An Objective Account of the #UniteTheRight Event

Unite the Right

Wow, the Unite The Right event in Charlottesville, Virginia today was a total shit show, thanks largely (in my opinion) to the decisions made by local and state political and law enforcement authorities.

From what I understand – and please do correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below – the rally was legally organized, but faced tremendous opposition from local Charlottesville political figures, including the mayor and City Council who attempted to shut it down just days before the event was scheduled to take place. Then, the main organizers of the event – Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer, primarily – legally challenged the actions of local political leaders, and prevailed in court. The protest was determined to be legal and was officially sanctioned by law.

Last night, an incredible march was organized and held, which served as a prelude to the legally sanctioned Unite the Right rally.

Unfortunately – and unsurprisingly – the actual event was in fact shut down prior to it even getting started, as local and state officials declared a state of emergency and canceled the event. The organizers and participants of the Unite the Right rally were ordered to disperse, and the event was shut down. Of course, chaos erupted, fights broke out, and the radical, anti-White scum were emboldened.

In the following video, Stefan Molyneux interviews Faith Goldy, who I had never heard of before. Faith was at the event and was recording much of the days’ actions. She provides, in my view, an objective account of what actually happened earlier today, and offers some important insights on a variety of issues, especially the Alt Right.

I’ve been following the situation in Charlottesville as closely as I can, and in my view Faith and Stefan are spot on in their analysis.

What do you think?

Undoubtedly, this event will continue to generate headlines and media attention, and the (((MSM))) will continue to expose themselves as the lying, treacherous scum bags they truly are. I feel more confident than ever that the Alt Right and White nationalists generally will prevail – we have a just and righteous cause that can no longer be ignored, dismissed, or ridiculed. We are here to stay and we will fight for our cause.

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  • kosher lampshade

    some vloggers I follow have been sounding skeptical alarms about the whole event.

    vlogger Victurus Libertas, “#BREAKING – Is The “Unite The Right” Rally A Well Funded Ploy To Advance Conservative Censorship?”, 5 mins:


  • Thank you for putting this all together John! I watched the whole thing. I am getting my moneys worth for my lifetime membership to the Realist Report. Stephen said, at 16:00, if somebody is wrong, let them speak and rebut with reason and evidence. That is civilization. Anything else is barbarism.


    Youre right John, the Alt Right and White nationalists generally will prevail – we have a just and righteous cause that can no longer be ignored, dismissed, or ridiculed. We are here to stay and we will fight for our cause

  • May our FATHER YAHWEH GOD bless your tush, greatly, Mister Friend.
    Love, Ferrin

  • These Videos MUST be fully distributed in Europe that are being invaded by NONWHITES facilitated and promoted by the jewish criminals such as Barbara Lerner Specter, George Soros… and of course, the house of rothschild & Co.
    Subtitled would be very good! WE WILL NOT BE REPLACED!!!”

    PPS. I hope that my Donation at 3X the Amount requested will not be in Vain. By that I mean, 1. the posting of my Comment for Others to see, and 2. that these important White Identity Videos are made to go “viral” in dying Europe.

    • Incredible Antifa DEM jihadists blaming dead WHITE southern men for slavery. It is HISTORICAL well establish scholarly scientific research that JEWS had created control dominated organized and profited from SLAVERY since the times of the Carthage and the Punic Wars up to the American Civil WAR. JEWS receive exclusive English Royal Charters monopoly to commerce with slavery, throughout the world. In fact JEWS opposed Licolns Emancipation Proclamation and conspired with the Rotshchilds and the UK,to continue slavery after the Northern Victory, . The JEWS continue profiting from child exploitation, kiddie porn, xxindustry, child slavery in the Diamond Commerce, etc. Intheir great majority slavery abolisherners were all WHITE Christian Men.

  • Well John, the images I saw of the torchlight parade were certainly orderly. The participants appeared to we decently dressed young men with clean haircuts and their pants pulled up in a civilized fashion. There was nothing out of place. The so-called cops and other opposition acted like typical Bolshevik Thugs. It seems the powers-that-be are so desperate tol stifle any criticism that it is mind-boggling. Black Lives Matter and related rabble can burn all they want, but anyone who disagrees is a “threat!” Welcome to the USSRofA!

