An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I have been closely following your campaign since you announced your intention to run for President of the United States. Like millions of Americans of all political stripes, I greatly appreciate your frankness, your honesty, and your candor. The criticisms you are leveling against the mainstream political and media establishment in America – the corrupt, superficial nature of electoral politics, the disastrous and poorly negotiated international trade deals our “leaders” have pushed on this country, the dishonest, malicious behavior of the “journalists” and “political pundits” covering politics today, etc. – are resonating very deeply across this once great nation for very obvious reasons. Most Americans I know and deal with feel alienated from the political establishment, viewing the career politicians running Washington, DC and the media that serves them as hostile to American political traditions and culture.

Donald Trump

Millions of people in this country eagerly wish to live in an America that can be considered “great” once again, and we hope you can lead us there, as your campaign slogan indicates.

In my opinion, you are running a brilliant campaign. You have great talking points and you handle the (oftentimes hostile and venomous) media extremely well. Your performance in the Republican debate the other night was outstanding. You dominated, and most people I have personally spoken to about this clearly recognized that fact. According to the polls I have seen, most people who took the time to watch the debate agree with my assessment – you crushed.

Your response to Megyn Kelly’s contention that you may be part of the alleged “war on women” was just fantastic. You didn’t back down or apologize, as everyone else would have, and stuck to your guns. “I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct,” you correctly stated, before explaining that America does not have time for political correctness anymore. Indeed, political correctness is destroying this country, and more and more people are recognizing this fact with each passing day.

You embody the type of leader America has long been craving for. You come across as confident, bold, unswerving, and genuine, while the rest of the presidential candidates – both Republican and Democrat – are the exact opposite. The rest of the presidential candidates are phonies. They are career politicians who have accomplished little despite their contentions to the contrary. They have no backbone or genuineness, and epitomize everything wrong with American politics. All clear thinking people see through the various Republican candidates and Hillary Clinton, correctly viewing all of them as dishonest, spineless politicians willing to sell their soul to the devil for even more political and economic power as well as personal aggrandizement. The other candidates are pathetic, and we all recognize it.

populism vs plutocracy

You appear to be running as a populist, which has a rich history in America. I understand populism to mean “rule by the majority of electors for the benefit of all, not for the benefit of minority, special-interest groups,” as it is defined in Populism vs. Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle. Populism is about running the government for the benefit of the people, of the nation, rather than for the benefit of organized special interests. And we all know America is run by special interests – the exact opposite of populism. Based on your speeches, media interviews, and comments during the debate, you seem to want to do what is right for the country and for the American people. You are bringing up issues that no one in the mainstream is willing to openly discuss, including illegal immigration, our disastrous trade policies, and the stifling effects of political correctness, to name only a few. You are making all sorts of extremely important points about a variety of critical topics in a very powerful way. I salute you and hope you stay true to your word, never backing down to the tyrants controlling our media and political establishment.

All of that having been said, there are a number of items I would like to bring to your attention.

On numerous occasions, you have openly stated that America is being governed by incompetent people who are destroying the country. We lose in our trade deals; we lose in foreign policy negotiations (such as the Iran deal); we lose when it comes to immigration policy.

You claim we have poor, incompetent negotiators and public policy-makers who don’t know what they are doing. While I do agree that the federal government does indeed have incompetent people in positions of power and influence, incompetence alone does not explain the disastrous policies this country has implemented in recent years. America, a nation founded and built by White European-derived people, is governed by an elite that is entirely hostile to the traditions and people of the West (i.e., White people), and is actively seeking their disenfranchisement and displacement. The disastrous, counter-productive policies you have cited – our immigration policy, our international trade deals, etc. – are not merely the result of incompetence; they are the result of the machinations of a hostile elite that is seeking to undermine, pervert, and ultimately destroy Western civilization and everything it has stood for over the centuries.

The simple fact of the matter is that the hostile elite undermining and destroying America is largely Jewish, with non-Jewish puppets in key positions of power and influence in the federal government, mass media, and other important institutions. The federal government is a tyrannical empire masquerading as a democratic republic that is managed by Jews and anti-White liberals and #cuckservatives in order to advance, first and foremost, Jewish financial, political, and cultural interests in the West and around the world.

