An Independent Investiation Into Alleged San Bernardino Shooting

On Thursday, December 10, a good friend and I drove up to San Bernardino, California to investigate the alleged mass shooting purportedly carried out by radicalized Muslim extremists just over one week prior on Wednesday, December 2.

Inland Regional Center

Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married Muslim couple who are reported to have lived in Redlands, California, a city right outside San Bernardino, allegedly carried out the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center, firing between 65 and 75 rounds killing 12 people and injuring 22 in a matter of four minutes, according to the official narrative.

The couple were allegedly attending a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health holiday party and training event. At roughly 11 am Pacific time, the couple, armed with semi-automatic pistols and rifles and dressed in black military fatigues and ski masks, allegedly opened fire on attendees of the event. Police responded shortly after the shooting. According to the Wikipedia page of the 2015 San Bernardino shooting:

Two police officers arrived almost simultaneously; when another officer arrived two minutes later, the three officers entered the building and began to evacuate the survivors. The San Bernardino SWAT team happened to be conducting its monthly training exercise a few miles away from the scene at the time of the attack “and was able to arrive quickly, already wearing protective gear.” Ultimately, about 300 officers and agents from city, county, state and federal agencies responded to the active-shooter event, converging on the scene as people were being evacuated. […]

Following the purported shooting, the couple are said to have fled in a rented SUV. Roughly four hours after the alleged mass shooting, law enforcement officers discovered the couple and a shootout purportedly occurred, with officers firing well over 300 rounds. The couple allegedly fired 76 rifle rounds, according to the official account of the event.

I have uploaded all of the photographs I took to my Facebook page. You can view the album here. I also discussed my trip to San Bernardino and subsequent investigation this past Sunday evening on Robert Reyvolt’s Incendiary Radio program.

Below are video interviews I conducted with local residents and eye witnesses to the alleged events that took place over the course of the day. Needless to say, I am extremely skeptical of the official narrative promoted by the mass media and political establishment, especially as it pertains to the original mass public shooting allegedly carried out at the Inland Regional Center. I have yet to discover any genuine or legitimate evidence demonstrating a mass shooting as depicted by the media took place there that day.

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Here I interview a man who works for Sepulveda Building Materials, a building materials store directly south of the Inland Regional Center where the alleged shooting took place.

Here I interview a local woman at the prayer vigil and memorial on the southeast corner of S. Waterman Ave and E. Orange Show Rd, which is roughly 200 yards from the Inland Regional Center where the purported shooting took place.

Here I interview a local woman who works for a company called Westech, which is right near the Inland Regional Center where the purported shooting took place.

Here I interview a local resident who describes the chaotic aftermath of the alleged terrorist shooting.

Here I interview David, who works at Haley Brothers Inc. in San Bernardino, which is on the same street where the purported shootout between the Islamic terrorists and law enforcement officers took place.

Here I interview a man who lives on the north side of E. San Bernardino Ave directly in front of where the shootout between law enforcement officers and the terrorist suspects ended.

I recently submitted a report to American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper – describing the official narrative as well as the independent investigation my colleague and I conducted in San Bernardino. Many of the videos above were mentioned and cited in the report. I hope to follow up on my initial investigation into this major event with another trip to San Bernardino in the next week or two. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • On the day of the event I came across the San Bernardino police radio scanner on the net and started listening about an hour before the shootout with the suspects. The dispatcher and the cops seemed very nonchalant and were mostly talking about setting up perimeters and checkpoints and reporting locations.

    It did seem to kick up a notch when they started chasing the suspect’s vehicle and the shooting began and they kept calling for the Bearcat to get to the scene. They did say two suspects were down outside the vehicle and one was down inside, in fact, one cop even said he saw the suspect in the back seat of the vehicle laying across the seat still breathing with an AR strapped to his chest. Then they said a cop was shot, maybe one of the two reported down earlier, but that it wasn’t a serious wound, they said it was a ricochet.

    They said there might be a bomb in the vehicle but in the scene on video there was a group of cops standing a few feet away from the vehicle chatting like a day in the park, that didn’t add up but at the time the chase and shootout seemed real to me and not staged despite some odd aspects to it.

  • Did witnesses near the scene of the shootout observe a male subject being handcuffed? A photo taken just after the shootout shows a male subject lying face down across the street from the SUV with his arms behind his back, handcuffed. A black rifle lay close by the body, partly on the curb. Was the man – assumed to be Sayed Farook – handcuffed before he was shot to death or after? Why would he have been handcuffed?

    • I’m sure if properly investigated this will lead to the the highest offices of your U.S. govt–Like always!!!! Those criminals who have seized the seats of power in the western world seem to be one trick ponies. Without much imagination and so arrogant they don’t even bother to make it anything but transparently obvious to anyone with more than three brain cell that work

  • What would be the motive to stage an event such as this?

    Get Trump elected? It makes no sense. The entire system is having to shill for Islam now to protect their multicultural gibberish, they don’t benefit at all. Only Trump does, and us, because these kinds of incidents are forcing important issues into mainstream discourse.

    Is the answer to the question of their motive always going to be ‘gun control’? That doesn’t work either because these attacks make people want to keep their guns more, every time, because they don’t want to be defenseless against terrorists.

    I just don’t get it, and I don’t see how trying to prove that every incident is a media hoax benefits our cause at all whatsoever.

    • In my view, there are many motives behind staging various high-profile, traumatizing events such as mass public shootings and purported acts of terrorism. From what I can tell, the most important motive is to psychologically terrorize and traumatize the public. It’s all fear-based media manipulation.

      Ben, I hope you understand that I view my role in this movement as primarily a journalist and conveyor of information. I’m not interested in proving that every major event is a hoax, but as an honest, objective journalist I am most certainly interested in analyzing and investigating the official narrative and media coverage of major events.

      If you really think that my questioning and critically investigating events such as the San Bernardino shooting harms our movement, please feel free to distance and disassociate yourself from me. I will not be offended.

    • The motive is always gun control. They don’t care if these incidents make most people want to keep their guns and buy more. These false flags give the communists an opportunity to jump on their soap boxes, dance in the blood of the victims (if there are any real ones) and demand more gun control. Then the communist politicians introduce bills in congress to ban guns and they think they can sway enough other politicians to make the laws a reality. They gave up representing we the people decades ago.