An Open Memo to Donald Trump

Make America Great

Mr. Trump, in order to Make America Great Again, we have to confront some ugly realities, including the fact that Israel and Jewish criminals did 9/11. They have used our military as their private army ever since.

TO: Future President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump

FROM: John Friend

SUBJECT: Genuinely supporting the American military and veterans

Mr. Trump, you have made the deplorable status of American military veterans a central aspect of your thus far extremely successful campaign for president, and rightly so.  You claim that we need to support the American military, and make it so strong that no one will ever want to confront the United States of America. I believe that is already the case, for the most part, but I agree with your sentiment – we need to have a world class military, and we need to support and care for our military veterans.

Our armed forces should be equipped with the best technology, lead by the most courageous and capable leaders, and held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and heroism. I think you would agree with me that the vast majority of the members of our armed forces are righteous, honorable men and women who are doing (or have done) their best to serve their country while operating in extremely difficult situations (caused largely by spineless, anti-American politicians and media pundits, who have instigated and successfully launched an endless war against a faceless enemy as a result of 9/11).

The question becomes: what is the best way to support the American military? What is the best way to support the brave men and women who currently serve and have served in various capacities in the numerous divisions and institutions of the United States armed forces?

In my humble opinion, the two most important things you could do to support the American armed forces, on an institutional as well as on an individual level, as future President of the United States of America is to:

  1. End the status of America as the world’s policeman – bring our troops home, and put them on the U.S.-Mexico border, thus ending illegal immigration permanently.
  2. Tell the truth about U.S. foreign policy and the destructive nature of the fraudulent “Global War on Terror,” which in reality is an Orwellian, never-ending war against a faceless, manufactured “enemy” that no one can concretely locate and/or identify.

Since WWII (and arguably even before), the United States has essentially acted as the world’s policeman, interfering in the affairs of foreign nations at the behest of private special interests (corporate and ethnic, i.e., Jewish) which almost always have zero correlation to the well-being of America and the American people. We have military bases and troops all over the world; we are occupying numerous foreign countries thousands of miles from the American homeland. All of this is done at the expense of the American taxpayer. It’s pure madness, and it must end.

American foreign policy should be conducted according to George Washington’s maxim, laid out and elaborated on in his brilliant Farewell Address of 1796, an address that should be required reading for all aspiring U.S. politicians: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”

Really support the troops!

There is an easy fix to this problem, one which will generate widespread political support and demonstrate your genuineness in truly supporting the American military (which all politicians say, but rarely actually do): close all foreign military bases over the course of the next 5 years, bring all American troops home, and entirely redirect American military policy towards securing the southern border, ending illegal immigration, and identifying, locating, and expelling all illegal aliens residing in the United States (as opposed to waging endless wars in the Middle East at the behest of Israel and the organized Jewish community). Using the American military to police and control the U.S. border, which is entirely out of control, will only help guarantee the successful implementation of your immigration plan once elected.

We need to get our priorities straight as a nation, a fact you clearly understand. In order to do so, we need to recognize that our foreign and military policy is totally backwards. We are invading and interfering with numerous foreign countries who pose no genuine threat to America or the American people, while at the same time we are being over-run with millions of illegal (and legal) aliens who do in fact pose a mortal threat to our country. This has to end, and you can make it happen, Mr. Trump.

End these ridiculous and counterproductive foreign wars. End America’s status as the world’s policeman. End our “permanent alliances with any [all] portions of the foreign world,” (as George Washington eloquently advocated) and use our military to actually protect America and her interests, which at this point in time necessitate their deployment to the southern border in addition to providing assistance to U.S. law enforcement agencies commanded to locate, arrest, and deport all illegal aliens in America.

Secondly, if you really want to support the troops Mr. Trump, you have to tell them the truth about 9/11. There can be no doubt – indeed, it has been conclusively demonstrated by a wide variety of knowledgeable, honest, and credible individuals – that 9/11 was in fact planned, organized, and orchestrated by Jewish criminals occupying key positions of power in the United States federal government and mass media (primarily) who have direct connections to the Jewish state of Israel. Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, was likely involved in planning, facilitating, and executing 9/11 as well.

