ADL, SPLC Hysterically Denounce Trump’s Legitimate Policy Proposals

The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, two of the most anti-White, subversive, un-American organizations operating on U.S. soil, have hysterically denounced Donald Trump following his entirely legitimate proposal for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” until the federal government can “figure out what is going on.”

As regular readers here are well aware, American immigration policy is entirely out of control, and the federal government is systematically undermining the sovereignty of the United States. Donald Trump wants to end this madness. Trump’s immigration policy proposals run contrary to the Jewish agenda to flood America (and the entire Western world) with hostile, non-White, unskilled Third World immigrants, which is why we are witnessing an all out assault on this American patriot and truth teller.

Read the following two press releases. I seriously wonder if the ADL and SPLC have conference calls to strategize and formulate their talking points?

First, we have the Anti-Defamation League’s official statement:

Screenshot (68)

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned Donald Trump’s calls to bar entry into the United States for all Muslims, calling the plan “deeply offensive.” Earlier today, Mr. Trump said in a statement he was calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO, issued the following statement:

Mr. Trump’s plan to bar people from entry to the United States based on their religion is unacceptable and antithetical to American values. The U.S. was founded as a place of refuge for those fleeing religious persecution, and religious pluralism is core to our national identity. A plan that singles out Muslims and denies them entry to the U.S. based on their religion is deeply offensive and runs contrary to our nation’s deepest values.

In the Jewish community, we know all too well what can happen when a particular religious group is singled out for stereotyping and scapegoating. We also know that this country must not give into fear by turning its back on its fundamental values, even at a time of great crisis. As we have said so many times, to do otherwise signals to the terrorists that they are winning the battle against democracy and freedom.

Now read the Southern Poverty Law Center’s official statement, which essentially echoes and repeats all of the points the ADL made in their official statement (except the bit about the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative):

Screenshot (67)

Donald Trump’s call for a ‘total and complete shutdown’ of Muslims entering the United States is just the latest example of the extreme, anti-Muslim rhetoric that has reached a fever pitch this year.

Trump relies on a debunked poll by the Center for Security Policy, headed by conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney. This organization irresponsibly portrays all Muslims as extremists and is at the forefront of a well-funded effort to vilify Muslims in the United States with misinformation and demonizing rhetoric and to instill a climate of fear. The mainstreaming of hate and extremism is dangerous to the millions of peaceful Muslims in our country and harmful to the fabric of our society – our responsible political leaders should condemn this bigotry.

— Heidi Beirich, Director of SPLC’s Intelligence Project

Could it be any more obvious that Donald Trump poses a very serious challenge to the Jewish tyranny subverting and destroying America? We have to get this man in the White House! #Trump2016

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  • The reason we are killing innocent muslims overseas is so that the power elite can outsource jobs into the third world without risking their own investment capital. The best way to stop murdering innocent muslims is to pull our military back and seal off our own borders.

    The same people that criticize Trump for saying things about Muslims, apparently have no problem with Obama killing muslims daily with extrajudicial drone attacks and bombings.

  • Jews were responsible for the rise of the National Socialist Party of Germany and Adolf Hitler who went after all Jews because of the few who controlled the money supply and banking and who therefore hampered Germany’s prosperity following WWl. Reference “The Bad War” by M.S. King

  • How odd that the ADL, SPLC won’t ship any of these “wonderful” ILLEGAL invaders, including Muslim, over to Israhell.

  • If the ADL and SPLC don’t want Trump, that means we need Trump in the WH.

  • In my lifetime, I have never seen such street protests against a candidate. True, there were massive protests against the re-election of George Dubya Bush, but he was already in office. Trump has never held public office. We have the longest running wars in US history, but people would rather protest Trump instead? And the GOP Convention is 8 months away? Is a “white” revolution brewing?

    • I think that 9-11 was a false flag event. So was Sandy hoax. So was Boston. I am getting radicalized over all this bullshit. Wake up you all. What goes around comes around.

  • Q: Since when have the Jews had concern for the Muslims?
    A: Never.


  • Trump doesn’t have a snowflake’s chance in Hell.

    Given the fact every federal election, since and including Bush/Gore, has had proof of electoral fraud, does anyone truly think an honest election will occur this time?

  • “We in the Jewish communisty know all too well what can happen”…for sure…you just blow the %@#K out of Gaza.