  • William Jeffreys

    I think it’s a shame that libertarians and constitutionalists get lumped in with Nazis and KKK members. The media does a great job of this to silence debate. Anyone with a working brain knows you can’t live off of credit forever.

  • Excellent breakdown of the event. Fox cable news twisted the reporting, per usual, into a verbal attack on the alternative right. They used “White extremist, alt-right radicals, neo-Nazi’s, white supremists,” etc. in just about every sentence of reporting saying the “alt right” came for trouble and they got it. An ADL rep of course said it was racist and anti-semetic???

    From Tomato Bubble:

    “…Who anointed Richard Spencer a “movement leader?”…His election night rallying cry of “Hail Trump” and occasional use of German terms stink of contrived imposterism.

    More Kabuki.

    “The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.”Tom Clancy

  • Patrick H Rothermel

    I just DID arrive home (in Indiana) from Charlottesville, Virginia! This was a FARCE! I was there (Lee Park), when the lone Charlottesville P.D. Officer announced WE were “An Un-Lawful Assembly! There was NOTHING “un-lawful” being done by us (White Nationalists)………..NOTHING! We marched 5 miles, as a UNITED group, to another park in Charlottesville. After arriving there, we were THEN informed of the “State of Emergency”. This said, WE were NOT even around during the escalated violence! That was “AntiFa” and BLM!!!!!
    I’m now going to start editing my videos that I took at this event, so the TRUTH of OUR peacefulness is told.
    Take care John!
    LOVE your work Kamerad!
    Patrick H Rothermel

  • Good report, John.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Virginia governor pardoned tens of thousands of felons before the election, or at least gave them the right to vote, so they could cast ballots for Killary.

    On the positive side, the frightened and hysterical reaction of the governor and Virginia authorities demonstrates how much they fear opposing viewpoints, especially from the right. It shows how powerful our side is, and how desperate they are to stop it. For them to break the law and engage in treason rather than let the right peaceably assemble speaks volumes.

    There’s a picture of the driver who ran into the crowd leaning against a gray car – you’ve probably seen it – but it doesn’t look exactly like the same car, and his head is too big for his body. Looks like a photoshopped pic, which raises all kinds of questions.

  • John McPain now says that white nationalists are traitors. Recall that Hitler was sent to prison for treason and dictated “Mein Kampf” there. Recall that Zio-Reds took over several German cities and fought German nationalists in the streets.

    Now Zio-Reds have taken over numerous U.S. cities, including Charlottesville, Virginia, where local and state government powers sanctioned Commie violence against non-violent nationalists trying to rally legally.

    David Duke’s book “Jewish Supremacism” echoes “Mein Kampf,” and perhaps Duke can be persuaded to seek political office again if enough awakened white people arise and reclaim their birthright. He’s no longer young but is extremely well-preserved. He is no traitor like McPain.

  • The torch march was impressive. A group of fine young adults.

  • unfortunately, Andrew Anglin went too far today with criticizing victim of car crash as “good riddance” because she was overweight female.

    Faith Goldy- thanks. On video “Unite the Right” video, frame 19:16, looks like person briefly pictured inside the gray-silver Pontiac Charger by Andrew Anglin with caption, “This is the only picture I could get of the driver.”. The picture was replaced this morning with abandoned vehicle.
    The person had a long, bearded face, unlike the youth shown on
    MSM this morning. Mother of Millenial

  • Zionist Oligarchs like Soros are behind these antifa movements, just like they did in Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Macedonia, and the list goes on. These NGO productions have to stop, its obvious that the Mayor and Governor are paid off to let the opposition wear masks and carry weapons. Jews don’t want Nationalism in America it goes against their whole planned project of destroying American culture and heritage. Only Jews are allowed to be ultra nationalist.

  • This whole thing is an orchestrated Sunsteinian psyop against the people. I personally think we ought each to not imbibe this garbage MSM coverage and need to protect ourselves from it and refrain from giving credence to it by reacting.

    I like what is said about the “altright” and “White nationalism” and skin color by this traditional Catholic priest.