I understand you have many Jewish connections and have pledged your loyalty to the Jewish state of Israel. I don’t expect to see or hear you openly challenge or criticize Jewish power, the pro-Israel lobby, or the subversive, destructive nature of Jewish-promoted popular American culture. I recognize that doing so would be extremely unpopular, and would likely cost you the election (not to mention your business and familial connections).

I’m assuming you recognize that the factual reality I just explained is strictly verboten in mainstream American society. You rightly rail against political correctness, but even you allow yourself to be controlled by political correctness when it comes to the reality of Jewish power and influence in America and the war on Whites. If we are ever going to truly solve the countless problems facing America, we have to be honest about the fact that Jews have and continue to play a major role in destabilizing and subverting America – politically, economically, and culturally – while using the political, financial, and educational institutions we developed and built in this nation to advance their own unique ethnic interests at the expense of us. I hope you realize this ugly reality, and plan accordingly. A Trump presidential administration could easily make moves to address these issues in a discreet manner.

The second issue I’d like to bring up relates to America’s disastrous immigration policy. You have proffered some very powerful and straightforward criticisms of illegal immigration, which the vast majority of Americans understand is entirely out of control. America is being flooded by illegal aliens. Rather than arresting and deporting these criminals, our local, state, and federal government(s) offer them sympathy, rewards, and benefits (See here). The situation is simply outrageous.

However, in my view, legal immigration poses an even greater danger to the future of America than illegal immigration, and I have not heard you once discuss your views on legal immigration into the United States. (Maybe you have, and I totally missed it.)

Most people recognize illegal immigration as fundamentally wrong and immoral; Americas view legal immigration as just and right, despite the fact it is fundamentally transforming the demographics of this once 90+% majority White nation. America was founded and built by White people of European descent. It became an advanced, highly civilized and developed nation as a result. Do we really think we can maintain our advanced, sophisticated civilization with millions of non-White Third World immigrants flooding into our country?

The fact of the matter is that America does not need any immigration, legal or illegal. Currently, over 1 million immigrants legally enter the United States every year. Others are granted work and student visas, with many of them overstaying their officially sanctioned visa allowances. This is pure madness. Why on earth are millions of immigrants legally and illegally entering our country every year? You and I both know our military, law enforcement agencies, and border patrol are perfectly capable of locking down the border, identifying and arresting illegal aliens, and ending the outrageous financial and political exploitation of our country by foreigners – legal and illegal – with the greatest ease.

We need leaders who have the political will to confront these problems in a straightforward, honest fashion. Many of us are hoping you are the man for the job.

That said, what are your views on legal immigration into the United States? If you believe our current policy of allowing over 1 million immigrants legally into this country is sound, please explain why, especially considering the fact that millions of Americans are currently out of work and the vast majority of immigrants entering the United States have few skills, little to no education, and almost no capital (human or financial).

Finally, you have portrayed yourself as a defender and champion of the American military and veterans. You were and remain highly critical of the Iraq war, and have correctly criticized the way in which the federal government treats and cares for its veterans. At this point, most people – at least those who can read – understand that the Iraq war was based on bald-faced lies. American foreign policy is counterproductive to American interests in virtually all respects. Since 9/11, America has launched an endless war against a faceless enemy, resulting in the death and destruction of millions of people, including thousands of American troops, and entire nations. Our foreign policy is truly a disaster.

You’re a smart man Mr. Trump, and no doubt you’ve learned by now that 9/11, the event that initiated and justified the foreign policy disasters America currently finds herself in, was in fact planned, organized, and executed by Jewish criminals operating at the highest levels of the U.S. federal government, City of New York, and mass media, working in conjunction with their ethnic counterparts in the Jewish state of Israel. 9/11 was used to officially launch the “Global War on Terror,” a paradigm of foreign policy entirely concocted by Jewish neocons and Israeli military and geopolitical strategists designed to advance Zionist hegemony in the Middle East using American military, financial, and human capital. The various wars, invasions, and foreign meddling initiated as a result of 9/11 – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. – have all been instigated and promoted by Jewish neocons and their non-Jewish political and media puppets.

What better way to champion and defend the interests of the American military than to tell them the truth about the entirely unjustifiable and immoral wars they are waging on behalf of Israel and international Jewry? Again, these are fundamental truths that need to be publicly declared and dealt with if we are ever going to “make America great again,” as you pledge you’ll do as president.

