Alfred Schaefer Speaks with Henry Hafenmayer About “Holocaust” and Other Deceptions

In the video above, Alfred Schaefer speaks with Henry Hafenmayer, a German man from the former East Germany, about some of the big lies dominating human consciousness, especially the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII. The conversation is very insightful and powerful. I encourage you to take the time to watch the entire video.

Alfred appeared as a guest on The Realist Report (Subscribers Only segment is here) back in April. He has produced a number of excellent YouTube videos, and has a keen insight into the way in which the masses are deceived and manipulated by the media and weaponized terms such as “racist”, “conspiracy theorist”, and “anti-Semite”. Check out his YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

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  • An excellent presentation! I really enjoyed this. I am frustrated at the cognitive dissonance of family and friends. But I keep on yakking anyway, it may be all I can do.

  • Nice.. 1:24-25 she almost says “white”.. Itching to say it, but holds back. You can see it on the tip of her tongue..

  • I do not know if you at The Realist Report would permit General George S. Patton to post Anything because he decidedly favoured coarse Language. I feel untrue to myself having to deal with these Topics that fill me with unutterable Fury!!!! Especially as I do not have any real and meaningful Ways of fighting for our beloved Race of self-murdering IDIOTS!!!
    I wish that you would provide me with Contact Information with both Herr Heinrich Hafenmayer and Herr Alfred Schaefer. Precisely because I need to be among dedicated Fighters for Our Race once I return to my real Homeland of Spain.

    Thank you.

  • I tried to save this great Video to my Computer but I was advised that “You do not have Permission.”
    How can we either get Permission, OR, buy DVD Copies of this Video?
    We racial Patriots need these readily available to share whenever and wherever we might be.


  • Really, a superb presentation of the facts by Herr Alfred and Herr Henry. But one word of caution. Alfred Schaefer and Henry Hafenmayer are both adamant the Moon landing is a fake. I wouldn’t have brought this up if i was making this video. While there is evidence it was faked – just look at the expressions on the faces of the Astronauts during the first public/media interview – there is counter evidence, such as the photos of the landing areas from what i remember was a Japanese unmanned probe in orbit around the Moon. The photos showed tracks made by the Moon “car”, plus the platform left back on the Moon when the astronauts left the Moon. Maybe those photos were photo-shopped , or maybe not. Anyway it is risky to fall into the poisoned well trap, where the enemy can turn around and say these guys are just empty “conspiracy theorists”.