  • The ADL and The SPLC are upset that the middle east Muslim countries’ populations would not be evacuated to America, thus leaving a whole lot of empty land for Jews to occupy in the quest for greater Israel

  • They must have felt short on donations this quarter. Time to induce some artificial hysteria to squeeze money out of Jewish Americans.

    ADL recently did a “study”, that says your kids are less likely to be “anti-semitic”, if you send them to private “christian”(zionist?) schools.

    What they should do, is create a test, funded by taxpayers, that can definitely prove if you’re antisemitic or not. Any American who can’t pass the test, will not be allowed to vote, work, get married, etc…until they’re re-educated at philosemitist indoctrination camps in Gaza. Camp BETAR!

    Oh, and don’t forget…Iran is a threat in 5,4,3,2…

  • Keep in mind that the SPLC is run by three Jews: Morris Seligman Dees, the creepy Mark Potok & Michael Cohen.
    Dees attempts to conceal this fact with his fake folksy southern twang.
    Whenever this tribe assembles, the goal is all too often to flood the nation with welfare parasites in order to alter its ethnic identity and to disarm us.
    Do the actions of the SPLC make more sense to you now?

  • Read the latest: israel treats wounded isis terrorists out of “humanitarian concerns.” It is obvious the two organizations listed above are playing a shell game to divert awareness away from the fact that israel created isis. That is why isis does not attack israel. isis does not bite the hand that feeds it. While everyone looks at the carnage, israel steals more land and murders more Muslims & Christians. israel has no concern for humanity at all. Take a peek at their “talmud” & there you will find the core of zionist evil if you dare. Pity adl & splc & bobo for they know not what they do.

  • Look at Donald Trump. What kind of people gave Rome its worst trouble? To what kind of people did Rome pay tribute? What kind of people are one fifth of Europe’s people related to? The Mongolians were never defeated they just went home and forgot about fighting. Well, they are back, in America, in the form of Donald Trump. An American legacy in the making, if we can just keep him alive. Donald Trump may be America’s Genghis Khan.

  • These groups are the true enemy within our nation. People like to feign offense when certain groups and races are exposed for being anti America and generally troublesome. Yet their actions and rhetoric promote the obvious. Rubbish.


    You are WASTING your time trying to turn Americans AGAINST Trump. Americans are NOT buying your LIES or Barbara Walters’ “unAmerican bigot” accusations against Trump. For years, Congress (and all the mindless pundits above) have virtually IGNORED the people, and continued carrying on with their UNAMERICAN, UNCONSTITUTIONAL agenda and wide open borders. Now we intend to elect TRUMP (the “only” person who speaks FOR the people against D.C. and the globalists’ ongoing, outrageous anti-American, anti-constitution agenda AGAINST the people). How DARE you TRAITORS attempt to ban guns in America, when you’ve deliberately ARMED terrorists around the world with OUR money & brought them to our shores. You ESTABLISHMENT scumbags have shredded the Constitution with your OPEN BORDERS and other globalist anti-American UN agenda. We REFUTE that this FOREIGN INVASION portrays “American Values” or the Constitution!

    Trump’s supporters include ALL ages – DISGUSTED by the Obama-Jarrett White House and LYING mainstream media “protecting” the imposter, his financing of ISIS, and his ENDLESS LIES. We are ENJOYING the mindless pundits & their propaganda media becoming UNHINGED, along with the Israeli-Firster warmonger money-grubbers and globalists twisting in the wind trying to stop TRUMP and THE PEOPLE. May you all fall face-first into the disgusting sleazy cesspool you created – protected by an even sleazier Jewish-owned press and feckless fool pundits. You are a collective bunch of SLUGS, SCUMBAGS & TRAITORS! GO TRUMP, GO!

    All Americans need to arm themselves against these relentless CIA MK-Ultra mind- controlled shootings (for gun control) – and Shoot Back!

  • Lets count how many of these muslim refugees ISRAEL IS GOING TO TAKE IN!!!
    Israel can shut up now!

  • It seems strange the ADL would resent closing borders to keep their arch-enemy – The ARAB – out of the US, a country owned and controlled by the JEW. Unless the plan is to destroy the US.

  • Trump knows who is responsible and it scares the crap out of them. Wasn’t sure about him until I read this. If he is assassinated there will be blood.