I understand I am relaying many controversial and unpopular facts and points of view. I just want you to be aware of this information, and I hope you take seriously the questions I’ve asked and perspectives I’ve offered.


John Friend

NB: Be sure to check out my article outlining the recent updates to this website!


  • Excellent ! I am so happy to see this published. If only more people could see this. Agree 100%.

    • Yes, indeed. However, “making our nation great again” can only occur when the elected or presiding true American leader routes and chases out the Israeli / Dual Israeli and their supporters from ALL AREAS of government OUT from the country. Yes, out from the country (as has been done in past history by many countries for good reason as they were totally destroying the country). Other than that they should be tried for treason and massive war crimes:

      However, Trump should take any and all pledges they want him to take — and also feel free to break them in the “Kol Nidre prayer” — the Jewish license to lie:

      Nothing short of the above will actually cut it.

  • See General Butler Smedley (war is a racket) on you tube, or Eisenhower address on the industrial military complex. or the statements made by Woodrow Wilson and you will see that the american people have been duped as well as the whole world for a long time…
    “We found these kingdoms in such good order, and the said Incas governed them in such wise [manner] that throughout them there was not a thief, nor a vicious man, nor an adulteress, nor was a bad woman admitted among them, nor were there immoral people. The men had honest and useful occupations. The lands, forests, mines, pastures, houses and all kinds of products were regulated and distributed in such sort that each one knew his property without any other person seizing it or occupying it, nor were there law suits respecting it… the motive which obliges me to make this statement is the discharge of my conscience, as I find myself guilty. For we have destroyed by our evil example, the people who had such a government as was enjoyed by these natives. They were so free from the committal of crimes or excesses, as well men as women, that the Indian who had 100,000 pesos worth of gold or silver in his house, left it open merely placing a small stick against the door, as a sign that its master was out. With that, according to their custom, no one could enter or take anything that was there. When they saw that we put locks and keys on our doors, they supposed that it was from fear of them, that they might not kill us, but not because they believed that anyone would steal the property of another. So that when they found that we had thieves among us, and men who sought to make their daughters commit sin, they despised us.”

    — Don Mancio Serra de Leguisamo — the last survivor of the original conquerors of Peru (Cuzco, 1589) – (Túpac Amaru)

  • I will admit that, while I have enjoyed hearing Trump force the issue of illegal turd world immigration to the top of the list of priorities that must be addressed – I have become a committed cynic about any politician or politician-want-to-be who runs for office in this nation. Which means, I am highly suspicious of Trump, along with every other slab of race treasonous, cuckservative, RINO manure who are running for the 2016 election.

    So, having outlined my default suspicious nature – I want to also say that I pay extremely close attention to these creeps and scrutinize their every statement and focus on their every move – looking for clues as to whether they are capable of being trusted or whether they are running another scam on the American people.

    Yesterday, I decided to tune into Rush Scumbaugh and see what his jewish paymasters had ordered him to talk about, and as I expected, there was the usual blather about trying to snooker his IQ defective ditto head listeners to send their kids off to fight and die in a war against Iran, which Israel and their 5th column of bloodthirsty, lying, conniving, sleazy neo-cons here in the USA have been trying to engineer for the last 25 years at least.

    Israelis want Americans to shed their blood in wars against nations that the jews hate, because gentile blood is ‘not chosen’ blood, you see. The Israeli’s like to sit in the bleachers, munching big boxes full of kosher approved popcorn, gulping down Mogan-David wine from the golden goblets that they bought using American tax payer’s dollars, and slapping each other on the back, as they howl with laughter over how easy it is to sucker the stupid goyim into fighting their wars for them. So, when Scumbaugh and Sean Insanity and the rest of these treasonous cuckservatives are banging the drum for more wars for Israel, they are ‘earning those millions’ that the jewish media owners pay them to be their propagandists and manure shovelers.

    Anyway, after Scumbaugh did his duty by promoting the idea of WW3, he switched over to Donald Trump. He played a soundbite from some TV interview that Trump had done recently and when asked by some reporter about what to do with Iraq (not Iran) – Trump makes the most incredibly frightening remark that I have yet to hear out of the guy. Trump starts off by saying that going into Iraq was a huge mistake and we should have never gotten ourselves into that mess in the first place. Okay, so far, right?

