Are Hate Crimes Really on the Rise in America?

Hate Crimes

  • There’s been a quiet but not surprising way that radical leftist groups and their advocates in government account for so-called “hate.” Instead of labeling them “crimes,” which are investigated by police and often disproven, they are now logged as so-called “hate incidents” with no questions asked as to their veracity.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other leftist activist organizations, “hate” is on the rise in America. They’re blaming President Donald Trump and his America-first populism, but is this just another example of fake news that’s being promoted by the radical left and the mainstream media?

A major theme throughout the 2016 presidential election was the alleged rise in “hate incidents” and “hate groups” purportedly targeting minorities, topics the SPLC has made its living on by hyping and exaggerating for decades now.

The spring 2017 edition of the Intelligence Report—a quarterly publication written and produced by the SPLC, which “provides comprehensive updates to law enforcement agencies, the media and the general public” about the “radical right” in America—argues that the number of “hate groups” operating in the U.S. has risen for the second consecutive year. According to the report, “hate incidents” are also on the rise, fueled largely by Trump’s presidential victory and his populist, America-first policy positions on immigration.

The report goes on to argue that hate incidents against Muslims and other immigrants have risen dramatically, driven largely by Trump’s rhetoric concerning illegal immigration and the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

But what exactly constitutes a hate incident is largely open for interpretation.

As this newspaper has covered extensively, so-called hate crimes are, in many cases, exaggerated and even faked by individuals and a complicit mainstream mass news media. On the other hand, so-called hate incidents need not be investigated by law enforcement. They are merely an accounting of someone’s claim that a person was the victim of someone’s “hate.”

For instance, according to a local NBC affiliate in D.C., Montgomery County, Md., which sits just north of the nation’s capital, allegedly saw a dramatic spike in hate incidents in 2016. The report notes that 94 “biased incidents” were reported in the county during 2016, a 42% increase in such incidents from the previous year.

“The spike in hate crimes was a direct correlation to the kind of campaign that was run for the president of the United States,” County Council President Roger Berliner told reporters. “It unleashed an energy that is very destructive.”

Incredibly, one example of a “hate crime” cited in the report included Trump supporters’ being called nazis or cars being vandalized with swastikas, which runs contrary to Berliner’s line of thinking.

In fact, Trump supporters—or perceived Trump supporters—were violently attacked and abused throughout the presidential campaign season, a fact that is rarely, if ever, brought to light by leftist groups. In comparison, violence allegedly committed by Trump supporters is regularly hyped, exaggerated, and, in some cases, entirely invented by groups such as the SPLC and their enablers and supporters in the mainstream mass news media.

Similarly, some Jewish groups have argued that “anti-Semitism” and “hate” are on the rise as well.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recently published a list of the top 10 manifestations of “anti-Semitism” in 2016, which included Jewish journalists being called bad names on the Internet in addition to the rise of the alt-right, an increasingly popular political dissident movement driven largely by nationalist and racialist ideas.

Adding to this claim, the ADL also released a report saying that Jewish community centers had received around 50 bomb threats in the last two months.

Hurt feelings aside, the FBI is reportedly investigating the bomb threats but has not released any specifics on these bomb threats, which all turned out to be hoaxes.

It’s worth noting that, while Jewish community centers may have received 50 bomb threats in two months, in 2016, schools across the U.S. averaged over 100 bomb threats every month, or over 1,200 for the entire year—a startling statistic that shows, overall, American schools regularly face four times the number of threats as compared to Jewish community centers.

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  • In Africa children are being hacked to in the diamond fields a jewish dominated global trade. In Syria, Yemen,etc. Whole families are being killed,women old people are dying due to wars, poverty, bombs, diseases etc. BUT the whole world the whole UNIVERSE MUST come to a stand still, all world, including the planets must STOP …because some a few headstones were push down, or were already down and OMG they are JEWISH headstones, in other christian cementeries headstonrs were vandalized also but…those do not count!!! No world events matter only a few ” vandalized” cementeries head stones in a jewish cementery..!!!!

    • Great point… and of course, who even knows if these so-called “anti-Semitic attacks” are even real or legitimate. I bet all of these purported “attacks” and “threats” against JCCs and other Jewish organizations across America, as well as the alleged “vandalism” of Jewish cemeteries, are either hoaxes or done by Jews themselves! I can’t prove it, but if I were to wager I’d put my entire savings on it!

  • as a general rule media people can and do cherry-pick whatever data they want to convince their audience of whatever is their argument. mostly it’s got very little to do with reality.
    unless everyone can have all the statistics every day nobody really knows what’s happening and nobody should react too much to a lot of smoke, especially from special interest groups like the splc.
    no doubt the adl created and controls the splc, for zionist purposes only.
    besides that, the jews are past masters at creating evidence to maintain themselves as victims, therefore not generally guilty.
    anybody who has followed this stuff a bit will immediately suspect the jews themselves of knocking over their own tombstones. it was a plot to manipulate trump into a statement, and at the same time to hinder his nationalist program.
    because somehow nationalism has to mean fascism.
    i guess the same way belief in racial integrity has to mean bigotry.
    but the real fascism afoot now is the pc pronoun and hate crime kind being peddled by the splc types.
    none of it means anything to trump.

