ADL: Trump is NOT Adolf Hitler

As regular readers here are well aware, radical leftists and a number of Jewish intellectuals, journalists, “comedians,” and activists (including “Holocaust survivors”) have equated Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, the irrationally maligned and demonized leader of National Socialist Germany who, in reality, was the most righteous statesman in modern Western history, and represented the greatest threat to the “New World Order” agenda during the 20th century (hence, his childish demonization, which is still going on today!).

Go to a Trump rally and try to talk to some of the anti-Trump protesters – they will call you a “racist” and a “White supremacist,” and eventually equate Trump with Adolf Hitler.

In an effort to clarify the matter, the Anti-Defamation League, a pillar of the organized Jewish community that works tirelessly to advance exclusively Jewish ethnic interests (while cleverly masquerading as a “civil rights” organization fighting for everyone’s interests), made a powerful revelation in the New York Daily News yesterday – apparently, Donald Trump is not the second coming of Adolf Hitler, as many Jews and radical, anti-White leftists would have us believe.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the current National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote an interesting Op-Ed laying out the ADL’s case, arguing that it is wrong for people to “appropriate” the fake “Holocaust” narrative as well as the hysterical demonization of Adolf Hitler for their own political purposes. The organized Jewish community, Greenblatt is essentially arguing, has a monopoly on these fake narratives of history, and too many people are inappropriately equating Trump to Hitler.

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On many occasions in recent years, the Anti-Defamation League I lead has spoken out as politicians, celebrities and other public figures tried making a point about a controversial subject by invoking the Holocaust. The analogy has shown up inappropriately in countless discussions of public policy because it is the most available historical event illustrating right versus wrong.

Abortion? It was said to be an “ongoing Holocaust.” Iran’s nuclear program? A Holocaust in the making. Gun control? The Holocaust could have been prevented if Jews had had guns. Muslim extremists? They are Nazis. In each and every case, we argued that whatever the justice of the cause, it was wrong to appropriate the Holocaust.

Misplaced comparisons trivialize this unique tragedy in human history — particularly when public figures invoke the Holocaust in an effort to score political points.

Now, in the high political season, the analogy to Adolf Hitler is again in the air. It is appearing from sources both on the left and the right who seek to criticize Donald Trump. The United States circa 2016 is Germany in the 1930s, they say.

Those exercising the impulse to equate Trump with Hitler have ranged from liberal comedian Bill Maher to right-wing commentator Glenn Beck to comedian Louis C.K. All are likening Trump to the Führer.

When Trump asked supporters at a rally to raise their hands, some saw shades of Nazis heiling Hitler. Most recently, comedian Sarah Silverman appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show dressed as the Führer himself.

As the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, I’m sorry that this needs to be said, but: Although the candidate has said a number of disgusting things, the comparison to Hitler is far too facile — so facile that it is dangerous. […]

Greenblatt goes on to regurgitate all of the typical slanders and lies about Hitler endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the mass media, entertainment industry, and mainstream educational establishment, eventually contending that “while Trump’s stereotyping and bullying are truly troubling, he is not Hitler.”

He concludes:

The candidate’s ideas need to be called what they are: bigoted, revolting and simply un-American. It is this behavior that we hope candidates and all people regardless of their political affiliation call out at every instance. It is time that this campaign shift from reckless name-calling toward a responsible discussion of the issues and the future of our country.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are truly living in a very interesting and revolutionary period of American history.

Out of all of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump has been the most clear and articulate on the major public policy issues, at least as far as I can tell. In fact, Trump is the only one that is engaging in responsible discussion of the many, many issues facing our once great nation, most especially our disastrous immigration situation. His “discussion of the issues and the future of our country” is most certainly responsible, legitimate, and rational – and the millions of people supporting Trump recognize this basic fact.

What has the Jews, and the political establishment in general, in a tizzy is the fact that Trump is not a spineless, cowardly traitor willing to sell out to the powers that be that have wrecked America. Trump is independent, he is a rogue political operator, and he is throwing a major wrench in the Jewish agenda to destroy America with massive Third World immigration, globalization, and political correctness. Trump stands proudly and boldly against all of these anti-White, anti-American agendas.

Greenblatt is correct: Trump is no Adolf Hitler. Trump is not (explicitly) a racial realist or an “anti-Semite” (i.e., one who understands the destructive nature and power of the organized Jewish community). Simply stated, Trump is a civic American nationalist, a defender of the U.S. Constitution and rule of law, and a man who recognizes the corrosive effects of political correctness and corruption in America. Trump genuinely wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, and his public policy proposals and criticisms of the political establishment in America are certainly a step in that direction.

I wonder if the radical, anti-American protesters disrupting Trump’s rallies and doing everything in their power to prevent him from taking the White House will heed the ADL’s words, and stop equating Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler?

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  • There was nothing ‘unique’ about what happened to the Jews.

    • If anything zionist Jews steering usa foreign policy has resulted in the death of millions. Adolf is an amateur.