Support the troops Israel

In a nutshell, Israel did 9/11, and the American people, especially our military forces and veterans, need to know the truth. Many of them already do.

9/11 was used to justify the disastrous and truly anti-American (i.e., contrary to George Washington and other Founding Fathers’ views of American foreign policy) foreign and military policy described above: endless war against a faceless, entirely media-manufactured enemy. The event was used to officially justify and initiate the pre-planned “Global War on Terror” paradigm of U.S. foreign policy, as well as the “Homeland Security” paradigm of American domestic law enforcement policy. These paradigms of public policy were in fact developed and formulated by Jewish neoconservatives and Israeli military and geopolitical strategists, who explicitly argued that in order for these policies to be implemented, a “new Pearl Harbor” was required. Needless to say, 9/11 was the “new Pearl Harbor,” as many Americans suspect thanks to the success of the 9/11 Truth movement.

I fully understand the controversial nature of the positions outlined above. That being said, you yourself already are controversial, Mr. Trump. You have righteously exposed a number of important truths to the American public – the corrupt, superficial nature of electoral politics and the mass media, our disastrous and counterproductive “free trade” deals, the insidious and truly evil nature of political correctness, etc. – and appear to be a fearless, uncompromising statesman who is willing to do what it takes to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

Take my advice, Mr. Trump – go “all the way,” so to speak, and do what it takes to truly Make America Great Again. That requires ending America’s status as the world’s policeman, using our military to support your immigration plan, and telling the American people – particularly our military folks and veterans – the truth about 9/11 and the fraudulent nature of the “Global War on Terror.”


John Friend


  • Trump, his “empire”, his family are all ensconced deeply into AIPAC/Israel/and Jewish Wall Street.

    No one can expect justice/prosperity/morality in a nation promulgated on the belief that all men are created unequal to “the chosen” but still more than willing to service and advance their belief upon fellow Christians/Muslims around the globe. Looking at the horrors we’ve created in this world for our masters, “The Synagogue..” perhaps it’s a good thing for the world we are in this unnecessary but unavoidable state of decay. By either duplicity or stupidity we have embraced their visceral hatred of Goim and now we will have to embrace the consequences.

    • Well said…we are caught up in a web of deceit, lies and manipulation. Unfortunately DT, appears to be outspoken on many issues which is refreshing…however as you point out his affinities to the Jewish lobby prevent him from poking certain issues so he is ‘selectively outspoken’ I would say…

  • John,
    Nice try, but I think we both know Trump is nothing but yet another “jew tool”! There is ONLY one way out of the mess we have been put in, and unfortunately it won’t be pretty!

  • Trump is in league with Jews. He has a Jew homo lawyer in charge of his campaign. His daughters are married to Jews. You don’t get anywhere in New York real estate without being involved with Jews. Trump has investments in Israel.
    The “Mexican Great Wall” is meant to keep US citizens in so the whole country can become “killing fields” when the Jew conceived race wars break out.
    The greatest enemy of this country is the gross ignorance and stupidity of the people who have been programmed by the Jews to put up with this situation.
    Jews are a disease and need to be treated as such.
    The Anti-Jew bloggers are just as great of censors as the Jews.
    Sports, politics and religion are the pursuits of the dumb and ignorant.
    Watch the clueless faces of those attending these events. There lies the problem. Nature does not lie.
    Extraterrestrials patrol this planet in their craft at this very second. They have been doing so for millions of years. Earth scientists with radio telescopes listen in vain for messages from alien worlds not cognizant that ETs use telepathy to communicate which is instantaneous across the whole universe. All is connected within. All time is now and space does not exist.
    The solution to the Jew evil is coming and it will not come from preaching to the choir.
    If you laugh at this then you are part of the problem.

    • I was with you right down to the true statement jews are a disease. The rest of it would delegitimize all you said and and would succeed in leading the uninformed to believe we’re all as crazy as you. The anti jew bloggers don’t censor people who expose the jews. They censor commenters who talk about space aliens.

