this nomination away from Donald Trump, and they are trying to control the election,” Ms. Hardaway stated. “We the people can’t let that happen. It’s very disturbing.”

“It’s time for everyone to line up behind the front-runner, and that’s Donald Trump,” Ms. Richardson added. “I guarantee you he can beat Hillary.”

The controversial commentators have even set up a website encouraging Democrats, Independents, and others to switch to the Republican Party in order to vote for Trump in the remaining primaries and the general election.

“We started a website so you can change your party and you can vote for Donald Trump,” Ms. Richardson told AFP. “A vote for Donald Trump is victory over the establishment.”

“It’s time for the American people to be taken care of,” Ms. Hardaway concluded. “It’s time for somebody to look out for the American people—and that’s what we love about Donald Trump.”

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  • lol That was hilarious. Do they ever talk without yelling at the top of their lungs? You should have asked them for a backstage pass to the next Trump circus. Then you can interview Trump himself and ask him what is it about AIPAC and Israel that he loves so much? Maybe then he’ll reveal his “secret tactics and strategy” to fight his puppet-masters, the same “secret strategy of ‘real-politik'” many prominent alt-media people were claiming Putin had, but which turned out to be only passing holohoax denial laws and burying all free-speech for for 160 million people in Russia.

  • I watched the video when they went after Megyn Kelly following the first debate. Couldn’t stop laughing. They were awesome but you know what, when you listen to what they have to say they are right on the mark in their views as well. They know what they are talking about. They want Trump for the right reasons. They are not just fans, they are politically astute as well. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  • Great show; only thing missing was the J-bomb. I’d have loved to hear D&S light up if you dropped that one, maybe with ref to the “elite media” lol 😀

    Oh wait, if we take our queue from our betters at the UofCali system,

    ^ I don’t understand it either, but we should just try to understand that TPTB at UC are more wise & enlightened than us plebs; so on second thought it’s prolly better you didn’t risk crossing the invisible anti-Shlomo-ism line in your conversation with D&S. :)

  • Another “Relevant link” for this program:


    zionism has always used jews as its first support level. typically, the university of california immediately enacts a sanction on criticism of zionism, by way of blocking personal disparagements against jewish people. when in fact zionism is contrary to the jewish scriptures, and all real jews know it. zionism is only a political movement, a faction, very powerful now, which takes advantage of fears and prejudices generally inherent in jewish people, for the furtherance of its political agenda. it is true though, that the vast majority of brainwashed jews are supportive of the state of israel.
    but that support could only wane as the true history and current state of affairs with regard to the cleansing program against the palestinians and the zionists’ deliberate destabilization of the greater middle eastern area becomes completely understood, among jews and other americans. bds. indeed, the turn of decent jewish people against the entire zionist program could be in the offing, and that would mean the end at last of this whole big bolsheviki warmongering swindle.
    this official enactment opens the door for lawsuits against the university for its discrimination against political speech. criticism of zionism and the policies of israel and the usa as its promoter is nothing personal against any jewish person, unless the jewish person thinks so, his state of israel being a jewish theocracy.
    but religious theocracies, that have an official religion and stifle those that are not, are not something the usa supports.
    however, if we end up with a majority of jews on the supreme court and a sycophant president anything like ted cruz or hilary clinton, the university’s prejudice position will probably be protected when that case reaches the highest level. that may very well be the long range plan.
    what does trump think of all this? i wish i could ask him. nobody at fox news will.

  • Trump is going to Make This Country Great Again.

    Unless some Jew complains. Then it’s like……well……. uh, you know…. I think…… maybe…… Oh hell, this country isn’t so bad.

    Now, where was I…….. Oh, yeah…… those dirty Mexicans taking all our jobs………

    Chumly, the cure to those Mexicans taking our jobs is already on the books. All you gotta do is get the JEWISH judges to enforce those laws. Good luck with that.

    But that’s not really what you want to talk about, is it, Mr. Chump.

  • you go girls!!!

  • Is there an ebonics interpreter available who can explain to me what ‘CALL HIM OUT OF HIS NAME!’ Means? They used that term repeatedly. Thanks in advance.

  • John got some mainstream press attention out of this.

    Leftist rag Huffington Post alarmed that Diamond & Silk would even speak to John Friend, a White Nationalist who denies the holohoax:

    They are really wetting their pants that the so-called “minorities” they have engineered to become the “majorities” of the USA in a few years are not as stupid as they think and know that being on the same side as Free Speech, Free Expression and Free Association, the American values rags like Huffington Post hate and want to see destroyed, not only helps but is REQUIRED if everyone, all individuals of goodwill of any ethnicity, want to maintain a win-win dialectic with each other and become more see-will-eye-zed. When you can see your FREEWILL in action, when non-INITIATION-of-force and immediate defense of violations of that principle is the only rule of action then you have the perfect Libertarian/Anarchist minimal state or no state leadership-principle-organized society of synergized groups.