      • Hitler knew from experience how Jews behaved. But he did not have a holocaust of them. That is the world’s second biggest hoax. The biggest hoax is that these Jews are descendants of Abraham, Semitic, when they are not Semitic, but Khazars who A.D. 800 took on the evil Judaism.

        • You’re right Irene of course. But for subversive “comedian” Sarah Silverman to dress as Adolph Hitler is an afront to the great man himself.

  • Adolf Hitler wasn’t Adolf Hitler either (Germany’s mischaracterization).

  • I think your assessment of Trump is incorrect. Sure, he’s better then the known establishment lackeys the sleeping American people continue to re-elect year after year but he isn’t exactly an outsider himself. Trump has given lots of money to New World Order politicians over the years, hired illegal aliens, tried to use eminent domain to destroy an old lady’s home in order to have a limo parking lot built next to his casino. I could go on but what’s the point? There is no political savior, though you’re right, he’s definitely no Adolf Hitler.

    Did you miss the shining video endorsement Trump gave Netanyahu? Do you realize Trump has two Jewish grandchildren and the last thing on Trump’s mind is to shake up the Jewish power structure? Building a wall sounds great and it may give people like myself a slight glimmer of hope that this nation can be saved but let’s not be naive, Trump has a sordid history akin to any politician. He’s one of the elite and definitely not some outsider.

    Trump is the lessor of many evils. I hope I’m wrong but I haven’t seen anything thus far that makes me believe Trump is going to make the radical changes our country needs in order to survive. Let’s see where he stands on the Federal Reserve and the IRS and getting us out of the middle east. He’s talked tough on the middle east when what we need is a President that can get us out of that quagmire. Trump has openly stated how he supports Israel and is their greatest friend. Somehow I believe he’s telling the truth in that respect.

    Don’t be so quick to drink up the Trump Kool-Aid, realize that anyone who takes a hard line on stopping illegal immigration is going to look good against these establishments whores. We don’t necessarily need a wall, we need to enforce laws that make it impossible for illegal aliens to sponge off of our system. How is Trump going to stop sanctuary cities for illegals? How is Trump going to prosecute businesses who hire them when he hires illegals himself?

    I think we’ve all gone crazy if we really believe Trump is somehow the anti-politician fighting against the Jew World Order.

    • Stenka Razinova

      You are presenting valid logical points and important doubts.
      But you are missing explanation why is Trump running into such a strong opposition from present establishment, that is now so desperate to stop Trump from nomination that is willing to resort to illegal means to stop him.
      So are moves to stop Trump only charade?
      You have to admit that there is serious contradiction in your reasoning!

    • “Trump is the lessor of many evils.”

      PING. That statement is the zenith of all sublimity — a REAL ESTATE mogul that is the LESSOR/LESSER of “many evils”. At least “300 evils”, according to this:

    • You are correct. He is friends of Netanyahu, Rothschild, Adelsen, the Neo-Cons. They love him, even in a Hebrew newspaper of Adelsen family promoting him as the great friend of Israel. These people want an Israel, taking all the land off every Moslem country around them. New World Order and Trump is for them? The churches are deluded by the so-called Jews and should get facts straight. They are a partial power behind Trump. Alas for the U.S.A. – and the world.

    • In his speech at the AIPAC conference, Trump has just pledged himself to support Israel in every lie it clothes itself in. Trump has verified that he stands with the official story about 9/11, that Iran is the main supporter of terrorism in the world and is Israel’s worst nuclear nightmare threat. Trump fully supports Israel, Jews, and does not recognize Palestinians. This site reference is one that fully supports Israel and does not allow any criticism of it, or of Jewish control in any way.

      With full transcript of Trump’s speech

  • John

    Wow! Yet another survivor. In order to justify MY untouchable position bestowed upon me with the political and social gold standard as a great grandson of a SURVIVOR of the ADL and authority of all thinks Anne Frank, since I read the book and visited the shrine this ought to be Exhibit A as to the lock the tribe has on deception.

    The elections are a sick joke. The own both horses in the race. Got us all off on tangents while they perform their sleight of hand behind the scenes.

    Trump is no more legitimate than Clinton. Matters not who wins despite our emotional desire to have someone we can believe in. John don’t fall for this trap.

    Jesus Christ whom they nailed
    to a cross for spotlighting their deeds said it well “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees”, their kinsmen.

    Sitting their in the temple posing as being righteous he exposed their hypcrocisy. If Trump does get elected he will bend the knee to their will just like Pontus Pilate.

    He will not tip over the apple cart for his upcoming speech at AIPAC.. He knows who butters his bread.

  • WHAT is UNAmerican? Not wanting to be robbed every time we go to the grocery store? Not wanting to live in our parents basement at 30 because we are still paying off school loans that are outrageous? Not wanting to see insane gay people walking naked in front of kids at gay pride parades? Not wanting innocent unborn babies ripped apart everyday? Refusing to put toxic chemicals in our bodies that badly effect our minds? Destroying the entire concept of free speech? Being forced to listen to lies about 9/11 24/7? I am like sooooo many people tired of hearing about Hitler who only treated the Jews the way they treated millions of Christians through Lenin and Stalin. I am tired of the we can dish out but refuse to take it attitude of the Jews. I am tired of the meanness darkness and immaturity that has overtaken this country and the government that horrifically rules this country. Trump 2016! Goodness NEEDS him.