  • Go here and scroll down to Aug 26, 2015.

    Trump is a lost cause.

    American Politics in 2015: Pushing the Boundaries of Fakeness

    August 26, 2015

    • Bollyn’s article is very good. Definitely go check it out folks.

      I just found this Examiner article touching on the same topic. Trump was directly confronted by a 9/11 Truth activist in Iowa. His response was disappointing, to say the least…

      Rick Shaddock is an activist for 9/11 Truth and the co-founder of the Association of Nine Eleven Truth Activists. After Shaddock was able to gain access to the press room, he asked Trump a question that left the billionaire confused and dumbfounded. “As a builder of many skyscrapers, you know they’re built to be strong,” Shaddock asked Trump, before saying “Many people have questions about how those towers came down.” “The World Trade Center?” Trump responded with confusion. After Shaddock simply answered with a “yeah,” Trump rolled his eyes, and asked, “Is this guy some kind of conspiracy guy?”

  • Hardly any of the commenters at Daily Stormer wanted to hear these facts when I posted them there. It’s almost comical how most have bought in to the jew authored theatrics exhibited by Trump. His candidacy is a jew trap. I’m afraid all he’ll do is put most people back to sleep, believing there is someone who cares about the people.

    Jun. 17, 2015 | 2:06 AM

    At a time when Donald Trump is losing friends and allies and business
    partners by the droves, he’s making a point of telling the world how
    much he loves and supports Israel

    The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me,”
    he told

    TRUMP: “ The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve
    been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was
    loyal to Israel before me. The only one that’s going to give Israel the
    kind of support it needs is Donald Trump.”

    To illustrate his pro-Israel bona fides, during the interview, Trump
    went to the wall of his office and began reading out the text on various
    plaques he had received from Jewish organizations, reminisced about
    serving as the grand marshal for the Israel parade in New York City and
    noted he had given Netanyahu a celebrity video endorsement in his 2013
    election campaign. (Trump claimed that he had been “at the time the
    only ad done by a celebrity” .

    Trump also mentioned his daughter Ivanka, who converted to marry
    Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner in 2009 and how her Shabbat observance means that “from Friday evening on through Saturday night, she won’t takephone calls.” He said that if he became president, he would “double-up”and “triple-up” sanctions with Iran who are “just toying with us” in
    nuclear talks and that the U.S. has “a bunch of babies negotiating” with
    the Iranians. ”

    He also praised the country’s business savvy.

    “I know so many people from Israel. I have so many friends in Israel. First of all, the Israelis are great businesspeople. They have a natural instinct forbusiness and their start-ups are fantastic.”

    Trump endorsed Bibi Satanyahu in a made-for-Israel TV ad with Hebrew

    “I’m a big fan of Israel and frankly a strong Prime Minister is a strong
    Israel, and you truly have a great Prime Minister in Benjamin
    Netanyahu. There’s nobody like him, he’s a winner, he’s highly
    respected, he’s highly thought of by all,”

    Trump says. “Vote for
    Benjamin: terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

    2014– Trump repeated the monstrous lie that Vladimir Putin is the aggressor in the Ukraine:

    TRUMP said: “Putin has the Olympics. The day after the Olympics, he starts with the Ukraine. When he goes into Crimea, he’s taking the heart and soul, because that’s where all the money is. That’s the area with the wealth.
    So that means the rest of Ukraine will fall — and they’re predicting
    that it will fall very quickly.”

    The “courageous” Trump joins the lynch mob calling for the removal of
    the Confederate flag.

    I would add, people want Trump to be for real so much, they don’t want to acknowledge that he’s 100% pro-jew.

    • No doubt Trump is in bed with Jews – he has all sorts of Jew connections. But, I do honestly believe that Trump is genuine about the positions he’s taken, even when he says he loves Israel and Jews.

      I’ve argued elsewhere that a productive strategy for White Nationalists, and even 9/11 Truthers, to pursue is to reach out to Trump and his millions of followers and try to push them in our direction. Going around on the Internet (and in real life) screaming that Trump is a Jew tool or puppet is not conducive to that strategy, in my view.