    But, then, Trump demonstrates that he is a complete and very dangerous moron by saying that, in order to ‘get something out’ of the mess we have made in Iraq – he said that he wants to go back in AGAIN, and STEAL the Iraqi oil fields. Unbelievable.

    Oh, and after playing this clip of Trump making these criminally insane comments – Rush Scumbaugh didn’t criticize them at all. In fact, he seemed to cheer the idea that Trump was a ‘macho stud’ for asserting that the USA should use their military might as an instrument of theft and plunder.

    Jorge Wmd Bush and the appropriately named Dick Cheney and their mostly jewish neo-con lying scumbags – LIE the USA into starting an illegal and unnecessary war against Iraq – a war which gets 5 or 6 thousand of our soldiers killed and thousands more wounded and maimed for life, plus which kills over a million innocent Iraqis, and which costs the US taxpayers billions of dollars to finance and which set the stage for the horrific quagmire that now permeates Iraq and which destabilized huge portions of the Middle East – clearly, the single biggest blunder and war crime ever committed in American history, and Donald Trump, as President – thinks that the USA needs to re-invade Iraq, impose a military occupation upon the entire nation, and STEAL the Iraqi oil fields because he appears to think: “How did America’s oil wind up underneath Iraqi sand?”

    By exactly what measure of logic or morality can Trump or anyone else convince themselves that the USA, who illegally attacked a foreign nation based on deliberately fabricated neo-con bullshit and based on maliciously exaggerated threats which these lying bastards knew did not exist (See the Downing Street Memos, where these conspirators admitted this truth), but instead of admitting these actions were war crimes and arresting every member of the Bush-Cheney Administration and every one of these lying, mostly jewish neocon war criminals – putting them on trial, convicting them, and then summarily executing them in public – the Donald thinks the USA should go hard core PIRATE and just plunder the resources of the nation that they illegally destroyed?

    Trump has also made some very irresponsible and scary comments – when asked how he would deal with the ISIS gang which was the creation of the USA, CIA/Mossad and Israel – and he said he would ‘bomb the oil fields’. Bomb the oil fields? Which would do what?

    It would cut off the oil supplies which come out of that region and which about 70% of the industrialized world depends upon for their very sustenance. It would cause the price of oil and gas at the pump to skyrocket to levels never before seen in world history. This would impact the survival of every nation on the planet – since the cost of oil has a direct effect on both the ability to harvest food and on the price of food in the grocery stores. There would be mass starvation, worldwide, and as for the price of food – we’d all be relegated to eating Ramen Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    So, even by the sorry standards that we have come to expect out of the jewish controlled mainstream media – are irresponsible, pathological, borderline psychopathic flavored statements like these by Trump not worthy of national coverage?

    I personally do not give two squirts of rat manure about what Trump did or did not mean when he fired back at the loathsome cuckservative, Jeb Bush toe sucking witch Megyn Kelly. In fact, I’m glad he stood up to her and kicked her butt on national TV, because I have despised that ball busting feminazi from the first moment she was moved to the top of the Faux News celebrity line up of propaganda spewers. Kelly is NOT a conservative. She is a cuck. She cucks for the establishment cuckservatives and RINO rats. She cucks for the Israel Lobby, too.

    However, when I hear the kind of pathologically deranged and dangerous war mongering crap oozing out of Trump’s mouth – crap that is even worse than the cowboy bravado that we heard coming out of the Cocaine Brain Damaged idiot from Crawford, Texas during his disastrous 8 years in the White House – those are the kinds of clues that ought to be used to derail the possibility of Trump getting into the White House, not petty wisecracks about Megyn being bitchy because she might have been on the rag.

    It is a fairly well understood and universally agreed upon sentiment that the 8 years of Bush and Cheney and their neo-con directed foreign policy has been a complete and total DISASTER and is directly responsible for the catastrophic and bloody mess that now represents conditions in the Middle East. This nightmare will persist for the next several decades, if not longer, and millions of people will either die – or they’ll become refugees who will wind up becoming existential threats to every White Western European nation in Europe and around the White Western world as our virulently anti-White, hate filled, White genocide craving jewish elites capitalize upon these conditions to flood these indigestible, incompatible third world aliens into every historic White European nation as part of their prime objective to destablize and destroy every White nation.

