ADL to Trump: Distance Yourself From Duke, “White Supremacists”

The Anti-Defamation League, an anti-White Jewish supremacist organization masquerading as a “civil rights” outfit fighting for the rights of all people, has demanded that Donald Trump distance himself from Dr. David Duke and other “White supremacists”, and is requesting he disavow their supposedly “hateful” and “bigoted” ideology. Dr. Duke and other pro-White leaders and spokesman have made supportive statements about Trump’s candidacy, primarily because of his entirely rational and legitimate stance on immigration.

The ADL laughably describes itself as a non-partisan organization that takes “no position on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for office.” Who do these people think they’re kidding?

According to a recent press release from the ADL:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called on presidential candidate Donald Trump to distance himself from white nationalist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, as well as other white supremacists, and publicly condemn their racism.

Although he did not explicitly endorse Mr. Trump, David Duke recently said on his radio program, “Voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage.” He encouraged listeners to volunteer for the campaign, saying that at Trump campaign offices, “you’re going to meet people that have the same kind of mindset that you have.”

“Mr. Trump may have distanced himself from white supremacists, but he must do so unequivocally,” said Marvin D. Nathan, ADL National Chair, and Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “It is time for him to come out firmly against these bigoted views and the people that espouse them.” […]

Whites who care about the future of their nation and people are “hateful bigots,” according to the Jews and leftist political and media establishment. Do they really think their childish name-calling games are going to work forever?

The real question is: how will Donald Trump respond to the ADL and hostile media outlets demanding that he distance himself from Dr. Duke and other pro-White advocates? Thus far, Trump has basically told the media that he doesn’t need an endorsement from anyone, which is probably the wisest strategy to pursue at this point.

In an ideal world, Trump would openly welcome support from all patriotic Americans, including pro-White activists such as Dr. David Duke, and denounce the anti-White hate organization known as the ADL for attempting to intimidate and control him.

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  • Trump should respond:

    “Like all patriotic Americans, I distance myself from the cowardly supremacists who did 9-11, and I do so unequivocally.”

    “If you can show me how David Duke made billions of dollars off 9-11, or danced with joy as he video’d 9-11, I will be glad to condemn him.”

    • Trump, of course is too smart to say these things. Although it would be great if he did.
      Being a builder and real estate developer in NYC it is impossible that rump does not know the score about 9-11. Surely he knows that steel skyscrapers don’t come down with jet fuel.
      But he has said that he saw Muslims dancing when the WTC came down. He never mentioned the Dancing Israelis.
      Trump is no fool. He plays his cards close to his vest. He understands the Jew power structure. One has to read between the lines to understand what he reveals.

      • White-hating Jew supremacists are obviously trying to corner Trump, trying to bait him into saying the J-words did 9-11, so their “mainstream” media could destroy him.

        Yes, he’s too smart to take that bait, which has been dangled right in front of him on national TV.

        But Trump can turn the tables on the shysters by describing incriminating details about 9-11 without using the J-word while inviting Americans to do their own research, and declaring he would absolutely condemn David Duke if anyone can find incriminating evidence that Duke did 9-11.

        • In 1984, Congressman Mc Closkey of California. While on the campaign trail, he was approached by the three Jewish apparatchiks and asked to `endorse´ Israel. He replied that he was runnung for US Congress and had no intention of endorsing ANY country. This man who demonstrably had said nothing negative about Israel, who had expressed no opinion as it relates to foreign policy was subsequently attackewd in the newspapers as being `anti-semitic´ and far worse. He ended up losing the nomination, even though his track record in Congress had been flawless. Trump better watch his step. The ADL is an organization composed of psychopaths who will stop at NOTHING to stop any politician who does not toe the line. Gerard Frederick

        • It works take some organization such as Israhell Mossad to implement a 9 11 ,not Ossama B L living in a cave and using a laptop .who gained and made loads of money ? Not O B L .

      • Exactly he knows the score, so when nothing comes of it, you’ll finally realise he is BS? The US system is too broken for someone like Trump seems to be, to have even come this far. Besides logic says he’s controlled.

