American Jewish Committee: “American democracy” at stake in 2016

In an obvious allusion to Donald Trump’s increasingly popular (and I would argue inevitable) presidential bid, the American Jewish Committee has come out and flatly stated that “American democracy” will be at stake during the 2016 presidential election, once again demonstrating the hysterical and truly childish reaction the organized Jewish community is having towards Trump.

The Times of Israel reports:

Screenshot (140)

Threats of political violence endanger the viability of American democracy, the American Jewish Committee warned Thursday, a day after Republican frontrunner Donald Trump predicted that there would be “riots” if his party tried to edge him out through a brokered convention.

“I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots,” Trump said Wednesday in an interview with CNN. “I’m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people.”

Although the AJC’s statement did not mention any candidates by name, its dire warnings seemed to reflect directly on Trump’s comments.

“Violence and threats of violence have no place in American politics. There should be no threats to disrupt political rallies and no threats to disrupt a convention if a candidate is denied the nomination by his party’s convention,” the organization admonished. “Too many democracies have failed, to be replaced by autocratic governments, when violence became a sanctioned political tool, especially by those who feel disenfranchised and choose not to await ordinary change at the ballot box.”

Warning that “nothing less than the survival of American democracy is at stake,” the AJC emphasized that “we hope that the violence seen so far is an aberration which stops now,” and called on “those who have resorted to, or sanctioned, violence” to “repudiate it now.”

Trump’s comments regarding a scenario in which the Republican establishment would seek to nominate someone else as the GOP candidate for president were far from the first time on the campaign trail that the brash businessman was seen as giving a nod to violence. […]

“We do not draw analogies to the rise of communism and fascism lightly, but both of those tyrannical movements rose to power replacing democratically elected governments, by virtue of threats of, or actual, violence against their opponents,” the organization said. […]

Here again we see a blatant attempt by the organized Jewish community and mainstream mass media to portray Donald Trump as an instigator and facilitator of violence in an effort to demonize and discredit the American populist and GOP frontrunner. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and the American people know it.

The radical, anti-American protesters disrupting Trump rallies are the ones instigating and facilitating violence, not Donald Trump or his supporters.

Donald Trump has shaken the American political establishment, which of course is largely dominated and controlled by the organized Jewish community and pro-Israel lobby, to its very core. In this writer’s opinion, it is clear the Jews are terrified of losing their grip over the U.S. federal government and, even more importantly, over the political discourse in America. They view Trump as uncontrollable and independent, and they do not like it.

Trump is challenging the organized Jewish community’s destructive, anti-White agenda on virtually every front. He has been critical of “free trade” and economic globalization, policies long championed by international Jewish capitalists that have been absolutely devastating to the American economy and middle class. Even more importantly, Trump has taken an incredibly bold stance against illegal immigration, promising to build a wall on our southern border, deport illegal aliens, and place a moratorium on Muslim immigration to America, all entirely legitimate and rational public policy proposals. Trump openly denounced political correctness in front of millions of Americans during the first presidential debate, arguing that this anti-American, anti-free speech phenomenon (which has its roots in the Jewish-dominated cultural Marxist school of thought) is literally destroying America. Trump is not backing down on any of these issues either.

Time will tell whether or not “American democracy” is at stake during this election. Trump is galvanizing millions of Americans and is becoming more and more popular as each day passes. People are fed up and tired of “politics as usual.” If anything, given Trump’s popular support, he may end up demonstrating the efficacy of American democracy by winning in a landslide, which is exactly what I think will happen! #VoteTrump!

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  • I for one would not be unhappy if the jewish influence on my government is ended. The jewish population of the United States is small but they have too much influence because of the very rich and the closeness of several of their faith. The USA has had massive flow of new people who have no reason to support the jewish people or the nation of Israel. I hope the people break the influence to a level which represent some degree of their population. Our founding fathers warned that we should not get involved in foreign affairs. I think it would be a good to honor our founding fathers.

