Anne Frank House Sets Record for Number of Visitors

Since its institutionalization following WWII, the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative has allowed the international Jewish community to create a massive multi-billion dollar industry. There are “Holocaust” museums in many major Western cities, which are oftentimes funded by Western governments themselves, and countless movies, documentaries, books, memoirs, plays, and other pieces of literature are produced and published each year promoting and perpetuating the false “Holocaust” story. “Holocaust”-themed movies are regularly nominated for Academy Awards, and “Holocaust” survivors tour the country, poisoning vulnerable children’s minds with lies, distortions, and exaggerations.

According to a recent report published by The Jewish Daily Forward, the Anne Frank House, an iconic institution instrumental in promoting, perpetuating, and certainly benefiting from the fake “Holocaust” narrative, has once again surpassed its previous record for number of visitors in one year.

The “Holocaust” industry shows no signs of slowing down.

The Anne Frank House had a record number of visitors for the sixth consecutive year.

Some 1,268,095 people in 2015 visited the Anne Frank House, located at the site in Amsterdam where the young diarist hid from the Nazis with her family. That is 40,633 more than the previous record of 1,227,462 in 2014.

“We want to offer everyone the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House. It is the place where the life story of Anne Frank is presented in the most authentic way. It’s impressive that so many people from all parts of the world visit this place and learn about this chapter of history,” Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House, said in a statement.

The Anne Frank house also organizes educational projects worldwide, exposing millions more people, most of them young, to the life story of the teenage diarist.

“The life story of Anne Frank encourages young people to reflect on the social developments of then and now, and inspires them to combat prejudice and discrimination in their own surroundings,” Leopold said.

The “Holocaust” racket, and the Jewish agenda it serves and advances, is easily one of the biggest scams of all time.

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  • Then we have this report, also from The Jewish Daily Forward:

    A record number of more than 1.72 million visitors came to the Auschwitz memorial in 2015.

    The new mark breaks the standard of 1.534 million visitors set last year, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland reported Monday.

    In 2015, Poland had the most visitors with 425,000. Rounding out the top five were the United Kingdom (220,000), the United States (141,000), Germany (93,000) and Italy (76,000). Next were Spain (68,000), Israel (61,000), France (57,000), the Czech Republic (47,000) and the Netherlands (43,000).

    August saw the most visitors with over 210,000.

    “Going through the remnants of the former camp does not constitute only a history lesson,” Piotr Cywinski, director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, said in a statement. “It is also the moment of unique reflection on our own responsibility for the shape of our world nowadays. That is why systematic tools supporting educational visits of young people at the Memorial have been created in so many democratic countries.” […]

    I’m assuming these numbers are correct. When I visited in the U.S. “Holocaust” Memorial Museum in D.C. a few weeks ago, there were tons of people there, especially young children. The entire industry and the lies they promote sicken me.

    • when my wife and i were in europe this summer we went to the ann frank house… the line to get in was incredible, like over 6 hours. people standing in the rain to get in. i didnt go in because i refused to pay nine euros. i told her it was fake anyway, lol. but as a cultural peculiarity it was interesting.

      ill have to send you the pics. i did go to asuswitz and amazingly they did not even charge us to get in. what kind of jews are running that place?? loL

  • Wow! Like morbid theme park franchises. I wonder if they collect admission fees in all these places. Might not be a bad idea to look how one can start their own franchise. “Holo-World,” or “Shindler’s Park.” Sell lamp-shade and soap souvenirs…

  • Being one that has spent a lot of time and effort researching what the truth is on the subject, it’s hard for me to read these articles and not moan out load, here we go again!
    All Holocaust (HoloHoax to me) related material can be combined into one Disney World horror show that has been carefully choreographed and put together for the last 75 years. Nothing has been left for chance. Except the reality.
    As with any horror movie you have your cast of characters, who get paid handsomely to put on a great show, and the public who get duped into watching such crap. Of course no show would survive without the audience who in this case believes everything that is thrown at them. So the more ridiculous the movie the more the audience likes it and and in many cases believes what they are seeing.
    The only good news is the internet can provide you with the truth if you look for it.
    There are many HoloHoax Revisionist and others that have published excellent commentary and video that exposes the scam, and will get your mid back on track.
    In regards to Anne Frank she is the poster child for the HoloHoaxers and the battle cry
    for their lie starts with her. Lets not forget she was in Auschwitz at first then was moved to Bergen Belsen where she eventually died (not killed) of Typhus. That is one small fact that the Anne Frank worshipers fail to mention. In fact most of the deaths in Bergen Belsen, the bodies being bulldozed into mass graves are people who died when the British took over the camp. But like all horror movies based on lies they have to make it look like the Germans were the murderers here. So the camps taken over by the allies, in this case the British, experienced huge inmate deaths at the end of the war, are excluded from Holocaust guilt or prosecution.
    If you want the truth…

    There are many great HoloHoax videos out there that
    cut to the chase and will give you the answers you are looking for if you take the time to view them.
    Lets start with the video One Third The Holocaust 6 hrs of video that covers quite a bit of info about the Rhinehard camps where one third of the HoloHoax deaths were supposed to happen. Next The Big Lie, The Treblinka Hoax, Auschwitz Facts, and of course David Coles videos, and lets not forget Ernst Zundels videos who really got things started back in the 80’s and 90’s. The Greatest Story Never Told will give you the facts about Adolf Hitler if you have several hours to watch it.