    • I will be watching for words similar to that from Trump. Perhaps even acknowledging Dr. David Duke’s endorsement and call to volunteer to Trump’s campaign.
      Dr. Duke would be a good VP pick. He is certainly an outsider and a loyal America-Forster. We need leaders with loyalty to America first.

  • Well Put.

    It’s simply heart-breaking, the level of idiocy/cowardice and complicity in Christian/Muslim slaughter this sad culture has aligned itself with by groveling before “the synagogue” and their “Judas Class” in D.C.

  • Its long past time to distance ourselves from Israhell, and all dual devils and Mana Truhill types.Fear no more,shout it out loud..Fuck Israhell.

  • duke is not a white supremacist. he does believe in racial integrity, not an uncommon sentiment among people of all races. he does understand that the commercial media uses racism as a sensationalist device and they’re always looking for people to label. they almost always follow a white woman with a black man in commercials.
    duke is 100% right that trump’s position on immigration is sensible and necessary. it is the position of all real americans.
    the adl is a highly suspicious factional organization dedicated to the interests of israel and the general jew-ish agenda. the adl came about in new york city alongside b’nai b’rith in the 19th century, for the purpose of defending jewish gangsters from prosecution. it is not registered as a foreign lobby, but it should be.
    recently deceased author and american free press reporter, michael collins piper, gives a good accounting of the adl’s crimes, from okc to 9-11, and its affiliation with masonry and the splc in his excellent book ‘the judas goats’. it should be required reading for everyone.
    of course it is the jew-ish zionists who are the racist supremacists, not ordinary americans like duke and trump, who are trying to restore our geographical integrity and avoid the same problems europe is encountering under the flood of so-called refugees from africa and elsewhere, which is happening on account of the zionista globalists’ deliberate destabilization of the area. they zionists are pushing their central bank in africa and their multiculturalist agenda on the usa in order to destabilize it. their creation of isis and their destabilization of the middle east is all about the expansion if israel (rothschildlandia)..
    the catholic church is controlled by the jews as well, and it is in fact a jewish conspiracy from the beginning. notice you do not see any catholic priests or cardinals standing in front of israeli bulldozers in palestine. the jesus is a fictitious literary character only, created by the flavians with the jew josephus. note the mark of the jew placed on torture-mutilated catholic infants in the hideous circumcision ritual. and it is interesting to note the pope’s distain for donald trump and his intention to secure america’s borders. it’s a dead give-away that the church promotes the immigrant invasion. and of course mexico is so backward and corrupt undoubtedly because of the catholic church’s dominance over its politics and culture.
    trump says he will expose the real perpetrators of 9-11. that would be bush, cheney, the mossad, cia, fbi, adl, rudi guliani, the nypd hierarchy and the nyc chamber of commerce. i just hope he lives long enough to do all of that. but at this point his breathing future is in greater and greater danger.

    • I think it was within JUDAS GOATS that Piper first told the story of Jared Taylor’s wife leaking compromising (when edited) taped audio to the media about David Duke during one of his groundbreaking electoral runs; and also that the Taylors quite causally received phone calls at home from the ADL’s big chief in charge of counter-intelligence.

      Jared Taylor is quite understandably the goy-granddaddy of Spencer’s alt-right, just as he was goy front-man of the paleolibertarians: both movements being objectively pro-Jewish, but only very superficially pro-White.

      • Let me rephrase that more accurately:

        “and also that the Taylors quite causally received phone calls at home from the ADL’s big chief in charge of ANTI-WHITE-intelligence.”

        That is a more honest description of what we game the Taylors were engaged in. If anyone wants to make the claim that they were playing for our side, despite the previous betrayal of Duke, and subsequent betrayals in favour of Jews, I’ll hear it.

        None of this is new to WN blogs, so Spencer knew it when he said Taylor was his hero, model, even though (because?) “everything Taylor had promoted was inevitably going to fail.”