  • The truth is – these demonstrations are all reduced to violence because of anti fa thugs and other invaders on soros’ payroll. They’ve made that plain enough many times in the past during the election, the anti-speech attacks in berkley, other assaults on college officials, etc…
    Notice the soros commies come equipped for deadly force, even if not with firearms.
    The police should confiscate such weapons and arrest whoever brings them.
    Pretty close – the guy from Ohio perceived himself in a combat situation and retaliated.
    Was his car attacked before he accelerated?
    it was attacked afterwards.
    That is what the official tolerance of the anti fa thugs etal has allowed the situation to deteriorate to.
    Sooner or later somebody was gonna get killed.
    As a Pennsylvania Yankee I will tell you I never want any of these statues of confederates removed and I respect the right of southern states to fly the Confederate flag.
    The statues are dedicated to the bravery of confederate soldiers.
    They are not monuments to slavery.
    The media would have the country think all national preservationists are ‘white supremacists’.
    not true at all.
    The civil war (misnomer) is part of our history and heritage as a nation, which these neo – bolsheviks are attempting to erase, because they intend to destroy the usa in favor of the new world order plan.
    There will be no constitutional republics anywhere in the globalists’ super – surveillance ziocon bankster fedcoin slave-state.
    And definitely no bill of rights.
    Do not kid yourselves – these are the enemies of the usa and they are not going to stop with the symbols of the confederacy.
    The want Andrew Jackson off the 20.
    Eventually they’ll take out Thomas Jefferson too, because he had slaves.
    George Washington will have to go also.

  • I am very curious as to what to attribute the strong Difference of Opinion and Conclusion drawn by M.S. King and John Friend!!!
    Was this a real Event or was it not a real Event?? Was It real, but with an attempted Takeover of a genuine Movement by the jewish/big-business/Nonwhites Alliance??
    And if attempted by Richard Spencer (photographed with Laura Bush), how many of the Marchers were aware of his dubious Background?

  • This event should prove to the ‘Hopeful Heart’ that freedom of speech no longer exists in America under ZOG.
    The local establishment, probably in collusion with the Feds and Antifa, planned and instigated this farce to appear to represent fairness while actually plotting to embarrass the ALTRIGHT. They lied to Jason Keller’s face! They allow the Left free reign for violence while encouraging by non-involvement their insults and physical attacks on the ALTRIGHT. If we do nothing we are demeaned as cowards, if we defend ourselves from assault we are banned and condemned as Terrorists. This is the propaganda of a bureaucracy now nation-wide, all communicating with each other as shown in Portland, Oakland, and Charlottesville.
    It is absolutely essential that the ALTRIGHT understand that the ZOG establishment is the problem; ANTIFA is but a symptom.
    To counter this we need MASSIVE NUMBERS to overwhelm ANTIFA while remaining peaceful.
    NUMBERS is the name of the game; otherwise we forsake the streets to ANTIFA.
    The means to NUMBERS is the ALTRIGHT party named as such to eliminate competition amongst ourselves and useless argumentation. The program should be the original 25 points of the National Socialists ‘massaged’ to suit America under ZOG with environmentalism thrown in.

  • OT OT (except how “it’s all connected”; the following is about JOOgleTUBE WAYCISM!!): John remember you interviewed popular YouTube vloggers “Diamond & Silk” in March ’16?

    Y’all have gotta see this latest 5 min Mark Dice vid, “YouTube Trying to Shut Down Black Conservative Channel – Diamond and Silk”

    And see this latest from Diamond & Silk, 3 mins: “YouTube Deemed This Video As Controversial… You Be The Judge.”

    The NERVE of those WAYCISTS at JoogleTube! A pair of Black Sisters, & White Sisters have a wonderful brunch together, upload it to YT; and YT deems the video WAYCISS/HATE-FILT and/or against (((JOO AGENDA))) Community Standards!?! :-(

    This situation might be worth a feature article John, here if not also at AFP!

    And those of you with YT channels (or any vid platform) should re-up both of the above vids, coz I can easily imagine (((them))) realizing what a hornet’s nest they just poked, and nuking the above vids! Can you say, (((overreach))) ?? lolz 😀

  • Here is a comment left via email by a very bright, insightful and informed individual:

    Just passing this along so that you can do what you will with it.

    The back story to what really occurred in Charlottesville comes down to that slogan:
    Unite the Right

    If there is anything Deep State does not want to see, it’s a united right.

    The (((JWO globalists))) will do anything in their power — and they have a LOT of it — to prevent a genuine unification of the many different groups on the right side of the political spectrum.