    And, Donald Trump – wants to get into the White House and intends to be a Jorge Wmd Bush on steroids? This is what people need to pay attention to, because this is an issue that will negatively affect the entire planet. And, not only with regards to Trump. Scott Walker has shown his idiocy by threatening to start WW3 by bombing Iran on his first day in the White House. Heck, as far as that goes – has there been ANY of these Cuckservative RINO rats who are running for the GOP 2016 nomination who have NOT promised more wars for Israel?

    • Outstanding true life assessment of the USA, Trump has kissed Jewish ass all his life and has been awarded for it. Another no change in office puppet. But I do like his entertainment better since it doesn’t matter which puppet is in office.

  • Excellently delivered and succinct on all points made. However, are we truly to believe it possible that any human can clean the sewer of filth that flows through the entire country? The American Dream- “you must be asleep to believe it”. It took generations to destroy it and it will take generations to restore again, if ever.

    • Your wrong one man changed it all back in a few short years, but was destroyed for it, if the rest of the world would have backed him we would have had peace today. He was German.

      • Correction: he was Austrian.

        • Austrians are Germans. The non-German part of the Austro-Hungarian empire had been separated from the all-German part., called Austria, by the Treaty of St. Germaine following WW1. Hitler’s family were German-Austrians. There is no difference today (and then) between Bavarians and other southern Germans and Austrians. They have always spoken German; there is no “Austrian language.”

          The insistence that Austrian people were the victims of N-S Germany is the propaganda pushed by the Allies, in both world wars. You are repeating their propaganda.

  • Well written article. The handwriting is on the wall for this country. The trouble is it takes money to organize people and it is so easy to take over a populist movement by incorporating it into a major political party. If you read about the populist movement in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s you will find the movement became a part of the Democratic Party and slowly faded away. Same thing happened/is happening with the Tea Party movement. Since the “planks” of the parties are written in advance before the Democratic and Republician Conventions, there is little room for change. I suspect Trump will have to run for President as a third party candidate. Hillary Clinton is getting bogged down with her mishandling of her emails and could very well loose the nomination to Sanders. Anybody see some behind the scenes machinations possibly taking place here? Time will tell. Obama came out of nowhere to win the Presidency could Sanders do the same?

  • I think Donald Trump understands that his wealth, power and privilege exists within a stable and relatively equitable economic system that includes a very stable middle class. The rabble will always outnumber the elite, but there is a point where the rabble will rise up and simply take what they want. This is the environment that the greedy Jew creates, which ultimately will bring the whole system down on everyone. Not knowing when to quit. This is the Jews’ weakness.

  • Brilliantly put, John. I hope your letter finds its way to The Man himself.

    Bottom line: Is Trump willing to confront the Jewish Mob that have destroyed this country……. OR……. is he a Jewish Mobster himself?

    We’re gonna have to keep a close eye on “the fine print” to find out who Trump REALLY works for, Americans or our enemy who declared war on us nearly 14 years ago.

    America or The World’s Oldest Ethnic Mafia?

  • Bravo! Excellent.

  • Something to consider.

    Everything Trump says has subtext. You have to look behind what he is saying to u derstand what he is saying.

    I am not saying he is WN but listen.

    He has said arabs are sneaking across the border.

    He says he would bomb the oil fields.

    Isis is a fraud enemy and mercenary army of the CIA that was funded to take down Libya and Syria.

    Then they just switched uniforms and became our ‘enemy’. Sure they are.

    These two points he made are very clear common sense examples of why the ‘war on terror’ should strike the average idiot as suspicious.

    I am not saying he sees it that way BUT…it serves a purpose.

    He was against the Iraq war and states it often.

    This is breaking the uniformity of the alleged ‘consensus’ of neoCOMMIE foreign policy.

    Who he also rails against by name. Krauthammer and Ari Fleischer for example.

    The people have alot of unbrainwashing to do. Trump may just accidentally do that for them.

    Nice 2.0 of the site. Looks great, still feels like the old site too.

    • Thank you sir, and great comment – I agree with you. I also enjoy Trump’s trashing of the lying, filthy, Israel-loving Jew, Charles Krauthammer, who for some reason is still taken seriously by many people… shows the power of the Jew media. But it’s crumbling day by day thanks to us!

  • Tony Vander Wall

    Mr. Friend,

    America is a nation of immigrants.
    Unless your ancestors were aboriginal people, you are an immigrant’s descendent.
    Being anti-legal immigration is tantamount to being anti-American.
    The anti-legal immigration rant hurts your credibility.