      • I suggest that everyone check out the latest video from Jared Taylor:

        In the video, Taylor starts off making a few good points – but, then he drifts off and begins a lengthy and totally uninspiring ramble about what ‘label’ the pro-White community should use when describing ourselves. It is always the same ritual – we pick a name or title for our movement and then, if our mortal enemies – an enemy who is determined to genocide our race off the face of the Earth – pounce upon that label and turn it into a smear word, then, Whites have to immediately disown that label and think up some new label for ourselves and our movement that will be more pleasing to this enemy?

        This tiresome process is like a endless loop in a computer program; each time pro-Whites wimp out and come up with a new label to describe ourselves and our movement, our enemies immediately pounce on our latest label and transform it into a derogatory smear word, and the cycle is repeated all over again. Just what is the gain to our movement when we are allowing our enemies to roll us up and down on this sort of yo-yo string?

        Better yet, why should we even care what our enemies think about our movement’s identity? These enemies are EVIL and they want to genocide us and we, according to Jared Taylor and others within his circle, should allow such an enemy as that to dictate how we choose to describe ourselves? Does Jared Taylor really believe that we can eventually choose a label that our mortal enemies will applaud?

        Also, in this latest video – Taylor comes across as some kind of racial Utopian and dismisses the idea that the USA is heading for a breakup and that pro-Whites should be working towards the creation of an exclusively White Ethnostate. This is sheer insanity on the part of Jared Taylor – because the only way that Whites can ever secure a future for their White children and grandchildren, and the only way Whites can ensure that they will survive as a people, free from any possibility of being reduced to a minority and then subjugated to permanent and hostile rule by a motley collection of fast breeding non-Whites who largely hate and resent our race and who will literally devour our race once they outnumber us, and who will most certainly deprive us of the sacred liberties that our 100 percent White European ancestors passed down to us – is through the creation of a Whites only homeland.

        Non-whites BENEFIT from the current anti-White system that the jews have put in place, and they are NOT about to voluntarily give up things like Affirmative Action, minority set-asides, racial quotas, hiring preferences, or any of the tons of ‘free stuff’ that White tax payers are fleeced into subsidizing. Non-whites are NEVER going to burn their ‘hate and guilt-trip Whitey race cards’ and set Whites free from the extortion stranglehold that they now have on us.

        And, neither are our race traitorous cucked White politicians ever going to stop committing race treason against their own people as long as the current USA remains geographically intact. Whites will either achieve our exclusively White homeland in the form of an ethnostate, or Whites will eventually cease to exist – as have countless other species of plant and animal life who were deprived of the natural environment that was best suited for their long term survival.

        I encourage everyone to watch the Jared Taylor video and ask yourself, once it has completed – does this sound like a White guy who is 100 percent serious about the survival of White European mankind? Does this sound like a guy who is DETERMINED to survive and who is willing to do everything possible to secure a future for White children?

        I have my doubts about Jared Taylor.

    • What you call “the Catholic Church” got taken over by THEM, at least the hierarchy anyway. They made it officially not Catholic on December 8, 1965 although the hierarchy had pretty much been taken over from within by 1913. Jesus really did and does exist and Catholicism does also from the time Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against her until the end of the world. There are still those who follow the faith of our Father’s (the Dogmas). The Church isn’t made up of buildings and titles, it’s made up of Jesus as the head and the faithful as the body.

    • I heard Trump say one of his biggest buddies is Larry Silverstein who profited to the tune of several billions as the owner of the world trade center from insurance proceeds. Silverstein?? Please explain that Donald Trump!

  • The ADL is an absolute terrorist organization. Trump should come out and simply tell them to shut their mouths and stay out of American politics. We The People have no allegiance to Israel and don’t think for a moment that we’ve forgotten the U.S.S. Liberty!! Go to Hades ADL.

  • Of course the ADL doesn’t like Trump to begin with and do not want him to win the Presidency. Trump’s stance against illegal immigration and the planned Muslim invasion (which has destroyed Europe) would greatly endanger the Tribe’s plans for the Genocide of White America. Who knows, a Trump win could even send shock waves back to Europe and create a massive Nationalist revolt against those traitorous leaders.