    The oligarchy that administers the U.S. Corporation will absolutely not tolerate an authentic nationalist/patriot movement on American soil.

    The (((power elite))) who oversees the American political class see the Trump movement as the bane of (((their))) existence.

    Simply put, the long-running conspiracy between the Washington establishment and (((wealthy elites))) to defraud the American people will not risk exposure by today’s fast-growing Nationalist movement.

    On one level, this is why the false flag black op and psyop was carried out in Charlottesville, Virginia. The powers structure feels that it has no choice but to terminate the nationalist/patriot movement by every means possible and any means necessary. Yes, (((TPTB))) are that desperate at this late date. And what follows is a video that illustrates that sheer desperation.

    VIDEO: (((CNN’s))) (((Jake Tapper))) Must Be On The (((CIA’s))) Payroll To Destroy Trump
    Charlottesville, Virginia — August 12, 2017


    Reader, be aware that there are several distinctly different pieces to this fastidiously engineered event that occurred in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend. The key elements are as follows:

    • Black operation executed by the C.I.A./FBI/HomelandSecurity
    • Psyop conducted by the CIA/FBI/HomelandSecurity and (((Media)))
    • False flag operation implemented jointly by the CIA, FBI and HomelandSecurity
    • Highly coordinated fake news offensive by the (((MSM)))
    • Orchestrated political campaign carried out by the (((US Congress))) against Trump and the Trump movement
    • Charlottesville Police Department ploy to stand down
    • Collusion between the Virginia state government and Charlottesville city government to push a patently false narrative
    • (((Soros)))-paid agents provocateur from the ANTIFA movement stealthily inciting violence. Not all are paid as they are quite insane
    • (((Liberal Left))) scheme to aggressively confront peaceful “Unite the Right” groups
    • White supremacist crisis actors/(((hollywood kkk/nazis))) contracted by (((The Company/CIA)))
    • There are many other critical elements which are beyond the scope of this exposé
    Impossible to tease out all the facts

    Even though it is virtually impossible to tease out all the facts surrounding this false flag black operation, it has of all the classic signatures of one.

    Obviously, all of the groups represented at the “Unite the Right” rally have been infiltrated by (((the government))). They always are.

    With this basic understanding, it’s easy to see how the pieces of the protest puzzle were surreptitiously put into place over the months leading up to the staged riots.

    The circumstantial evidence of a black op is so overwhelming that it is now clear that the entire event was quite purposefully sabotaged by all (((the usual suspects))), especially those concerned agencies of the US government, Virginia state government and Charlottesville municipal government.

    Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe has been a HUGE Clinton cheerleader/underboss practically forever, so we know where his (((loyalties))) lie. His every action and utterance since the conflagration took place has only confirmed his integral part in this massive conspiracy to bring down the nationalist/patriot movement.

    Likewise, the Charlottesville mayor — (((Michael Signer))) — is a longtime Virginia Democratic jew activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor. He’s very deep in this whole conspiracy to taint the genuine protestors as ‘white supremacists’, ‘neo-nazis’, “kkk” and he even chided President Trump for “not naming them”.

    Were real white nationalists and white supremacists present? Most certainly. Can they be an unruly bunch of knuckleheads? That can be their MO, at (((certain times))). Did they go there to disrupt the protest? Not likely. The (((paid agents))) among them did, not the real alt-right/nationalists. They wanted to unite with other like-minded activists in order to strengthen the alt-right/nationalist movement.

    PATRIOTS SPEAK: In their own words about what really happened in Charlottesville


    You can’t stop the (((real supremacists))) from showing up at a rally designed to “Unite the Right”. Nor does anyone really know the extent to which they have been co-opted by (((government agents))). All it takes are a couple of (((super-aggressive agents provocateur))) to be the skunk at the picnic.

    Charlottesville Police stood down

    One thing is for sure: the police were given orders to stand down by someone (Police Chief Al Thomas maybe? Who gave him the order?).

    This single initiative was directed from the (((very top of the conspiracy))) to cause the riotous mayhem that predictably ensued.

    Just like the violence that was engineered in San Jose, California by that duplicitous police chief during Trump’s campaign event, Charlottesville follows the same pattern. It works for them like a charm (police standing down) as far as triggering both spontaneous and/or (((manufactured violence))).