  • Whenever I see the silly word “democracy” that hasn’t applied to USA ever used anywhere I know the writer is either:
    1. a total shill or
    2. a total innocent know-nothing.
    SO the real question here is which is the writer

  • First off we must remind Americans every chance we get that we don’t live in a democracy, we live in a Constitutional Republic. And, right now Donald Trump is exactly what America needs to shake up the establishment, and the whole of the government including the NGO’s and bureaucrats that we didn’t elect into power. Hopefully the American public will awaken to the fact that many in our government are dual citizens and vote them out of office or demand their resignation. Also we need to let as many Americans as we can know our plight or else it will continue to be business as usual. A new day in America is coming and we need to take control of that day.

  • Trump refused the blessed Jewish sacrament

  • that’s right – american democracy is in danger, that is, the current american version of it, which it totally controlled by the zionist lobbies and their media.
    it’s looking more and more like trump is not just another puppet of the same.
    yet, the truth is, american democracy, if not dead, has been in a coma for quite some time now. we no longer have a democracy. this isn’t even a republic anymore. it’s now become a totalitarian national security state, which has stated its objective – controlling the entire world militarily. “full spectrum dominance”. and when that’s what you’re really up to you don’t let little things like public opinion and free elections slow you down. no outa-nowhere multi billionaire populist will do either, even if he does know a few new york jews.
    if i were trump i’d triple my bodyguards and make sure i was wearing a special shirt. the boy is in real danger here. by now the republican party wants rid of him too. we know who they really are. the jooooooos. the tactic is to heap him up with all kinds of muck and dirt, paint him up as some kind of dangerous lunatic, another hitler, mussolini too – so it will be much less a surprise when one of the many disrupters shoots him at one of his rallies. he’ll go down like george wallace and huey long. and won’t that be a lesson to the next guy.

  • The only thing at stake here is Jewish Supremacy and dominion over the Goyim. and that is good! You stay influencing in your country and we’ll stay in ours

  • I urge every white American to read Douglas Reeds controversy of Zion. America is, and has been, a part, and leader in Lenin’ s proclaimed “worldwide social democratic revolution”. By Wilson’s administration the Jews were not only involved in selection of candidates but actively subverting
    our national laws, ie constitution. Kennedy was their public coup de te announcement to the world of their complete take over of us gov.

    • A good reading suggestion. I suspect democracy is merely another method of herding the sheep, when it no longer herds us, it will be replaced with something which does.

  • Since when have the whiners cared about American or any other democracy for that matter.

    Hareetz used to run a series of articles before US presidential elections asking “Who is best for the Jews?”, giving the candidates scores on the basis of their demonstrated servitude to Zionist Judaism and Israel.

    I have also read an article presenting US presidential candidates asking which Jew is behind each and every one of them.

    If real democracy would break out in the USA the Zionist dominance over its policies would be over and for the first time in many years we might have peace and prosperity.

    • No democracy will break up the Zionist stranglehold only revolution. Once the Jews fake debt fiat system collapses they know they will be strung up. That is why they are so desperate to keep it up at all costs.

  • Israelis don’t have a constitution by design, they make it up as they go, mob rule. Pure democracy leads to totalitarianism in large numbers. The majority silences the minority with laws and this consolidation of the government leads to corruption, as each faction looks to consolidate their power even more, creating new laws to silence the competing minority faction which eventually leads to tyranny and despotism on the ruins of public liberty.

    George Washington explained this in his farewell address to the American people.

    Which means, the “american jewish committee” is either ignorant, or one of the corrupt factions George Washington warned Americans about.

    “It serves to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration….agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one….against another….it opens the door to foreign influence and corruption…thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”

    “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens,) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove, that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government. ” – George Washington – Farewell Address

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”

    Making the World Democratic: A classic by Joseph Sobran
    Everyone seems to take for granted that democracy is the ideal form of government.

    Why? What’s so great about majority rule? A majority may be as tyrannical as a single dictator, and majorities have often deprived minorities and individuals of their rights — exploited, enslaved, and murdered them. Democratic Athens executed Socrates.
    The Framers of the U.S. Constitution took great pains to create a republican system in which majority rule would be tempered and inhibited by many restraints. They thought the best guarantee of freedom was to specify the powers of government and to limit it strictly to those powers.
    Actually, we don’t owe our freedoms to democracy. We owe them to older legal traditions, inherited from Anglo-Saxon law: habeas corpus, due process of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a trial by one’s peers, et cetera. The Framers of the Constitution were wise enough to preserve these protections against arbitrary state power.

