Are Jews part of the West?

In the video below, White advocate Jared Taylor gives an interesting interview to Jewish journalist David Sheen:

Jared Taylor makes many important points, namely the fact that Israel is a racial state (i.e., a Jewish state), which is endorsed and supported by the West, especially the United States. However, the Western political and media establishment are strongly against a racial state in their own countries. Israel is allowed to be a Jewish state, but America, Europe, and the rest of the Western world must be “proposition nations”, where individuals of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds can become citizens. Massive non-White immigration (legal and illegal), multiculturalism, and racial diversity and intermixing is encouraged and supported by the Western political and media establishment – in fact, it is state policy. And yet, Israel is supported and accepted as a racialist Jewish ethno-state. One policy for the West (multiculturalism, diversity, massive non-White immigration, deracination for Whites, etc.), quite another for the Jews (Jewish state, strong Jewish identity and cohesion, virtually no non-Jewish immigration, discrimination against non-Jews, etc.).

The hypocrisy is astounding and unacceptable.

In typical fashion, what Jared Taylor fails to expound upon is that the fact that the leading proponents of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” (i.e., White displacement and disenfranchisement) in the West emanate from the organized Jewish community, and always have. Indeed, radical Jewish intellectuals and political activists have led a systematic assault on traditional Western civilization and identity, as Dr. Kevin MacDonald has expertly analyzed and documented in his book The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements. Is Jared Taylor unfamiliar with Dr. MacDonald’s work?

I do have one major disagreement with Jared Taylor’s otherwise excellent interview. Towards the end of the video (beginning at the 18 minute mark), Taylor begins explaining the importance of racially homogenous societies, and seems to imply (if not outright state) that Jews are a part of White Western European civilization, albeit members of a religious minority. In other words, Jews and White European peoples are racially the same, but with different religions. Taylor states:

… I think that, uh, race is something that is ordinarily so powerful that it can dissolve differences in language and religion – not always – but I think that people, so long as they share the same race, eventually over time they can establish a sense of community and fellow feeling, even if there are differences of religion, differences of language. And so I think that, uh, uh, Jewish Americans – there is certainly nothing wrong with their being Jewish and having a religion that is different from the majority Christian religion – so long as they consider themselves men and women of the West, and think of themselves as heirs not only to a Jewish tradition, but to a European tradition, which is the case for most of the Jews who live in the United States. We have far more Ashkenazi Jews than Sephardim. I think they can certainly be part of the United States. And, uh, for them in particular it is sometimes striking that they will be so strident about preserving a Jewish Israel, and yet many of them would line up as the most rabid multiculturalists when it comes to the United States. I think once again, this is a very striking double standard that neither American Jews nor American politicians are ever called to account on. […]

Does someone with the knowledge and experience that Jared Taylor has really think that Jews “consider themselves men and women of the West”? Does Taylor seriously believe that Jews “think of themselves as heirs not only to a Jewish tradition, but to a European tradition”?

When Jews think of the West, what do they think of? They think of “anti-Semitism”, persecution, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, racism, and Christianity. The Jews abhor the people, culture, traditions, and history of the West, and have been waging war against it for centuries now. When is Jared Taylor going to recognize this obvious fact, and say it out loud?


  • He goes as far as he does now only after twenty years of genuine ‘race-realists’ pushing the issue, and especially to keep pace with what’s gone on the last three years online, where antisemitism has exploded and might now be the first opening issue to – what? – a quarter or a third or a half of freshly enWhitened Whites?

    He’ll keep a lid on it the best he can for the next decade and be invited on to FOX as a wise old man when Gavin McInnes and Richard Spencer are regulars there.

  • Could not agree more, in particular the Israeli double standard. Whites don’t give much or any thought to their being white but Jews from my own observation are continually aware of their Jewishness.