  • I don’t believe it at all. I’m flat out saying that the incidents are ADL paid agents. There is a long history of this …See Mana Truhill.

  • He’s rarely mentioned on nationalist forums these days, but for awakening Whites ten or twenty years ago the writer ‘yggdrasil’ was very valuable. cjheck him out, JF and others, if you haven’t already. This section from one of his classic articles, OBJECTIVE MEASURES OF RACISM, reflects early on hate-crime vs. hush crime stats:


    Much is made in the popular press about the fact that Blacks are the main victims of Black crime. That is certainly true for murder. But there were only 25,000 murders in 1992 in the United States, and only 141,000 forcible rapes. (From BJS surveys, and not just reported crime numbers).

    In contrast, there were 1.2 million robberies, and 5.3 million assaults. An assault is an incident in which someone comes up and punches or kicks you, just to humiliate and frighten you. Economic gain is not a motive. It is the quintessential “hate crime”. 5.3 million attacks is a truly staggering number. 11% of all assaults or about 580,000 are by blacks against fellow blacks. 15% of all assaults or about 795,000 are by blacks against white victims. 71% of all assaults are committed by whites, but only 2% of all assaults, or 106,000, were committed by whites on black victims.

    Thus, while blacks commit 2.7 times the number of assaults as whites per capita, there are fully 7.5 times as many assaults by blacks on whites as by whites on blacks. It is 49.7 times more likely that any randomly selected black has assaulted a white, than that any randomly selected white has assaulted a black.

    Blacks are well aware of these probabilities, as evidenced by a quote from the Dec 17, 1993 edition of he Wall Street Journal:

    Jesse Jackson said the other day that “there is nothing more painful to me . . . than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery–then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    The statistics raise all sorts of interesting questions.

    1. Given the concentration of those 795,000 annual black-on-white assaults in neighborhoods adjacent to black neighborhoods, is white flight to distant suburbs the likely product of racism or simple fear?

    2. Suppose that instead of constituting 12.1% of the population, blacks were 35%. In that circumstance, would the existing rates of aggression have already provoked civil war or secession?

    3. Is it an accident that the social engineers of the “therapeutic state” have never attempted to dismantle white suburbs?

    4. Could Marxism be a manipulative device designed to dissuade groups from asserting their own racial interests while concealing racial aggression on the part of Marxists themselves?

    5. Is it possible that “hate crime” laws serve a critical symbolic purpose? – That assaults by whites against blacks are so rare that each case must be made into a “show trial” to reinforce the myth of white racism?

    6. Isn’t black violence useful to the black middle class? Aren’t quotas based on numbers inflated by a black underclass rendered unemployable by drugs and crime disproportionately generous toward the small number of middle class blacks?

    7. Can one make the argument that by voting to support black dependency on welfare, the black middle class is pursuing its own narrower self-interest at a hideous cost to the less fortunate members of its own kind?


    Everybody who hasn’t please read the whole site from beginning to end.

  • JF – you can be very proud of that final paragraph. You pummelled em quite brutally until then, but that last stat was a knockout punch. Great writing!

  • The jews have been pulling this nonsense for years.They invented the terms “hate crime” and “hate speech” sometime around the late 80s.And,of course,it has nothing to do with hate.These are simply terms used to frighten people or legally prevent them from speaking out about jewish policy or behavior and to keep everyone else from listening.It is the kind of psychological trickery that jews are masters of.They have an agenda and they are threatened by anything or anyone who exposes their lies and schemes or threatens to derail their plans.They are terrified of the rise of white nationalism and racial consciousness.They are desperate to keep whites feeling guilty,confused and morally disarmed so we won’t resist more of the things they want to impose on us.When they say “hate” is on the rise,they really mean dissent is on the rise.When they say “anti-semitism” is on the rise,they really mean that people are rightfully assigning blame and accountability to the jews for their ruinous policies in the west.

  • I call this “mental Krav Maga” (after the Jewish martial art.) Always attack the enemy and blame him for the things YOU are doing…things YOU would never feel any guilt about but your victim, with a conscience, can be made to feel guilt.

    Ever notice how the bulk of these “hate crimes” are what I call “budget terrorism.” Cheap to stage and hard to prove. How would tipping over a few Jewish headstones or spraying swastikas on a few doors advance white interests? Rather, the benefit the Jew. And Donald Trump is perfectly willing to make his supporters the whipping boy for his Jewish overlords. (Ever notice that, in the rare instance where there is a victim, it’s usually a non Jew, or some elderly, poor Jew…never a big banker or financier or head of an anti-white genocidal organization.)