      That is why I am doing these Open Letter and Open Memo’s to Trump – maybe we can reach him and, more importantly, the millions of people he is attracting to this information? I don’t think we can be effective at reaching the Trump crowd by denouncing him as a Jew lover and a puppet, even if (unfortunately) that is indeed what he is.

      • @John: “No doubt Trump is in bed with Jews – he has all sorts of Jew connections.”

        Well, wake up, then! His over-the-top love for jews is right there in front of you.

        I won’t be “going around the internet” screaming anything to the wishful thinkers. I see already that Whte Nationalists have been duped. Like you, they want to “believe” — anything! I’ll leave them all to their dreams and if Trump happens to get elected, which of course is totally the call of the jews, we will see the day when Trump comes out forcefully to condemn White Nationalists as racists and White supremacists, and will do more to cripple our cause than he will the immigration invasion. Your open letters to Trump will fall /have fallen (weren’t even read except by the jew assigned to surveil this site) on deaf ears just as they would have with anyone suffering from jew induced cognitive dissonance.

        • John DiCarlo, you are entirely missing my point, which I have made clear repeatedly. I would say go back and re-read my comment and links, but I don’t think that will help the situation.

          • I’m not missing the point at all. You’re pointing out to someone, Trump, who for all intents and purposes, is a supremacist jew, to consider doing things not in the interest of the supremacist jews. How insightful is that?

      • Trump a genuine pro-US candidate? Please. You can’t be serious.
        ALL political candidates have the Star of David marked on their foreheads … or they wouldn’t get media coverage.
        “The Donald” is starring in Jewlywood’s “Trump, the Wag.”

  • Trump does bring some fresh air to a very old dusky space…. Obama sold us on his crap change and look where that took us. Trump will not provide a leadership based on integrity and vision simply because he has none. America tantalized the world with its possibilities and we bought in, but we also bought into 250 years of deceit and duplicity. Humanity remains with its great potential but can not look to this noise as anything of significance, but hope that it passes quickly.

    • Trump has no integrity or vision? The “noise” Trump is generating is not “anything of significance”? Wow man, you sure sound like a major defeatist. Why do you even bother commenting on site’s like this? If the situation is hopeless and we can’t do anything about Jewish tyranny, why don’t you just call it a day and ignore this stuff?

      Comments of this nature are not even worth publishing. Step your game up if you wish to continue contributing here in the comments section.

      • And you sound like a reactionary hot head. There is a term “existence agenda” that pertains to life’s purpose and what it is we came here to do. Nobody has done much in this area but when we look at prior capacities of previous civilizations (stone megalith builder of old) we are centuries of achieving capacities long demonstrated by our ancestors. If you take the bar set for relationship with reality or the one we don’t have we are not even in the game called life. Trump, Clinton, Bush indicative of vision failure is just too sad. Suspect this kind of bandwidth conversation is over your little head.

        • I hear ya, and see your point now, but it’s just not something I’m focused on frankly. I’m trying to do as much as possible to advance our cause in a pragmatic, respectable manner given our present situation.

          • Also understand the day to day pragmatics…. and your passion / clarity there comes across loud and clear. There may be some small satisfactions in winning some of these lower context milestones but the overall picture and all its problems bear with more weight each and every day…. Good on you for still being in the good fight.

          • If our vision is limited to a Trump vs Sanders thing, we are hooped.
            The evil that humanity is presently besieged with has a long history, and it’s a case of “know thy enemy”.

            For the purposes of this conversation let’s call this entity the “Z-Archon” and while Z-Archon is of utmost intelligence, he is not open to a reasoned dialogue. The simple fact of the matter is, if he and his z-minions are not taken out, we are lost.

            I strongly suggest that you look into the Kalika War Party and the Sophianic mysteries of the Gnostics. The Gnostics “know our enemy” well and if we are to defeat the Z-Archons we will need to avail ourselves of their extensive intelligence on the matter.