    But the Constitution, unfortunately, has failed to provide sufficient safeguards. Its protections have been undermined — by democracy.
    Yet he is told that he is blessed to live in a democracy. Why? Because he can vote! And if he is outvoted by people who want the government to take his money and give it to them? Well, too bad. Those are the breaks. And after all, he can use his vote to defend himself against other voters. That, he is taught, is freedom.
    The principle of democracy is bad enough in itself. But in practice democracy also breeds corrupt politicians, intent on short-term gain for themselves. The brevity of their tenure gives them an incentive to make hay while the sun shines. Bribery, often in technically legal forms, is rife, and a suspicious number of our “public servants” retire with fortunes that seem a bit out of line with their salaries.

    No, the world doesn’t need more democracies. It needs more freedom — a vastly different thing.

  • Whenever Jews face losing power anywhere other than in Israel, they resort to democracy slogans. Five months ago (Committee for preservation of democracy) KOD sprung up in Poland when Jews lost control over the mainstream media. Poles have a thousand year old history of keeping Jews at bay and even now it is a full blown battle of jews vs. the goyim. Approx. 50% of Polish media is owned by Axel Springer SE whose manifesto declares:

    2) To promote reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support the vital rights of the State of Israel.
    that can hardly claim to promote Polish national interests

  • the jews only want democracy because they have it together enough to make it work for them, even though they’re not even the majority. that last fact kind of rubs out the worry about majorities exploiting minorities in a democracy. you don’t even have to be the majority, if you have enough control over the media and enough of the populace is brain dead politically anyway. you can disparage the concept all day long with plenty of logical arguments about the shortcomings of democracy, but you can do the same with any other method of governance. democracy works for those who choose to make it work for them. so far that’s not the goyim.
    the american public in general could take a major lesson on governing themselves – just by watching how the jews do it. how do they do it? they stay organized around their main goal of staying in control. their creation of the state of israel provided an advanced focal point.
    yet for the purpose of getting to the next paradigm, beyond war and exploitation, it won’t matter which form of government the people work with – if the government is not allowed to operate in secret. the secrecy is the problem, not the form of government.
    of course, the security state cabal will manufacture the exigent situation that excuses its tactics. welcome to 9-11 and the war on terror. guess who did it.
    trump states he will remain neutral in the brokerage between the israelis and the palestinians. they hate that. i say give him the shot. cruz, clinton – all the rest of them are all spineless lickspittles.

  • Nobody grows up wanting to be a sucker, therefore, by showing the Murikan masses they’ve been/are the suckers a 10x’s over, they will awaken (to the jews).
    Trump has popped opened the door to courageous action.
    Uh Oh!!!!(jews)

  • Did anyone catch Killary Clinton’s speech to the AIPAC scoundrels today on Monday March 21st?
    What a vomit inducing spectacle of in your face kowtowing to the Israeli lobby you never want to hear again. It was absolutely disgusting.

  • TruthTellerButYouWontListen

    You all are sooo desperate for a savior. Geez. It’s pathetic. 20 more minutes until Trump gets on his hands and knees before his masters:) He is reading from a script? What a tool. Watch your white savior bow before the true ruling power in this country. All you Trumpers will have to resort to saying “he has to suck their schlongs or he won’t get elected”. Bull. He can REALLY change the world in 20 minutes if he speaks truth to power and say, verbatim, “I AM GOING TO PUT AMERICA FIRST. NO MORE 4 BILLION A YEAR. NO MORE ZIONISM”. I bet your career Friend that your fuhrer begs and begs and doesn’t even use the word Zionism. If he’s so politically correct, why won’t he call out the real power?

    Just like the liberal antiwar, antizionist movement was sucked back into the same controlled system in 2008 by Obama, you “cucksurvatives” antizionist are being sucked in by Trump. WAKE UP!
    And the best part will be when the rabbis walk out and embarrass him. He won’t say a thing because he knows who his masters are. “But, I have a jewish Son-in-Law and my daughter converted” “Accept me PLEEEEASE”. lol

    • You called it, and it happened exactly as you said. Also see my comment when it’s posted.