  • Stop hire wold immigration now. The reason is simple for this government program to make whites a racial minority in a country founded by their ancestors: you are silent. This slow motion genocide is moving forward because most aware people are doing nothing. The invasion will stop and these troubling trends will start to reverse only when we say enough:
    – join the 2 million citizens’ army at numbersusa.
    – become members of immigration reform groups like FAIR.
    – always go to the polls.
    – when you get letters begging for money, return, in most cases, the free Business Reply envelopes with letters protesting our demographic replacement. For envelopes not free, it’s worth your while to send back.
    – Mow your own lawn and avoid restaurants.
    Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the correct solution. ALL patriots must take action.

    • You are aware that NumbersUSA is run by Roy Beck, who, oh so coincidentally happens to be a jew?

      I’m not necessarily saying that NumbersUSA is totally useless or ineffective, because they are not. Joining their mailing list helps one keep up on immigration related legislation and issues, and I have used their website to send thousands of emails to the cockroaches who pretend to be my representatives in Congress. But, in the early days – NumbersUSA used to allow you to edit the canned email message and add comments of your own. I would insert the official 1947/1948 codified definition of genocide to many of these canned email messages and I do not think that Beck and his gang liked that very much, because they locked me out of my old account in order to silence me. A few years went by and by that time, I had changed email addresses several times and I somehow got back on the NumbersUSA mailing list and I noticed that they no longer let you edit the canned messages.

      I just want to remind everyone of the age old jewish practice of trying to always own both sides
      of every coin. Which brings to mind the old Lenin quote about ‘the best way to defeat the opposition is to be the opposition.’. In this case of the jewish White Genocide agenda – when we have jews leading the organizations who are fighting against the open borders invasion, they will do everything possible to keep the topic of ‘race’ out of the debate and they will try to silence anyone who brings the topic of race up.

  • Duke is not technically, a bigot. It’s true ‘bigotry’ doesn’t belong in the public discourse, except by way of fair and honest discussion of the facts about events that affect us all…

    Like minded “fact seekers” endorse TRUMP. We want to see a bald-faced capitalist expose the system bare for what it is. In your face reality. Nobody needing to deal in segregationist rhetoric at all. Full disclosure. Ending the current arms race. Truth about things like Sandy Hook and 9/11.

    In the very near future, the world’s functional systems have to be revamped to form a model that is more successful for all.


    JOB 42:2, COL 1:16, JOHN 1:3 & GEN 1:1FF, ETC.






    • Allah created the game and us, but he doesn’t intend to run the race for, nor is it His problem what you/we do with our existence. You’re on your own, but for a guidance book or two (scriptures) and nobody promised it was going to be a rose garden.

  • this pathetic name-calling of ADL is on its last leg

  • Amazing that the ones who are truly the racist anti-white people, attempt to act like they are not defenders of another agenda. The Zio-Jews can’t stand the lead Trump has over their puppets.

    Sadly though, the Zio-Jews own the election system lock stock and barrel. Trump can have 100% of the entire population vote for him, and they will easily rig the election numbers so that their puppet wins.

    Trump, even if he could someone win, would be stalled in all his attempts to do anything by the Jewish Dual Citizen Protection Team called Congress.
    The Zio-Jews own 95% of all Congress Members.

  • This makes me nervous. This seems like such an obvious co-intel operation…….

    The ADL WANTS, yes WANTS you to hate them, for daring to take such a low lecvel potshot at Trum.
    Yes, dumb Goyim, direct you anger to SUPPORT, yes support, “Trump the Savior” who’s gonna bring those self-serving, self-righteous zionist scumbags at the ADL to their knees.

    That may be exactly what the ADL and all the other Jewish manipulators WANT.

    Be VERY careful, folks. This may just be the classic case of what David Icke calls “Problem, Reaction, Solution” or what the Mossad calls “counterintelligence.”