    • No, America is a nation of *Europeans* and *European* immigrants. And the first Americans weren’t immigrants.

      They built this country after they were already here.

      Your entire line of reasoning is flawed from the beginning.

    • A nation of immigrants founded and for Europeans.
      The reality of immigration to day it’s not what the founding fathers had in mind, but a consequence of two European wars which lead to the Jewish taking control and perverting the History of the nation.

    • Hi Tony Vander Wall, you write: “America is a nation of immigrants.”

      This is one of the biggest, most deceptive lies being promoted today from all angles. This is what everyone says without even thinking about it!

      America was indeed a nation founded and developed by immigrants – White Christian European immigrants, almost all of whom are from the same exact racial/ethnic stock (British Isles and Germany). America was founded by White people for White people and their posterity. That’s exactly what the Constitution says, correct? Let’s read the opening lines:

      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      The idea that America is a “nation of immigrants” rather than a nation founded, developed, and built by White people for White people is an entirely Jewish/Marxist (those words are essentially interchangeable, as Marxism is the political expression of the Jewish Talmud) idea that gained prominence in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This Jewish/Marxist idea became entirely institutionalized following WWII and the “Civil Rights” struggle, which again was in reality a Jewish/Marxist overthrow of the bedrock principals America was founded upon.

      Could you please comment on what I just said – I’m very interested to read your response. Also, please explain why America needs legal immigrants – don’t we already have enough people here? What benefits do immigrants – legal or illegal – bring to America?

      The vast majority of immigrants coming to America are non-White Third World aliens who have little to no skills, education, or capital. We are bending over backwards for these people, giving them all sorts of incentives and benefits to come and prosper here. Why exactly are we doing this? Don’t they have their own countries they need to work to improve and develop? Can you explain this to me, I’m very confused obviously…

      • Agreed. But moreso, before all that.

        Europeans settled here.

        Think the final scene in the movie Apocalypto.

        Nobody was storming the beaches of these lands and genociding anyone.

        Nobody was against ‘immigration’ more than the so called ‘native’ americans.

      • Tony Vander Wall

        Hello John Friend,
        Thank you for asking me to comment on your claim that our Christian founders became Marxist/Jewish, which then induced them to actually be better Christians and enable non-white Christians to also be considered ‘equal!’ I’m not sure how the Marxist/Jewish influence could be blamed for the sudden lack of xenophobia, which then enabled greater equality.
        Marxist Communism was very taboo in the 50’s through the 80s. We had the cold war over it. I doubt Marxism was the cause of it. There were witch-hunts for Marxists i.e; the John Birch Society.
        Since non-whites were made more equal, America’s technological advances and wealth grew exponentially. Look at history. There is a direct correlation.
        The reason America needs a legal, diverse positive immigration flow is that new people bring new ideas, better solutions and more wealth.
        What country in history survived for long without immigrants? In every instance, they were wiped out by more diverse nations that welcomed immigrants.
        Unfortunately for America, due to poor US government policies and unfair taxation over the last 20 years, the American middle class is becoming an endangered species. The gap between the rich and the poor grows daily.
        I too hope Donald Trump can correct this problem, despite being one of the ‘rich’.
        Many immigrants arrive legally as doctors, dentists, engineers and business experts.
        The way to solve the problem of poor uneducated, unskilled immigrants is to let them take student loans like white kids do, become educated in something productive, help them get a job or do what immigrants do best; start a business. Then, give them incentives to hire the future minority of white kids so they too can pay off their student loans. The way to a better America is a positive, inclusive way, not a negative, exclusive path. We can become great again.

        • “let them take student loans like white kids do”

          Somewhere there must be a Joo Bankster reading this comment and rolling on the ground how stupid Amerikan Goyim are! Just what we need is getting more of the debt trap. Oy Vey!

  • John,my friend,this has to be the bravest,most direct,indeed the most concise presentation since Joe Namath propositioned Raquel Welch at an Upper Eastside bar.

    I happen to know that the Donald is hip to 9/11 truth.The reason he became aware of it is that one of his employees had a son who died that day and became very involved with the Jersey Girls and their quest for open disclosure.Trump worked closely with this person and takes her very seriously as a smart,sober person.