  • I just watched the unholy Trump cuckfest for AIPAC on a livestream at WOW! Trump just promised Israel everything they ever wanted, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on day one of his presidency. Truly disgusting and disappointing, but not surprising to me. I wonder how the ADL-funded Jew trolls at are going to try to spin this as somehow a positive thing for the U.S. and for White people. But I’m sure they will find a way to do it, or will simply pretend that Trump never said the things that he did. Like I said in a comment here a few weeks ago – the Dailystormer ADL-funded Jew trolls know that Trump would be the best president ever for Israel, which is why they’ve been working so hard to push memes that he is somehow “anti-Semitic” and will put America’s interests first, instead of Israel’s. Sorry, folks – it’s not going to happen. Trump is WAY more pro-Israel than any of the other candidates, including the current occupant Obama.

    • I just think it is so sad to watch all of these people that were speaking truth and now are sucked back into the left/right paradigm system. I’ve seen it before in 2008. The “left” was talking about impeaching bush, pulling out our troops, the war being based on lies, anti-zionist, anti-bankers, anti-killing innocent civilians, AND POOF, Obama appeared and they all fell in line. Trump is doing the same thing. YES WE CAN = MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN = ISRAEL WINS AGAIN.

      And when Trump gets crushed by Clinton in November, all of these Trumpers will say “the machines were rigged”, blah, blah, blah. 9/10 blacks, at least 7/10 hispanics, and at least 5/10 women will not vote for Trump. Fortunately, that means that the demographics of this country will overwhelm the Trumpers at the polls in November.

  • TTBYWL and Osiris just could be correct. UNFORTUNATELY; not only for U$A. Europe, [and the world], is looking on at the ugly whore that is American Politics. Was it ever the Beautiful? Whatever the American People are given, Coke or Pepsi, Swine or Pig, the rest of the world will get the real thing right in the teeth. Business as usual in the sty.
    There is no messiah and the shepherds are crazy. The sheeples will just have to do a Peaceful REVOLUTION of no cooperation with the Establishment.
    @ Mr Trump; his qualifications:

    • Great article, and it parallels what the late Michael Collins Piper had to say about Trump in his book, “The Judas Goats.” A “Judas goat” is a goat that is trained to lead other goats to the slaughter, and that’s what Trump is. If elected president, he will betray his White supporters big-time, and all his talk about constructing a wall on the Mexican border is pure BS, which he will never attempt to implement. John de Nugent has a good article on Trump’s AIPAC speech, with links to several others:

      Trump is indeed a narcissist who is full of himself and cares only about himself, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger – it’s all about him, and how “great” and rich he is. He doesn’t care about average White Americans, and is just using their frustration and anger to get elected president. Once elected, he will sell out his White supporters, and eagerly toe the line drawn by his Zionist masters. Like Schwarzenegger, Trump owes his entire fortune to the Jews, so don’t expect him to cross them in any way. If he does, they will kill him like they did JFK.

      As I predicted in my previous comment, “former” leftist White-hating antifa “Andre” Anglin and his fellow ADL-funded trolls at have attempted to minimize and dismiss Trump’s obscene cucking at AIPAC as mere “red meat” for the Evangelical vote, which is BS. Anglin said, “Remember, these were just words.” No, not just words – PROMISES to the Zionists and Israel which Trump will have to keep, or they will kill him. If Trump is elected president, the Zionists will hold him to all the promises he made to them at AIPAC last night, and as Trump himself said to AIPAC, “When I say something, I mean it!” So, in a Trump presidency, we can expect more of the same Israel-first foreign policy, only much worse: massively increased military aid to Israel, war with Iran, etc.

      Trump has lost my vote. He should be called “Donald Cuck” from now on, and people need to push back against all the ridiculous “White Savior” and “Glorious Leader” propaganda memes that Anglin and his fellow ADL trolls at have been churning out. They clearly have an agenda to push regarding Trump, and it isn’t one designed to be beneficial for White Americans. As I said, they know that Trump would be the best president ever for Israel, and that’s why they are pushing him as the “White Messiah,” to get the “stupid goyim” to vote for him.

