Anne Frank’s stepsister equates Trump to Hitler

The organized Jewish community and radical Jewish ethnic activists constantly compare and equate their modern day adversaries to Adolf Hitler, easily the most righteous and honorable statesman in modern Western history who has been demonized and slandered on an unprecedented scale.

Since Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, launched on a platform based around American nationalism and sovereignty, ending illegal immigration, building a wall along the southern border to prevent the invasion of America by the Third World, and destroying political correctness, the organized Jewish community has united in their opposition to his presidential aspirations. Many have compared Trump to Hitler, including the Jewish comedian Bill Maher.

Now we have Anne Frank’s stepsister, who does not even live in the United States and presumably will not be voting in the upcoming election, denouncing Donald Trump for inciting “racism,” comparing him to Adolf Hitler in the process.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

Screenshot (103)

The stepsister of Holocaust teen diarist Anne Frank compared Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump to Hitler.

Eva Schloss, 86, made the comparison in an essay in Newsweek magazine published Wednesday in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“If Donald Trump become(s) the next president of the U.S., it would be a complete disaster,” she wrote. “I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.”

Schloss, who lives in London, noted that the theme of this year’s Holocaust remembrance day is “Don’t stand by.”

“This is particularly important now with the refugee crisis going on as more people than ever are being bystanders,” she wrote. “We haven’t really learnt anything — I’m depressed by the current situation. The experience of the Syrian refugees is similar to what we went through.” […]

Schloss praised Germany for accepting more than 1 million refugees, noting that “the country has not gone under.” She also said the refugee problem is not Europe’s alone, suggesting that if the United States and Canada took more refugees it would mitigate the problem.

Do you see the way the vast majority if Jews think and operate? Everything revolves around them and their fake “Holocaust” narrative. They use this fake narrative as a weapon specifically against White nations and the Western world. It’s totally unacceptable.

Anyone who criticizes or opposes the Jewish agenda of multiculturalism, massive Third World immigration to the West, wars for Israel, the homosexual agenda, and cultural degeneracy in general is immediately equated with Hitler and “those evil Nazis.” These childish games the Jews play are unbearable. Thankfully, more and more people are starting to catch on to their scam and their lies.

The Jews hate Trump because all of his major public policy positions, especially regarding immigration, are entirely contrary to the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race and destroy White nations, including America. It’s time for all of us to jump on board the #TrumpTrain, and ride it all the way to the White House. Vote #Trump2016!

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  • I was under the impression that all of Anne’s family was sent to Auschwitz for delousing prior to travel to the promised land. Evva spent 9 months doing the most painful work a jew can do, manual labor. She sorted shoes and socks in the Canada section, played 2nd base on the girls softball team, acted in the Auschwitz Players Theater and spent plenty of time at the guards barracks. After Auschwitz was bombed by the 8th AAF she was “gassed’ again and sent off via rail to Turkey, Lebanon and then the promised land. She still can’t keep her mouth shut, thats how the rest of the Franks were caught when she was yelling from the sidewalk up to the open attic window, “ANNE ! ANNE ! Do you want Lox on your bagel from Sugarmans?”

  • How many refugees is Israel taking ? After all, they are closer to Syria, the Jews always lament how they weren’t allowed in as refugees in the 1930’s, and Zionist machinations to overthrow the regimes in Iraq and Syria are the cause of the mess.

  • Seeing how the entire Anne Frank deal is a bogus lie, methinks Eva is bogus, as well.

  • It would be unfair to equate Israel’s war criminals to Nazis.

    Unfair to Nazis

  • It is very wrong of these sick tribesman and women to continue to use the holohoax to further their enslavement of everyone else. And I’m disgusted by these scumbags labeling everyone that takes a stand against their corruption as Nazis or Hitler.

    But I am also disgusted by John’s continued support for an actor who is willfully playing his role in the fake campaign process!

    I recently commented on this site stating that it was wrong to promote the alleged militia incidents and supposed shooting as real when it was all clearly staged. It is because of the absurd pro-Trump stance that’s been going on here that I was even more heated up and added a bit about how so many in the so-called “alternative” realm seem to have tunnel vision, which leads to a lack of understanding when it comes to many topics outside of their core focus. For some it’s a sign of ignorance and others a sign of controlled opposition.

    Of course we can agree with some of the things Trump claims to believe in. Hell, we can agree with some of the things Obama lied about to get in the office, such as transparency and an end to the war. But we sure as fu*k don’t need to support the scumbag in his current role in yet another of the non-stop charades of the Powers That Be! John and those supporting his run for presidency are acting no different than the mindless masses who fall victim to the hoax and actually believe there is an election that will take place as opposed to a selection others make for us. Actually, it’s even more screwed up to see support on such a site from individuals whom are clearly more awake than the Average Joe who understandably believes in the system. And it’s even more absurd yet for John and others here to support someone who was a Grand Marshal in an Israeli parade in NYC, who had a daughter married into the tribe and converted, etc. I could go on and on with reasons this Trump praise is unbelievably stupid and contradictory to everything the author supposedly stands for, other than the lines Trump is feeding us through the jewish media.

    In addition to the absurdity of acting like the election process is real and that Trump is really a good guy, no one here seems to realize that their hero IS NOT ELIGIBLE for the position of president. I will admit I could be wrong on that one point, but I do not believe he is of the proper bloodline, for one thing. Obama is a cousin of Cheney, Bush and they are all of the allowed liniage. Seems to me Jeb would have a much better chance since he’s in the right family and likely has a leg up on that bitch Clinton since it’s the Republican’s turn in the White House at this stage in the grand illusion they sell us as reality.