    I believe it was through this person that Trump got hip to the fact that Obama was born in Kenya.

    You are very wise to appeal to Trump because he has a very open mind.Put it this way,he knows that Silverstein admitted blowing up the towers because he worked and competed with Larry on various developments and knows what a nutcase he is.

    With Trump in the White House the floodgates could open.I think the truth movement,particularly Richard Gage and his operation should donate some of their dollars to Trump.It’s apparent they have a ton of money to utilize.

    • I hadn’t thought of that angle, thanks for steering me there. With all his real estate and construction experience, there’s no way Trump would mistake the fall of WT7 for anything but a controlled demolition. And he’s right in the middle of Silverstein’s turf so of course he knows him well, not to mention what Silverstein said on tv about “pulling” the building.

      So Trump knows, just has the sense not to admit it. Either that or he was in on it like most of the rest of New York’s political elite.

      Trump is starting to remind me of Putin a bit, on the Jewish Question. He might keep everyone guessing for years.

    • I hope you right about that but I doubt it.

      AE for 911 truth was and is a timewaster.

      Their stated objectives were to get msm media time and petition our ‘representatives’.

      Good luck with that. Hope you didn’t send them money.

      That and their association with Steven Jones. There is no ‘truth movement’ in the sense you may think.

      The closest there is to that are blogs and sites like this that reject that controlled ‘movement’.

      You are here though. So you are way ahead of those people.

    • Despite my earlier comment about being highly suspicious of Don Trump, my mind remains open to the possibility that he might be taking a page from the playbook of Vladimir Putin and simply pretending to be their ‘boy’ in sort of a rope-a-dope tactical maneuver in order to get into the Oval Office.

      However, something that Alex Linder once said continues to stick in my mind: “You cannot sneak up on the world’s most paranoid people.” Well, Putin did it by using a bit of deception, but I tend to be dubious that they can be suckered the same way twice within a span of a decade or two. I could be wrong about that, but if I am, I will not be disappointed.

    • Yo Slappie, are you kidding:

      And the Trumpeter (BIG Israel firster) paid for this joo-fest!

      Obama isn’t a Kenyan, a joo lie from the Berg matzo ball from Philly to get people on the wild goose chase. Obama’s Daddy is a Shitcago black radical in the Saul Alinsky camp.

      Richard Gage is a jokster and there were no planes hitting the WTC. It was all CGI and Gage is there to keep the myth alive.

      • BM,I resent deeply your insinuation that I could be wrong about folks are truly saintly and what do you have in your salad bowl if you think planes didn’t hit the towers?

        In an e-mail daisy chain with the rapper Jay-Z,I was apprised of the fact that firemen are itching to go public with the information that Silverstein had sent/hired famed barrister William Pepper to rattle and upturn the truth movement with stabs at a completely useless “new” investigation.
        Donald Trump knows this disinfo game and if he ever gets into office he’ll definitely blow a hole so big in the establishment lie about 9/11 that people will likely start rioting in the streets and setting the Kennebunkport compound on fire.

        I for one cannot wait for the moment he exposes the Alex Jones’ and the Les Jamiesons,the Luke Rudkowskis,the David Ickes and the Ron MacShnoodles of this world as the CIA operatives that they are.

        This is why we must get Trump in,he’s quite literally the last chance for us!

  • Mr. Trump. You are a fraud, and I suspect some type of diversion or manipulation. You offer NOTHING NEW to hard working Americans. Nothing. You will not get my vote – I suspect I’ll be voting for my cat, again.

  • 9/11 truth is a hard way to win votes since most of the voters couldn’t handle it. I’m all for it, but it would be political mistake.

    The 9/11 atrocity is being revealed more each day, we just have to ride it out.

    IF Trump can bring back jobs and seal the border, that would be a good start. The other stuff depends on the awareness and action of the people…

  • That was one very well written essay, thank you for posting it.

    While everyone agrees that Trump is dominating this election, not much attention is paid to his vision of foreign policy which, simply put, means more wars for Jew-Israel.

    My fear is both that Trump won’t be elected, which pretty well spells the end of America, and that he will, which probably means WWIII.

    Don’t forget the hatchet job Trump did on Pat Buchanan’s run for the Presidency. This guy is a fake-Jew loving political hack same as the rest, he’s just a little better at hiding it.