  • I also wanted to say is it UNAmerican to not want even more people seriously overpopulating this country? There are not enough jobs for those born here let alone the hundreds of thousands that flock here. I agree with Trump that made in china HAS to stop and made in the USA should replace it. America should of helped people in poor countries with financial aid, not let them come here and suck us dry. To help struggling nations be self sufficient is the kinder way, and the healthiest way for everyone worldwide.

  • Stenka Razinova

    I am tired about misconceptions and lies in presentation of Hitler. He is portrayed as an absolute evil responsible for creation National socialist movement that eventually morphed into Fascism, persecution of Jews and other minorities and eventually WW2.
    This not a truth. It is an outright lie. Hitler was not creator of these phenomenons.
    It was the social and economic conditions in Germany that created all this subsequent events and as well created Hitler.
    Hitler was only excellent orator, who had an extraordinary ability to convey to the people what they wanted to hear.
    So if somebody claims that Trump is the new Hitler, that person inadvertently is claiming also, that social and economic conditions in US today are rape for the creation of person as Hitler.

    • If one were to cut through all the jargon they will see that Adolf Hitler was for the betterment of the German Volk without causing harm to other countries. He wanted peace.
      Same with Donald Trump, he is beholden to an America 1st, 2nd, & 3rd – No israel, No China, No,no,no, etc….America 1st by merit – without ripping off other nations is all that you need to know.

  • Using words such as, anti-semitic, bigot, un-american, etc., only shows that it takes one to know one, else how would one know. It is true that one must know a quality within own self to label another person with the said quality. We observe that anyone who use these labels against another automatically call upon themselves more scrutiny of their and their affiliates past. Most of the times their lives are based-on and they continue to benifit from the part their ancestors played. If my ancestors erred I would naturally turn to goodness, and so would many, but not so with the labeler(s) they continue to carry the qualities which they live by and accuse others of. Isn’t it time to examine more the labeler.

  • He’s right, of course, Trump is not Hitler. But heck, maybe if Trump learned how to paint and write better speeches, he might someday earn the compliment of being compared to Hitler.

    Let’s give him some more time……….

  • Before the Trump campaign drew such wide support including from White nationalists, Richard Spencer approvingly promoted a blog by James Howard Kunstler that:

    1) likened Trump to Hitler (in fact saying, “Trump is worse than Hitler”),
    2) wished for Trump’s assassination,
    3) claimed ‘immigration’ (sic – it’s an invasion) is a virtual non-issue: Spencer said ‘he gets immigration’.
    4) that greatest danger of Trump’s campaign is that it might create a culture of scapegoating, like in the Third Reich, where innocents (read Jews) were victimized.

    In his advertisement for Kunstler’s blog, Spencer piled on Americans some more, saying they favoured Trump’s policy of renegotiating trade deals only because they are lazy and want something for nothing. In the twitter debate that followed he just kept calling Americans ‘decadent’ for wanting to keep their wealth.

    Summary here:


    Given that Spencer has just held a White nationalist conference in tribute to Trump, this goes to show only one thing: how Kunstler can’t keep his readers fooled.

  • You really don’t get ANYTHING right, do you?
    Trump is the ONLY choice to keep this country, and thus, our world from sliding into the abyss. Go ahead, keep galvanizing the cause.
    Idiots like you are why the slate needs cleaning.

  • Here we Go Again Morons!
    Putin is Hitler! Then you have all those Jewish Magazines like NYTimes showing Putin as Hitler.
    No no it’s Trump as Hitler! Yes anyone that is against the Giant Satanic Organization of Elders of Zion and there Damn New World Order is Hitler.

    Why because they have brainwashed society to accept a view point that is Hitler the most Evil Man in the world and that is complete and Total BS!
    In Fact just about everything about Hitler happens to be one big Fat Lie!
    All of it! Everything.
    let’s check out some web pages that tell the truth about Hitler:
    and those are just few of the web pages on Truth of Hitler.

    Yes everything you know of Hitler is a complete total Lie Created by Judea.

  • Did everyone catch the interview Alex Jones did with Roger Stone? If true, which I have no reason to believe otherwise, George Soros and Hillary Clinton should be arrested for inciting violence.

    Leaked: Hillary/Soros Behind Anti-Trump Violence! Credible Account Says Clinton Is Behind Violent Protests at Trump Rallies

  • It’s all Kabuki theater. You need to read the Protocols to understand the jew game plan. Jews ALWAYS control the opposition and their howling and screeching sells jew newspapers. Trump is another Bull-Moose candidate like Teddy and Ross.

    Just ask what’s left of the White Russians who controlled the opposition during the Bolshevik (jew) revolution.