    • Donald Trump Cringefest on Hannity

      Sucking up to Israel

      Warning: Die hard Trump fans should have a barf bucket handy before watching this video.

      Notice how Hannity loaded the studio audience up with either jews or mentally insane race treasonous Christian Zionists from John Hagee’s church.

      • I was willing to give Trump until after the primaries, to see if he was for real or not, but this tells us all we need to know. Trump is NOT a loyal American, he’s a zionist, a Devil, whatever you want to call them.

        Trump can burn in Hell along with all the others as far as I’m concerned.

      • Thanks, glad someone here sees what’s going on. I just knew the US system is too broken for someone like Trump to even be acknowledged. It’s a big, predictable Psyop. CIA probably owns him. The Banksters own the rest of them too, but Trump is doubtless exactly that. Their TRUMP card. Knowing dissatisfaction was growing and probably du to break out in a serious contender this time, they gave you one, all dolled up like a real one. He wouldn’t be a big Manhattan Real Estate mogul with anything but their help or Zionist credentials.

      • I viewed that video on northerntruthseeker. It is very incriminating against Trump. I was thinking of posting the link in here the other day, but quickly dismissed the idea as not to rain on John’s parade.

        John, any thoughts on that video in defense of Trump, I respectfully ask.

        Wow, I’d love to see David Duke as President and Merlin Miller or Mark Dankof as his Vice President!

  • Trump has just come out “100%” for Israel. So I’m a bit skeptical, especially as he has made NO representations to whites in return for their support. This reminds me of FDR, who courted the likes of Joe Kennedy and Father Coughlin. Once he got into office he ignored Coughlin and dumped Kennedy in England, stole Americans’ gold, deepened and extended a depression, and involved America in a genocidal war against Germany and Europe for the benefit of Jewish world hegemony.

    Take this to the bank. (Or don’t, because banks will be a graveyard for your capital.) The economy is going to crash hard. If Trump is allowed to win, he is your FDR to prevent white revolution.

    In any case, he’s no worse than Hillary. I’ve been suggesting at least some WN groups come out strongly in favor of Sanders and even Hillary. Make a big splash. That will make the ADL’s job much harder.

    • “In any case, he’s no worse than Hillary.”

      In “any case” Donald Trump is better than that criminal She Devil on her best day than he is on his worst.

      “I’ve been suggesting at least some WN groups come out strongly in favor of Sanders and even Hillary.

      What a dumb-ass suggestion.

      “Make a big splash.”

      Yeah, “make a big splash”, same as cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      TRUMP 2016

    • This remains the benchmark issue. he is a GIANT con job but USAns don’t need much to be conned.

  • This is a classic ADL double bind. If Trump does not denounce any +supposed+ relations with David Duke, then he is a racist. If he does denounce DD then he’s a *former* racist. It’s like the lawyer trick of asking the witness “do you still beat your wife? Yes or no?”
    They made up the supposed situation just like their cohorts in the Federal Reserve make money out of thin air with nothing backing it. The Founders should have banned the whole bunch by way of the Constitution like Benjamin Franklin implored them to do.

  • I’m sure Trump doesn’t like being told what to do or what not to do.
    However they may have reminded him what happened to Kennedy.

  • Donald Trump is a Freemason who knowingly serves the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan, also known as the satanic Illuminati. There is ample evidence on the internet to support this contention.

    When has Trump ever come out in more than fourteen long years and exposed Jewish involvement in 9/11? Never. When has Trump ever come out and exposed the fraud of the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank or the fraud of fractional-reserve banking in the USA, which sees interest charged on money created out of nothing? Never.

    People were desperate for the country to improve in 2008 in the midst of the “global financial crisis”. Barack Obama convinced them that he’d improve the country so people voted for him. However, Barack Obama is a Freemason who knowingly serves the synagogue of Satan. Obviously, he hasn’t improved the country. Eight years on in 2016, people’s knowledge of the source of the country’s problems has increased dramatically, so the synagogue of Satan needs to pitch a candidate like Donald Trump to the people who pretends to be concerned about these problems, in order to fool the people once again into voting for a candidate who will later betray their interests just like Barack Obama did.