    He still says 9/11 was pulled off by 19 Arabs with boxcutters fer crying out loud. Probably believes it too.

    • “Don’t forget the hatchet job Trump did on Pat Buchanan’s run for the Presidency”

      Can you explain the details?

  • “America, a nation founded and built by White European-derived people…”; Haven’t you forgotten an important part of that history?

    Black men have fought, bled and died in every war ever launched to found this nation and to maintain her freedoms. Black people have been here since 1617. The first black child was born here in 1643. The first man to die in the Revolutionary War was a black man named Crispus Attucks. Black men, in inordinate numbers, have also laid down their lives in the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietam, and every war since. At this moment, high numbers of African Americans are fulfilling a long cultural tradition of serving and dying in America’s armed forces here and around the world.

    Enslaved African forced labor contributed tremendously to the agricultural economic development of the south and the north. Black bodies were sold on the NY Stock Exchange when it was established. Black men heavily contributed to the building of our nation’s infrastructure. They built roads, bridges, the railroads. Black men, standing in hip high swamp mud, were the primary workers who built the White House and the Capitol buildings. Black men were brick makers, brick layers, carpenters and blacksmiths, butchers, chefs, sheet metal workers, lumberjacks, and much more, during the early development of our nation. Only to be dispossessed of their skilled trades with each successive wave of European immigrants who excluded black tradesmen via segregated unionization.

    Black men have long history as prolific and successful inventors of many products we take for granted in our modern world.

    African Americans created the majority of American culture’s indigenous music genres: work songs, the Negro Spiritual, minstrel show music, Cake Walk music, the popular ballad(Carry Me Back To Old Virginie), the Blues(W.C. Handy), the Roaring 20’s music, New Orleans Jazz, the contemporary ballad, the Big Band Sound, Swing, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Quartet Sound, Be Bop, Modern Jazz, Gospel music, Do-Wops, Rhythm & Blues, Soul Music, Dance Craze music (The Twist), the Motown Sound, the Philadelphia Sound, the Memphis Sound, Civil Rights Protest Music, Progressive Jazz, Rock & Roll, Funk, Psychedelic Funk, Modern Progressive(Earth, Wind & Fire)
    and to our chagrin – rap/hip-hop.

    African American culture has produce many of the world’s greatest singers and musicians. The list is too long to list here.

    African Americans represent America as some of the world greatest athletes. Black American athletes accounted for 43% of the gold medals that America won at the last summer Olympics.

    Black human beings were enslaved and brought here for the specific purpose “to build America.”

  • History tells us that when someone pledges their allegiance to Israel, Bibi, Zionism, etc. – TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! Why do so many swallow the crumbs that Trump has thrown out. OOOO He talked about immigration, media corruption, etc.- SO WHAT? How does John have an entire website about Jewish domination in American life and politics, but when someone has bowed down to this Jewish domination for decades, and says he will continue to do so, John just ignores it and says “Well, maybe he really doesn’t mean it” or “he has to say those things to get elected”? Come on, John. You are embarrassing yourself. You are sooo right on everything, I am in shock you are soo easily misled. His daughter abandoned Christianity to marry and convert to Judaism. He is from Jew York. What evidence is there to believe he is this former Casino/Wall Street/Reality TV champion of Liberty who is only saying and doing these things to get elected to restore American greatness. He is bought and paid for. If her gets into the white house, immigration and the media will be the least of your concerns. You should invest in a bunker.

    • I totally agree with Stacey, John. Ask The Donald whether he is against Israhell’s masterminding the attack against the USA USA on 9/11.

  • There really isn’t a choice until we have our own candidates. He is saying the right things and that is bringing the subject matter not only into personal discussions but Public Discourse and Debate! I’ll take him over any of those other cuckservatives!

  • Must see short videos featuring Donald Trump:

    About 9-11:

    Support Israel “1000%”:

  • MERICA…. Trump is what we need to get us back on track. Attitude and Values… Besides, look what we have to choose from. Really!!!

  • This is ridiculous. A lot of hatred and negativity towards immigrants and Jews this will lead to WWIII. Donald Trump is bringing nothing but trouble and war. There are millions of hard working immigrants in this country who are as american as any other person living here. Me, myself I am an immigrant who greatly contributes to this society, I am part of this one big puzzle that creates the America in which we live today.