  • let’s face it. chances that trump will ever go against the jews are way too slim. though he rails against the open borders – surely he understands the jews he speaks so highly of otherwise are behind that. are they all just using the border issue because they know it hits home with real americans? is the wall really about something much more nefarious coming up for us? why a wall anyway? all we need are enough troops on patrol down there, and some serious consequences for the infiltrators. the fact is that out of all 19 people currently in the race, if you count joe biden too, there isn’t one among them who is not subservient to the ashkenazi zionists. so i’m telling you that if you want to save america from these people you have to get busy organizing a revolutionary movement on your local levels. and it’s not about violence. it is about getting the right people into local offices, sheriffs, county supervisors, mayers, police chiefs, councilmen, who understand the real nature of the problem we have and who will accede to the idea that the federal security state establishment is totally corrupt and that it is the locals job to make it irrelevant.

    • “is the wall really about something much more nefarious coming up for us?”

      Doubtful, and even if it was, the people we need on our side – White guys connected to the military (especially vets), successful and intelligent White professionals and businessmen, and young, alienated White students – are prepared to deal with that situation. We all have guns and know how to use them. The people in the military and police, which are still largely White institutions, are on our side, they just may not fully realize it yet.

      “if you want to save america from these people you have to get busy organizing a revolutionary movement on your local levels.”

      I completely agree with you! Well said!

      • 7 billion folks have a problem with 25,000 slime balls…. get focused folks ….. this is not a problem when you consider our talented and underemployed vets. Deal with only 5000 of these slime balls and the rest suddenly become well behaved upstanding citizens and then folks can go about their business.

  • The Third and most important item on the new President ‘s agenda is to nationalize the FED and end the charade of having to pay interest to a private Khazarian cartel for printing America’s money. Under the Constitution, it is the sole responsibility of the Congress to coin money.

  • The criminal elite esconced in the federal government, the MSM and their cronies are all united in their angst concerning Donald Trump. They are terrified that one of their own, who knows where the “bodies are buried” may be turning on them and expose their corruption. Thanks to the Obama Regime who has raised the criminal activity to new levels at least some people appear to have had enough and are looking for anyone that will challenge the criminal status quo.

  • Most of the comments about Trump and his Jewish connections were accurate. His actions have robbed his opponents of the ability to keep the real issues hidden the inability to solve the economic problems, the immigration problem and failed foreign policies. Trump did make a major mistake. He pointed out, rightfully so, that tariffs are needed to keep US companies from building in third world countries, paying 3 or 4 cents per hour for labor, paying little or no taxes and then making huge profits selling their goods to US consumers a subject that is sacred ground for Illuminati, and Trilateral business men . They probably were shocked over their morning coffee when they heard that word tariff on their on their own goods. Then layoff American workers and hire foreign workers to to do the jobs that Americans workers should be doing. GMC moving plants to Mexico, Chyrsler to Japan. You get the point.Remember the mariel boat people from Cuba.They said the way to get in the US was to give them all their person information. many had prison records so after they got all the pertinent information on a hard nylon bracelet It was placed on the
    illegal wrists and they couldn’t get them off and they going back as undesirable We now have the Micro Chip. Have this setup at every Border Patrol Station. It Is simple,quick and easy. I can’t believe that nobody thought of it before.They can find a person anywhere with the chip

  • No way Trump would ever do right by the American people. He’s totally owned, look at his past (Daddy & the Jews), present (his deal making with Tribal Zionist Banksters), and future (his kids marry into, and become Tribalists themselves). No, John, this Dog (and he is a Dog, I know from personal experience with this animal) will NEVER do right by the American people.

  • I am beginning to think the Donald is a plant….not like a flower or a tree…but, a plant to blow up the rethuglican party….He never speaks of 911….and that is a huge red flag…This “native New Yorker” should be outraged….yet he stays silent….I smell a rat…or maybe many rats….We are being “had” again, folks…This kabuki theater is meant to distract us from what’s really happening. I just hope we won’t be fooled again….and I also hope Bernie Sanders is our next president… If not, then I’d say we’ve been had….again….God bless America!