    The good news is that our efforts to educate ourselves about what is really going on have led those in power to have to modify the strategies they use to seek to mislead us. They have to keep pitching candidates to us who appear to be on our side and as we become better informed, these candidates are forced to discuss the issues that concern us, such as mass immigration.

    However, no western country is going to progress until all of its citizens can vote via the internet or via telephone on all of the issues upon which our elected ‘representatives’ currently decide. The current system of democracy in all western countries is ‘representative’ democracy, whereby elected ‘representatives’ vote on all of the issues on our behalf. The problem is that they invariably act against our best interests. ‘Representative’ democracy is the means by which the synagogue of Satan controls all western countries. Do you enjoy having somebody else ‘represent’ you and make decisions on your behalf? I certainly don’t.

    We need a system of direct democracy whereby all citizens who wish to participate can vote voluntarily via the internet or via telephone on ALL of the issues upon which our elected ‘representatives’ currently decide. Until we have such a system, there will be minimal improvement in society. This is a job for people predominantly aged 18 to 55 who have the desire for such as system to eventuate and who have the skills and the energy to bring it into existence.

    Following is my humble website as evidence of my good motives:

    Thanks a lot to John Friend for publishing this website and standing up for the truth.

    • “When has Trump ever come out in more than fourteen long years and exposed Jewish involvement in 9/11? ”

      Get real. What do you think his presidential chances would’ve been if he did?

      “People were desperate for the country to improve in 2008 in the midst of the “global financial crisis”. Barack Obama convinced them that he’d improve the country so people voted for him.”

      This Constitutionally-ineligible interloper in lieu-of-president didn’t scam me back in 2008.

      • You weren’t scammed on Obama, and guess what? Most self identifying Libs, are NOT BEING SCAMMED BY TRUMP!!!

        You clowns are so daft, I bet your masters actually get sick and tired of having such a simple job that they can just take the same old scam anytime, give it a fresh coat of paint and a good portion of one or the other half of the programmed numpies will buy it and proudly parade it round as the final solution for all that is wrong with their world. NUMBSKULLS!!!

        • “You weren’t scammed on Obama, and guess what? Most self identifying Libs, are NOT BEING SCAMMED BY TRUMP!!!”

          Who are you trying to fool, you liberal dingbat? Most “self identifying Libs” DON’T VOTE REPUBLICAN, you obnoxious, know-nothing, know it all.

    • You just put it together perfectly. Go to the top of the class and consider your degree in the mail.

  • Thank God the ViseGrad nations like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia are against the Leftist promoted Muslim refugee INVASION and destruction of Europe. Many Polish people support Mr. Trump in his common sense stand against the crazed immigration into Europe (and America) See top of page

    • Some Muslim refugees, but most of them happen to be the phony Islamist Takfiris your side threw at Syria and who have begun to run away and home in some cases now Russia turned the tables on them. Their behavior in Europe for example is familiar to ISIS tactics, which themselves are absolutely forbidden in Islam. They’re not Muslim refugees they’re mostly ANTI_Muslims of the extremist, hateful Wahhabist kind. They owe their existence to the West and the Bankers who brought them out of expulsion from Muslim societies and gave them our holy places and the means to hold onto it.

  • Keep in mind that Trump has a Jewish business manger and a Jewish Political manager, as well a two children that have married Jews, one an Israeli. Dov Zakheim, the Rabbi that was also the controller of the Pentagon when two trillion went missing, has written than Jews have nothing to fear from Trump and that they can work with him. Trump flew to Israel and campaigned for Netanyahu !

    We really don’t know what Trump will do as President, but it is unlikely that he will go against Israel of Jews in any significant way. But at least he says some right things now.

