Adolf Hitler Was The Real Deal; Jews Influence Our Thoughts

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  • True. But lies are sweet and help the medicine (poison) go down!

  • EVERYTHING about the Jew is a lie. Everything. From their diabolical so-called “religion” to their manufactured so-called “history” to the vile tenets of their vile so-called “holy books”, the Jew really is Satan incarnate. Exactly as Christ said. (I’m not even a Christian, but the man spoke the truth, especially about the Jew.

    The Jew specializes (and prides itself) in lies, deception and power. It (the Jew) derives its Earthly power from the ability to control discourse (the media) control justice or lack thereof (the Jew-controlled judiciary) and the banking system, the ability to print money limitlessly, at will and distribute it to Jews everywhere, with no recourse or accounting from us, the Honest Ones.

    I would almost consider going back to the Church, given the incredible accuracy of what Christ said about the Jew. (Satan incarnate, all manner of unclean-ness, vipers, etc.)

    Except that so many “Christians” are almost as arrogant and brainwashed as the Jew. I pity the fools, but hey, there are a lot of choices and Christians are only 31 percent of the world, not even a third. And find me two ‘Christians” who agree on anything……..

    Nice post, John.

    • Dave The Christ is on the earth, the bigger “conspiracy” the elites are suppressing. Francis is the Antichrist, he rejected the news that Benedict XVI told him on March 23rd 2013 at their private meeting in Castelgandolfo. The Christ will fulfill what Hitler started, he a pussycat compared to the judgement the Christ has in store for the Jews who call themeslves Jews and are not. The Chirst has no time for the western churches devoured by the lies of the Jew. He was and is an Essene and he promised that not himself bu another “Comforter” would be sent who would bring to the remembrance all things regarding himself and the Sirit of Truth would proceed from the Father through the Comforter who is the most Royal man on the planet with his new name of the Revelation 3:12 and 19:12 the name of 19:13 which is The Word of God, announced by Pope Benedict in March 2013 who was then cut off and his two witnesses to the second coming which unfolded within the office of Benedict once He drew back into retirement, they were cut off, both kidnapped one reported murdered 8 bullets then beheaded mafia style, the other goat a letter out confirming events the night of the kidnapping then nothing has been head from her since she knew she would be hunted down by the thugs hired by Francis to keep the game changing news from the world at large…..indeed grater than the spirit of Hitler is here…Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the Lord Jesus Christ back for his judgment of the Jews who are not but of their father the devil from Adam through Cain…

      • and all of the typos are just that, typos…I do know how to spell….but, Spirit, themselves, got and greater….for the anal like myself who really appreciate the editing button!

    • “….Except that so many “Christians” are almost as arrogant and brainwashed….”

      The Scriptures reveal that “true” Christianity would be scarce upon the earth. The falling away begin in Paul the Apostle’s day! Luke proclaims — Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Luke 18:8. The Road is Narrow and few follow it. Don’t allow the majority to reflect the minority. Avoid all brick and mortar churches. The true church has always been underground.

  • John: You’ve got a great website, appreciate what you’re doing.
    The opposite of Zionism isn’t “White Nationalism” (WN) it’s “Anti Zionism”.
    The same holds true for Communism. The opposite of Communism isn’t “Capitalism”,
    the opposite of Communism is “anti-Communism”.
    There are some anti-Zionist websites pointing out that when you adopt WN, you are conceding
    to play the Zionist’s game. Is “White Nationalism” the real antidote for Zionism, or it is simply “defensive
    racism”? Knowing the somewhat dubious origins of the WN movement, I often wonder. Even if I’m wrong- WN need to put together
    a broad anti-Zionist coalition across the multi-racial
    and political spectrum. Ralph Nader has said this publicly, that the “left” and “right” should
    unite and seize power from the mainstream political system. Easier said that done. The last quarter century plus of US History has
    shown that American “whites” won’t back a political party based
    on White Nationalism, but with the rise of Trump, I wonder if that is still true today?
    Believe-it-or-not, some powerful anti-Zionists are mentioned here:
    The WN are indded onto something since there is a racial aspect to “consciousness”. Neuroscience has isolated this to a specific chemical in the brain, which they are now trying to override by generating EMF type of “smog” i.e. Wi-Fi. One last thing and this is most important. The “neo-nazis” in
    the US since the end of WWII, have very, very little in common with the actual “Nazis” that
    operated in Europe. You have to study the history of the German/American Bund, to understand this.