  • Hmmm

    One has only to look at the one candidate the virtually the entire MSM refuses to criticize let alone attack, Bernie Sanders. Like Ron Paul before them, Trump and Clinton have been attacked since day one of the campaigns. In fact Hillary was under media attack before her official announcement. Lets be clear I believe she is guilty of committing multiple federal felony offenses and should already be in jail.

    For example why hasn’t the main stream media attacked Sanders for:

    His trying to dodge the draft by filing as phony consciousness objector.

    Rather than serve America Sanders went instead to Israel to serve on a Kibbutz.
    At the time they were still militarized and this was considered an alternative form of service. One I might add that wouldn’t cost him his US citizenship. Otherwise I am sure he would have worn the IDF uniform

    Bernie Sanders has been one of the most hawkish arm chair “warriors” in Congress of the last 25 years. Which of course makes a mockery out of his demand for consciousness objector status during the Vietnam war.

    Bernie Sanders has blindly supported Israel and all it war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and apartheid since day 1 in Congress. Even when this support was clearly not in the best interests of America and Americans.

    Bernie Sanders was a member of the Socialist Party and to this day calls himself a socialist.

    The United States of America is a Republic as laid out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President must swear an oath to defend both the Republic and and the Constitution. Given that Sanders is a devout socialist, has attacked the Constitution and Bill of Rights on numerous occasions, and has demonstrated both his personal and professional fealty to a foreign country, Israel: how could anyone who believes in the Republic, the Constitution and their defense ever vote for this treasonous slime?


  • How can you be so naive! Understand, your entire political system is owned and controlled by jews. Trump is just another jew puppet. His daughter is married to a jewish banker and converted to judaism. The problem people have is believing that someone can enter the political system and make “change” you know, the type of change you can believe in.

    The system is your enemy. Repeat, the system is your enemy. The system has to go. Only then will there be real change. Trump is not that change. He is just playing the script given to him by his jewish masters. They’ve agitated the blacks and feminists etc for years, now they’re agitating whitey, bringing everything to the boil in the race war that will erupt but was scripted years ago. Your doom approaches America, Trump will not save you. Only real patriots.

  • Jews seem to hate Trump almost as much as they hate Putin.

    I can’t think of a higher recommendation. Maybe Trump is the real deal, after all. I’ll stay neutral for now, but this is looking promising.

    Putin seems to be intent on teaching the Jews the meaning of the word “holocaust” which they so richly deserve. Trump is far more evasive and seems to tell everyone what they want to hear, but still, no candidate I can recall has EVER stood up to The Chosen Ones as often as Trump has.

    He could still be another Jewish scam like Obama, or worse, a Jew like Stalin. But if Trump still has every Jew screaming for his scalp in Nov. he’ll get my vote.

  • At approximately the 26:00 mark in the video below, Trump tip toes around his statement that some of America’s so-called allies, have created/and are funding ISIS and al CIA duh. When pressed for names, Trump agreed with Scarborough after he suggested The House of Saud (Wahhabis) but when Trump was pressed for names of others, claimed he couldn’t say because he has a lot of relationships with people. Probably as close as we’ll see the Trump pointing the finger directly at Israel?

    America is probably the only nation in history to remain an unwavering ally, continuing support both militarily and financially to a nation (Israel, America’s alleged ally) that has attacked this country on numerous occasions. Subversion is the only logical explanation for such insanity.

  • we can start taking back our country by creating a parallel paper vote system, in clear boxes for everyone to see, right outside every polling station in america on election day, to demonstrate the fraud of electronic voting and outlaw it like Germany did in 2007.

  • Methinks Trump is a huge threat to the CIA folks who run our lamestream media.
    For example, a few days ago in the HuffPo:

    “We are no longer entertained,” read the headline atop her explanation. Trump’s campaign, Huffington added, has become “an ugly and dangerous force in American
    “A Note on Trump: We Are No Longer Entertained”
    Glorious Donald, indeed!

  • Saw this on the other day:
    “Republican donor Adelson and Trump may be aligning on Israel”–finance.html
    Commentary: In jewish political activist circles, there seems to be a split between the grassroots and the Billionaires. While jewish activists working on the Bernie Sanders campaign despise Trump, he’s being embraced by the Zionist billionaires.
    What exactly is going on here?