Adolf Hitler, the Man Who Fought the Bank

“So-called democracy exists in this Angle-French world, which means the rule of the people by the people. Now, the people must possess some means of giving expression to their thoughts or their wishes. Upon examining this problem more closely, we see that the people themselves have no original convictions of their own. Their convictions are formed, of course, just as everywhere else. The decisive question is who enlightens the people; who educates them? Capital actually rules in those countries; that is, nothing more than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and, as a consequence of the peculiar structure of their national life, are more or less independent and free. They say: ‘Here we have liberty.’ By this they mean, above all, an uncontrolled economy, and by an uncontrolled economy, the freedom not only to acquire capital but to make absolutely free use of it. That means freedom from national control or control by the people both in the acquisition of capital and its employment. This is really what they mean when they speak of liberty.

One might well believe that in these countries of liberty and riches, the people must possess an unlimited degree of prosperity. But no! On the contrary, it is precisely in these countries that the distress of the masses is greater than anywhere else. Such is the case in ‘rich Britain.’ She controls sixteen million square miles. For example, in India some hundred million colonial workers with a wretched standard of living must labour for her. One might think, perhaps, that at least in England itself every person must have this share of these riches. By no means! In that country the class distinctions are the crassest imaginable. There is poverty – incredible poverty – on the one side, and equally incredible wealth on the other. They have not solved a single problem. The workers of that country, a country that possesses more than one-sixth of the globe and of the world’s natural resources, dwell in misery, and the masses are poorly clad. In a country which ought to have more than enough bread and every sort of fruit, we find millions of the lower classes who have not even enough to fill their stomachs, and go about hungry. A nation which could provide work for the whole world must acknowledge the fact that it cannot even abolish unemployment at home…

… It is self-evident that where this democracy rules, the people as such are not taken into consideration at all. The only thing that matters is the existence of a few hundred gigantic capitalists who own all the factories and their stock and, through them, control the people. The masses do not interest them in the least. They are interested in them just as were our bourgeois parties in former times – only when elections are being held, when they need votes. Otherwise, the life of the masses is a matter of complete indifference to them…”
– Adolf Hitler speaking to German armaments workers on December 10, 1940, as recorded in the Voelkischer Beobachter (quoted in Veronica Clark’s excellent book Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Union Jackal: “england’s bloody path to empire and downfall”)

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  • Excellent video! The parallels to America today are remarkable. A video worthy of being linked out spread around.