    This (((single misguided manipulation))) of law enforcement by the (((involved governments))) is the dead giveaway that this whole event was fabricated as a false flag operation. Of course, the white nationalists are blamed for everything these days. Even though most of these folks are really sincere nationalist/patriots at heart.

    Even White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has been brought into the fray. He is being falsely accused by the (((ultra-left))) and “right wing” FOX (((mainstream media))) (MSM) as being the de facto leader of the white nationalist movement. He isn’t, but the (((MSM talking heads))) take every opportunity to drill this falsehood into every reader and viewer they can. So now the (((delusional liberal leaders))) want to know why he does nothing to stop a massive, grassroots-driven, organically grown nationalist/patriot movement that he has absolutely no control of.

    By the way, what power, pray tell, does Bannon have over the Charlottesville police that was deliberately directed not to do their job?


    This staged event is only the most recent in a long string of protests/riots that represent the tactical operations of (((George Soros’s))) Purple Revolution. It has all the same hallmarks of his (((CIA-directed))) Kiev coup of 2014 as this video clearly explains: Charlottesville protests and Kiev riots have the same (((Soros))) fingerprint

    If there is one goal that the (((U.S. Intelligence Community))) is determined to accomplish with these violent protests and destructive riots, it is to so malign the nationalist/patriot movement that no one will want to associate with them. Even though the Trump movement is made up of people from every background, they are all fundamentally nationalists/patriots. Which is why the (((globalists))) are determined to destroy this movement; it’s crucial to maintaining the hidden power of the (((Deep State))).

    The (((MSM))) has been working overtime to impress upon their audience that the violence in Charlottesville was the work of white nationalists. They have been presenting this extremely misleading falsehood since Trump was elected. The (((CIA-controlled MSM))) will continue to use this deceitful strategy unto Trump is removed from the White House.

    Look to other future events to be staged in the same manner. (((Deep State))) will not pass up any opportunity to forever ruin the nationalist/patriot movement. The (((globalist cabal))) knows that their (((JWO agenda))) cannot be implemented until the Trump movement is destroyed. Hence, to outlaw these nationalist groups and ban patriot protests is their immediate objective.

    Follow this guy’s tweets below for more detailed information. Read entire threads not just the initial tweets.

  • What really gets me in any of these interviews and discourses is the assumption that if you really ARE a neo-Nazi or member of an explicitly pro-White group, a self-identified White Nationalist, say, the assumption is that you, as a neo-Nazi or White Nationalist, shouldn’t be allowed to assemble or exorcise your freedom of speech. Just listen to some of the Alt-Lite “patriot” types, saying things like “…well, not all of us at the Unite The Right rally were neo-Nazis…”, implicitly agreeing that actual “racists” DON’T deserve to assemble and have their voices heard! But, on the other hand, no one raises the same objections when The New Black Panthers come together publicly and/or show up at the voting booths WITH GUNS shouting “We need to start killing White babies!” Members of the group don’t meet ANY hostility from the majority of normal people, they aren’t stigmatized by the media as “black supremacists” or “racists”, no one throws bottles and swings sticks at their heads, etc. And NO ONE, politician or regular Joe Public, even suggests that they be shut-down and not allowed to speak!!! The hypocrisy is so over-the-top, it’s maddening.
    EVERYONE has the right to free speech. EVERYONE has the right to assemble as a political group. YES, EVEN NEO-NAZIS, THE KKK, AND ANY OTHER “WHITE SUPREMACIST” GROUP!!!!! If black-supremacists can assemble, shouting “we need to kill White babies!”, toting fucking GUNS even, showing up at voting booths to intimidate people(!), if Latino/Mestizo supremacists can assemble, shouting “Fuck America! Make America Mexico Again!”, if Antifa can assemble, waving COMMUNIST flags (the communists have been responsible for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of deaths), if BlackLivesMatter can assemble, calling for the deaths of our policemen, etc., etc., etc., then goddammit neo-Nazis and White Nationalist in general ALSO get to assemble!!!
    Communist fuckers, black and other non-white racist haters, understand these words: THOSE WHO MAKE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION IMPOSSIBLE WILL MAKE VIOLENT REVOLUTION INEVITABLE. JFK said that. Let it sink in!!!