    “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” “No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.” — Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer, 1816

    “Equal rights” does not mean “equality” in anything but basic humanity, or equality before the law, in order to pursue freely inevitably unequal results as possible sources of “happiness” or reward for thought and work well-done. The division of labor economy works precisely because of the inequality of all individuals, even identical twins, in all things but their basic humanity.

    Two page debunk of the holohoax:

  • (continued . . . )

    “Imitation is the result of inadequate information. Information results in change. Change requires energy. Energy is the result of adequate information. Energy is directly proportional to the amount of information about the structure of a system. Norbert Wiener: ‘Information is a name for the content of what is exchanged with the outer world as we adjust to it and make our adjustment felt upon it . . . to live effectively is to live with adequate information.’ Useful information accelerates change. Redundant information restricts change. If sustained long enough, redundant information finally becomes misinformation, which results in negative change.

    In communication theory and the laws of thermodynamics, the quantity called entropy is the amount of energy reversibly exchanged from one system in the universe to another. Entropy also is the measure of disorder within those systems. It measures the lack of information about the structure of the system. For our purposes ‘structure of the system’ should be taken to mean ‘the human condition,’ the universal subject of aesthetic activity. Entropy should be understood as the degree of our ignorance about that condition. Ignorance always increases when a system’s messages are redundant. Ignorance is not a state of limbo in which no information exists, but rather a state of increasing chaos due to misinformation about the structure of the system.

    The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is constant: it cannot be created or destroyed; its form can change, but not its quantity.

    The Second Law states that the amount of energy within a local system is naturally entropic–it tends toward disorder, dissipation, incoherence. And since energy is defined as ‘capacity to rearrange elemental order,’ entropy, which runs counter to that capacity, means less potential for change. We’ve learned from physics that the only anti-entropic force in the universe, or what is called negentropy (negative entropy), results from the process of feedback. Feedback exists between systems that are not closed but rather open and contingent upon other systems. In the strictest sense there are no truly ‘closed’ systems anywhere in the universe; all processes impinge upon and are affected by other processes in some way. However, for most practical purposes, it is enough to say that a system is ‘closed’ when entropy dominates the feedback process, that is, when the measure of energy lost is greater than the measure of energy gained.

    The phenomenon of man, or of biological life on earth taken as a process, is negentropic because its subsystems feed energy back into one another and thus are self-enriching, regenerative. Thus energy is wealth, and wealth according to Buckminster Fuller is ‘the number of forward days a given system is sustainable.’ Biologist John Bleibtreu arrived at a similar conclusion when he noted that the concept of time can best be viewed as a function of the Second Law of Thermodynamics–that the measure of entropy in a system is a measure of its age, or the passage of time since the system originated. 27 In other words, the degree of a system’s entropy is equal to redundancy or stasis whereas its negentropy is equal to kinesis or change. So information becomes energy when it contributes to the self-enriching omni-regenerative wealth of the system. When it’s not contributing (i.e., redundant) it is allowing the natural entropy to increase.” — Gene Youngblood, “Expanded Cinema” (1970)

  • (continued . . . )

    “I have listened with great interest to discussions regarding decentralization and centralization and I have thought that the question of whether it is valid to decentralize or centralize is unanswerable because it deals with ONE one-way sign in two-way traffic. It is a static question in a dynamic universe.

    Man was invented a mobile device and process. He has survived through his ability to advance or retreat as his mortal requirements have dictated. Of his two primary faculties, quickness is of great importance but intellect is first.

    He recognizes that vital quickness may be momentary reflex but that satisfactory continuities are proportional to his degree of comprehension of the consequence of his initiative. Degree of comprehension he measures in the terms of the complex integration of all individuals’ all-time experience, as processed by intellectual integrity. His quickness would be a spontaneous servant to that integrity.

    Despite intermittent submissiveness to runaway momentums of residual ignorance, man guards most dearly and secretly his freedom of thought and initiative. Therefrom emanates the social-industrial relay, from self starter to group starters.

    Out of this freedom alone understanding may be generated. Man recognizes understanding as an activated circuit of mutual comprehension by individual minds. Understanding must be plural. However, because individual experience is unique, understanding can be developed only in principle out of the compounding significance of plurality of experience. Thus, man knows that the voluntary interactions of understanding dealing in fundamental principles will always master involuntary mass actions, and that individual freedom ever anticipates and ultimately masters mutual emergency.”

    ~ from “Ideas and Integrities” by R. Buckminster Fuller (1963)