    We then have the books that cover the topic from A-Z….The Holocaust Handbook Series
    which have over 30 books that take in the camps individually. One book in that series Dissecting The Holocaust by Germar Rudolf, will get you on the road with Holocaust Revisionism and the claims that are made supporting the scam and how these false claims are easily refuted. My other favorite book which I was presented with this summer is The Myth Of German Villainy by Benton Bradberry, which will trace how Germany from the mid 1800’s was targeted by Britain and France because of their economic Jealously towards her, which in turn brought on both WW1-2.

    If you want to see how propaganda and lies spread about a country can take a country down (in this Germany) this is the book that will do it for you.
    The Holocaust fable was the frosting on the cake to villainize Germany for all the years to come. So there is plenty for you to read and watch if you care to learn the truth.
    So in ending….
    Great work with your site John and your awakening….

    No Surrender!

    • I am afraid that the Zionists got a hold of whatever level of Jewish suffering that occurred and magnified it and morphed it into an industry for world wide financial as well as political control. As Norman G. Finkelstein has inferred it has become a shield for a number of Israeli policies. Questioning these policies instantly labels you as an anti-semite. The Zionists have stolen a Religion and hide behind it as a shield. Judaism is a religion. Zionism is an ideology . 50,000 Hasidic Jews in New York City stand behind this view.

  • The whole 20th century ( and now the 21st century is getting a good start) was a Holocaust. A Jewish relative of mine once stated that every group is represented as victims as well as instigators in the 20th century lists of Holocausts . We Jews aren’t the only ones to have suffered during this period. In fact there are other groups who had lost far more than our numbers in the 20th century. Unfortunately the Holocaust as presented in our media has become an industry. In fact the former head of the ADL Abe Foxman even commented ( caught on tape) when approached by the Ukrainians for political as well as financial support that he did not want to consider lobbying for their 1930’s Holocaust as it would be a “conflict of interest”. What we have is a terrible event ( Jewish Holocaust – no matter what size ) in history that has morphed in to an industry ( The Holocaust Industry). Read Norman G. Finklesteins’s “The Holocaust Industry – Relections on the exploitation of Jewish Suffering “.

  • William Spencook

    One of the big drawbacks of a influential site such as this one is the data-mining that goes on by the authorities (ZOG).
    In other words, would this site would be considered a gold mine for open-source data mining? The big question, is what does the FBI/DHS then do with the data collected? Well, for starters they can investigate the background whoever is posting here. And then they can unleash the gangstalking, EMF harrassment and whatever else they do these days, if the message posters here are not doing anything illegal, they can try to provoke them. Don’t believe it?
    Websites like The Realist Report are way, way, way more influential than any single print publication.

  • It is said 13,000 died at Bergen Belsen after it was “liberated.”
    It was hopelessly overcrowded with inmates from the east, evacuated
    in the face of the Soviet/Mongol hordes.
    Here is a UK site with 229 photos of the camp after the British take over.
    There are dead bodies strewn about in many of them, but the survivors
    don’t look particularly emaciated despite the dearth of supplies brought about by the Al lies bombing all the supply lines.
    My favorite one (#25) shows a young lady, with a big grin, hiking up her skirt while a British sarge sprays her bush with DDT to kill the lice.

    • Ann Frank Died of typhus in the Bergen Belsen Camp . Interestingly she was first placed in the Auschwitz camp ( “the death camp” ) and then transferred to Bergen Belsen. If the Auschwitz camp was truly the extermination camp why go through the trouble of the transfer? I contend this action speaks volumes. What is interesting furthermore is that Ann’s Diary was in part actually written by her father ( determined by hand writing experts) and sections also written in ball point pen. Although the ball point pen existed during the time of the war, it was not readily available as well as the quality was often very poor. The Ann Frank museum furthermore recently admitted publically this fact. In my opinion this has to do with mainly money and copyright infringements. In any event Ann Frank was an innocent young girl caught up in the ravages of the time. She did see, no doubt, the good in others. May she rest in peace.

  • Interesting to note: As many as 150,000 Jews ( mainly half or quarter Jews) fought for the Reich during WWII ( See: ). This historical and documented fact contradicts somewhat the conventional Holocaust story and of course is not reiterated in the mass media for obvious reasons. Don’t forget that history is written by the victors.