    • My primary concern is that, if you take Trump at his word in this interview with the incredibly loathsome Sean Hannity, Hannity got the guy to go on the record as being willing to send White US Military men and women to fight and DIE in a war even if Israel decides to offensively attack Iran and Iran fights back to defend itself. Also, you have to watch the video carefully to catch it – but, once the cuck Hannity wrangled that statement out of Trump’s mouth – you can see the clearly orgasmic smirk that immediately flashed across Hannity’s evil face.

      It was as if Hannity had been assigned that task by his jewish masters, and his facial expression was one of ecstatic euphoria for having completed his assigned mission – and he probably received an electronic funds transfer into his bank account from the Bank of Israel.

      I cannot find the proper words to describe just how much I despise Sean Hannity. The guy is not only a nauseating cuck for Israel and a traitor to his own race and nation, but the sleazy worm takes great pride in his toe sucking subservience to the jews.

  • The BEST WAY to help Israel is to put it on a DIET and a BUDGET NO MORE USA TAX MONEY FOR YOU!

    PS:WE need the tax money for FOOD STAMPS!

  • How about; “Let’s make America great again”!- “without you”!

  • “@realDonaldTrump After KKK leader David Duke’s endorsement, you’ve got to come out firmly against this bigotry.”

    Dr. David Duke and the rest of us so-called “White supremacists” are not about “bigotry” but about love for own kind and what’s best for our people–same as Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, etc., except when White people try to organize pro-White groups or express ourselves in a pro-White manner, we are smeared by “god’s chosen” and liberal dimwits in the press as “bigots”, “haters”, “extremists”, etc., for doing so.

    The more organized Jewish hate groups like the ADL pushes and makes our lives more miserable the more I realize that ADOLPH HITLER AND THE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS WERE RIGHT!


    The Ugly Truth About the ADL Anti-Defamation League
    by the Editors of Executive Intelligence Review
    (163 pages)


    ADL Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith News Articles
    (741 pages)

  • The ADL can take a hike over a cliff as far as I am concerned. My dad’s family is Jewish, and I have never seen them do one ounce of good.Promoting the non-stop cult of Holocausinity. Check. Screaming about antisemitism whenever a Jew is publicly criticized. Check. Incidentally, if I am not wrong, the ADL was formed after the Leo Frank case. And Leo Frank was most likely guilty.

  • The ADL have two primary causes. Jewish supremacism and pedophilia. I know a pedophile Rabbi who works the Youtube Ziobots like a field commander, who is also a position within the ADL Ravdov the pedo. I think the same guy as a Rabbi of slightly different first and last names got busted by that show “To catch a Predator” If you can see why Rabbi Dovid Coder is more than likely also Rabbi David Cohen. Either way, the pedos have a friend in the ADL.

  • DT could make dajooz’ KKK gambit backfire, by evoking his first debate line which causes so many to swoon over him; tweeting something like:

    “RE the media’s knowingly dishonest Duke/KKK/Racism ‘issue’, repeat here what I told Megan Kelly: ‘Political Correctness is what is destroying this country!’

    ^ and followed by:

    “Thankfully however, HONESTY and FACTS still hold some sway in America! See: ‘CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix’; and ‘Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs’

    the YT urls for the above 2 Duke vids; they’re 15 & 30 mins:

    Also new (7 hours ago) @ Duke’s channel, 17 mins: “David Duke Responds to CNN – Speaks to Trump & All Americans”

    • Re DD’s new “David Duke Responds…” vid I linked above; I noticed at the end, DD has one of those clickable buttons embedded which reads: Watch “Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs!” So DT could simply tweet something like,

      “I believe Dr. Duke’s 17 minute response video deserves exposure, which our biased media obviously won’t give it: (YT url)”

      Then from that; the millions who would watch it would also be presented with that link to watch the previous DD vid focused on Cruz & the joozmedia… leaving DT sort of “clean” of having pointed to it himself.

      At the time of this comment submission, 5:09 AM ET, the new DD video above has these stats:
      published 9 hours ago
      107 dislikes

      Let’s watch those numbers today; most esp if Trump has the good judgement to tweet it out!