    Trump in 2016? Absurd, ignorant and contradictory! Screw Trump and the rest of the shills working against the honest, freedom loving Americans who are tired of seeing the corruption, including the planned extinction of Whites.

    I have appreciated this site for some time. I’ve learned a lot from John and have admired his honest, open and tough stance against the jewish oppressors. But this Trump stuff and the recent promotion of the militia hoax are reasons I have to question becoming a member of the Realist Report. No, I don’t expect that everyone sees eye-to-eye with me, but some issues seem to be no-brainers and when those issues lead to more distractions and more support for the charade I get a little worked up, which I think is reasonable.

  • Anne Frank Fraud’s “stepsister equates Trump to Hitler”

    If a Jew is crying that, you know The Donald is the right man for president! Lol.

    Nice try, Jewess, but that shopworn Jewish ‘trick’ doesn’t work on people who are truly knowledgeable about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, The Third Reich, World War II and especially, the fake, phony, fraudulent, bogus Jewish holocaust which, in reality, is only a symbolic “holocaust” inside Jewry’s sick, collective mind.

  • I predict that Trump, if he wins, will be used like Putin. A limited curb on immigration for a few years, limited economic prosperity as bait and holohoax denial laws and hate-speech legislation as hook, passed to fully protect all criminal Judaics from the IMF and BIS and International Banking usury and legalized counterfeiting down. They always think longer term and this is what they are looking to accomplish. All the lower-level Jews going after Trump in the media is just for show, just like they go after Iran, their own controlled opposition created fundamentalist Islam stooge and bogie-man in Iran.

    Legal Organ Sales in Iran

    US Has Given Over $100 BILLION To Companies Defying Its Policy On Iran

    Does that look like a country that’s economically benefiting its own people without outside and ultimately Jew-financed “help,” the way Syria and Libya were? Who do you think provides the $100 billion dollars to the U.S. government and these companies?

    • (continued . . . )

      The Iranian inflation rate has always been in double digits and sometimes as high as 25%

      Inflation Is Theft

      by Hans F. Sennholz

      Many people know how to earn money, but few are aware of what the Federal Reserve System, acting on behalf of the U.S. Government, is doing to their money. It is inflating and depreciating the dollar at various rates – at double-digit rates during the 1970s and early 80s and at single-digit rates ever since. The present dollar is worth no more than 10 cents of the 1970 dollar and 50 cents of the 1980 dollar.


      So, if “Inflation Is Theft” as we can see at the above link, and Iran has had nothing but double digit inflation since the fundamentalist Islamic regime of Khomeini started, sometimes as high as 25% a year (lol), and the USA, with all its problems, has only had two or three years of double digit inflation in its entire history, who is the bigger thief towards their population?

      And yet, the geniuses in the alternative media, consider Islamic Iran a regime working for its people! lol What possible reason, besides “Press-TV,” Ahmedinejad’s rhetoric and those of other phony Iranian puppets controlled by the West, can these people have to consider Islamic Iran a “freedom fighting” country like Syria and Libya and Venezuela and National Socialist Germany? If they have banned “usury” why do they still have 25% inflation? Why do they take over $100 billion from U.S. companies indirectly? Why do they allow legal body organ sales for $500 to a $1000 an organ? lol And last but not least, why do they have the #1 rate of HARD drug addiction on the planet?

      • (continued . . . )


        Iran faces up to its most lethal threat – drugs

        One in 17 people are addicted,

        Iran has the highest rate of heroin and opium addiction per head of population in the world, according to the UN: one in 17 is a regular user and 20% of the Iranian population aged 15-60 is involved in drug abuse

        There are an estimated 500,000 drug dealers in Iran, circulating narcotics with an estimated street value of £1.7bn to £2.83bn

        Drug abuse is the main factor behind 60% of divorces in Iran, according to a survey

        Official government figures estimate that illegal drugs cost the Iranian economy £630m in 2004

        More than 3,200 Iranian law enforcers have been killed in clashes with drug traffickers since 1979. In 2003, officers seized 220 tonnes of drugs, up 54% on the previous year.

        Are all these people lying and propagandizing against Iran to help the Jews who, at least in the mainstream media, all the way up to Netanyahu, pretend Iran is their #1 enemy?

        How naive can you get? WWF style chest-thumping is all that is in the political realm. Look behind the curtain, if you want to find out how the strings are pulled and why, not in front of it. People like Netanyahu and Ahmedinejad are actors in front of the curtain. Those who passed these barbaric sharia laws

        that play directly into the hands of the demonization of all Iranians in the West. By the way, in case anyone is confused, Iran was a nation of people considered fully Aryan by blood by Hitler and the National Socialist Germans, as long as they were Moslem, and therefore immune to the Nuremberg racial laws of Germany. So, nope, Christianity had nothing to do with Hitler’s decisions as to which nation was “White” or “Aryan” and which not, only genetic research conducted by their best scientists of the period.

        Let’s not forget that without economic prosperity there can be no military strength or prosperity either. Even Soviet Russia had to rely on the economic prosperity of the West to give it all the technological innovations needed to have a powerful military. Without the West’s help, Jew bankster help specifically, communism would have collapsed before it started in the early 1920s.

  • Please, Jews, we can’t keep track of all the “New Hitlers.”

    Could you make a list for us? Take as many page as you need.