  • Listen to me please. I know all about the “Donald Trump is a Jewish tool” rap. That is bullshit. Trump is NOT a tool of the Jews. They are terrified by his success. Yes, yes, it is true that he has strong ties of many kinds to the Jews (starting with his daughter’s unfortunate marriage). Do you really think a man could become a major power in New York real estate and be openly anti-Jewish? Don’t be ridiculous. Trump is no fool. He is carefully avoiding anything that would allow the Jews to hand the anti-Semite tag on him while very loudly attacking everything they stand form like turning America into a non-white nation. Trump has forgotten more about the Jews than all of the people on this site know, combined. And you can bet your ass he hates their guts. They know it, too. Wait until he gets into the White House and you will see how he really feels. Read the Jewish pundits and you will find out pronto what they think of Trump. If white Americans spend their time waiting for some perfect man on horseback to save them then this country has no chance. Trump understands that most white Americans are fools (like the so-called Christian Zionists) who would react with horror to any outright truth about the poor, abused Jews. He is trying an end run around the Jews and they are angered, confused and determined to stop him. By spreading “Trump is Jew tool” crap, you are helping them. Stop it. Whatever Trump is he is better than any of the others, all totally owned by the Jews. Wise up.

    • What nonsense.
      If Trump loves his Jew-daughter, the Jews can — and will — hold Trump hostage.
      In any case, there’s no way that Trump is going to bite the kosher-hand that fed him.

  • Yes, Donald Trump has already done great things. However, as he is an ally of the state of Israel and its Premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump is, in fact, part of the problem what he seeks to resolve. He says repeatedly that he wants to make America great again. And that’ s a good point of view! As America currently is ruled by the same people as Israel (by Jews), his first task would be to replace them with true American patriots when he once would be the new President. This task, I admit, will be a very difficult one. If Trump don’t do this first, however, he will maybe succeed to make America a great nation again, he will do this in favor of the Jewish overlords. In such a way, we could by way of speaking argue that America was already great again during the Bush administration. Could Iraq withstand the power of America during the Iraq war? The answer is, of course, no. Were other nations wich were invaded in the past, to withstand American military power? The answer is, of course, again, no. So, we can say in a certain sense that America was already great again in the past. Yes, but in the wrong way: in detriment of the American taxpayer, its own troops and in favor of Israel and the American Jewish rulers behind the scenes. America will be really and only than great again after it will be free of American Jewish power and it stops to meddle with the domestic policy of foreign nations. In conclusion, here is a website wich shows the true rulers behind Donald Trump: (“Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards”, by Brother Nathanael Kapner;

    Kapner himself was once a Talmudic Jew. Later on, he broke away from the “synagogue of Satan” and began with the exposure of, among others, the Jewish power in America.)

  • Psalms 22:16

    Regardless of Donald’s earthly ties in business and family, if He doesn’t follow the Holy Spirit as true Christians do, nothing he does will profit
    in the accounting of He who is Truth.

  • The public mind is too far gone for a candidate to reveal such things the opposition will counter with conspiracy theorist. Best not to say too much it makes them nervous
    Trump could be a true patriot or a sham we wouldn’t know unless he gets into office. Who else is there that would do any better or even alludes to do any of what Trump will do. I think it is best to take a chance with Trump than to get more of the same. The more support he gets the harder it is for the establishment to cheat on election day, but their ace in the hole is the electorial college.

  • Trump We must stop Isis from using ‘our internet’

    Trump’s suggesting/proposing restrictions on the Internet, all for our own good of course, in the name of fighting another kosher nostra boogie man “ISIS.” Perhaps someone should enlighten the Don, send him the link to the 1990 C-SPAN interview with Brian Lamb, Dan Raviv, & Yossi Melman, authors of the book:
    Every Spy a Prince:
    The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community,
    in which they describe how the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office officially referred to its subordinate organization “the Mossad” as the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service,” or ISIS.

    ISIS=Israeli Secret Intelligence Service