      I notice that, which has also been pushing Trump as the “White Messiah,” is completely silent today about Trump’s obscene cucking for AIPAC last night, as if it never happened, which puts suspicion on Rense, too.

      • TruthTellerButYouWontListen

        100 percent correct. We need to get our shit together and run ourselves. That’s our only hope.

  • Anglin’s perspective of Trump’s speech is a reasonable article with important points to note. Trump gave a precisely written speech using a teleprompter to make sure the specifics were exact. A first! Gave the illusion of loyalty to the cause while in the adversary’s camp. Trump wasn’t there to make enemies, but to prevent a hateful backlash. He still has to win the GOP candidacy; then the Presidency. And he wants to stay alive to do it . The Mossad and the CIA/FBI do assassinate on orders from TPTB.

    Regarding Donald Trump’s AIPAC Speech
    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    March 22, 2016

    • After thinking more about this Trump speech, I have changed my mind. Either Trump really means what he said, or he is an enthusiastic liar. AIPAC/Israel will be tracking Trump’s actions and words to be sure he has meant what he said–that he verifies all publicly now. And if Trump would lie to AIPAC, telling them what they want to hear, why not be doing the same to his supporters, too, at rallies. His moral integrity of character does not have a 5 star ranking.

      • Many active links in this cited article that provide much added information one should know about Trump.

        Posted on March 22, 2016 by State of the Nation
        Is Donald Trump A Closeted NeoCon?
        The Donald Just Showed His Trump Cards …
        … And They Don’t Bode Well For The American People

        • Fantastic article. Anyone who actually reads it, and the many articles and videos it links to, cannot any longer believe that Trump is going to change anything in America for the better. But this one really tells me all I need to know about Trump:

          Anyone who would give such a positive video endorsement of Israeli war criminal and 9/11 architect “Bibi” Netanyahu is a Zionist, plain and simple, and is therefore an enemy of the American people.

          Below is another linked article that I found very interesting and plausible. Henry Makow is Jewish, and most of his stuff, especially regarding Hitler’s Germany, is disinformation, but he knows Jews, and if he says Kober is a German-Jewish name, I’m inclined to believe him. If Trump has Jewish ancestry from his great-grandmother Katherina Kober, it would explain his devotion to Israel, and why the NYC Zionist mobsters are so willing to work with him, and allow him to become a billionaire in New Jersey and Las Vegas gambling casinos and NYC real estate. It would also explain why the ADL trolls at are so in love with him, and promote him constantly:

          Here’s another one from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

          From the above article:

          “JTA – Among the expansive field of Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debate Thursday night, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people.

          Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been a vocal supporter of Israel. His daughter and two grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah.”

          Case closed, in my opinion. Don’t drink the DailyStormer Kool-Aid.

        • Here’s another one. Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner helped write his speech to AIPAC:

          From the above article:

          “According to the Times of Israel, Trump named his son-in-law, New York property developer Jared Kushner, as the “chief adviser” in preparing his address to the AIPAC conference.

          When asked who helped him write the speech, Trump answered: “My son-in-law Jared,” referring to the husband of his daughter Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner.

          “He’s here. He’s coming to AIPAC,” Trump said. “Jared spoke to many of his friends from Israel and we put it together with a lot of great people.””

          Isn’t that just special – keeping it all in the Jewish AIPAC family. And we’re supposed to believe that Trump is going to somehow “stand up” against Israel? Don’t make me laugh.

          • After such an emphatic speech to AIPAC, they would be watching for public announced verifications of what Trump promised. It begins. Trump’s commitment to Israel is expected, or will be demanded.

            The Nuclear Option — Trump Proves He Has Wisdom and Temperament to Lead Free World, Terrifies Naysayers
            by CHARLES HURT24 Mar 2016, 9:08 PM PDT2743
            The race is over. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

            “At AIPAC, Mr. Trump laid out a clear and concise vision about the threats we and our allies face from the terror and hatred spewing from Islamic radicals in the Middle East. The speech was highly-informed and clearly influenced by the smart people he is listening to around him.

            It was one of his first speeches delivered to an audience that wasn’t filled with Republican Party faithful. It was his first major address of the general election. And he aced it.

            The speech was downright thrilling at moments.”