ADL Fearful Trump Is Mainstreaming “Hate” & “Racism”

The Anti-Defamation League is once again injecting itself into Donald Trump’s campaign for president, demanding that the Republican front-runner stop using “xenophobic” and “racist” language, and “to decisively distance himself and his campaign from white supremacist and other radical supporters,” according to a recent article published by The Times of Israel.

In an interview with the popular Israeli daily, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO and national director of the ADL, revealed why the organized Jewish community cannot stand the maverick American populist: his campaign is allowing formerly marginalized and demonized points of view, such as deporting illegal aliens, building a wall on the southern border, and placing a moratorium on Middle Eastern “refugees,” to become mainstream, entirely legitimate ideas and proposals. Donald Trump has fundamentally transformed the political discourse in America, which the organized Jewish community has maintained a stranglehold over, in a profound manner.

Trump’s candidacy has also generated tremendous interest in the White nationalist community, something the ADL also fears.

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In an interview with The Times of Israel, the ADL’s CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt charged that Trump is “pushing buttons that have been pushed before” and that “the outcome is a mainstreaming of bias and this kind of wink and nod toward a xenophobic, Islamophobic kind of racism.”

It was “deeply troubling,” Greenblatt elaborated, “that a candidate would be introducing these things into the political conversation, to the national debate: Suggesting that all the people coming, let’s say from a particular country, are rapists or murderers. Or suggesting that we would check people at our gates simply on the basis of what they believe. Or that certain endorsements of certain people, or support from certain people or groups, would be the kind of things that would merit further exploration rather than outright objection. These are very worrying ideas. And they have a scent that rings familiar, a sound that rings familiar to many of us. We as Jews know what it means when they say that people coming from another country are all a problem. We know what it means (when they say) we have to check you at the door on the basis of what you believe.” […]

“I don’t know what’s in his head or in his heart,” said Greenblatt of Trump. “But I do know that he’s certainly pushing buttons that have been pushed before — whether he’s doing it with deliberate intention, or kind of slouching toward those things. Either way, the outcome is the same.”

Among those outcomes, said Greenblatt, was the sight of “white supremacists coming out of the cracks in ways that are really quite frightening.” He said the ADL was monitoring the phenomenon and could “see an uptick in the (extremist) rhetoric, and again, a mainstreaming of really nasty, noxious ideas.” And some of these extremists, he said, are emphatically hostile to Jews.

He showed The Times of Israel his Twitter feed and a list of people he had blocked because of their extremist sentiments, with names including White Resister and National Socialist. “It just goes on and it goes on and it goes on. It’s scary. These people — it’s not that they weren’t there before, but I am certainly seeing, and the ADL is seeing, a surge in these kinds of posts that we hadn’t seen before. And it helps when Donald Trump is re-tweeting your stuff, which we saw happening.”

These people are incredible. They are quickly losing control of the narrative and political discourse in this country, and they don’t like it. Through political correctness and the weaponization of our political language, the Jewish controlled mass media has been able to discredit entirely legitimate political perspectives and public policy proposals. Trump has changed that simply by pledging to enforce American immigration law and deal rationally with our immigration crisis. There is nothing “racist” or “xenophobic” about Trump’s stance on immigration; his proposals amount to simply enforcing the law and protecting America.

Rest assured, they will continue to fight, as Greenblatt pledges to do (apparently using Trump’s own donations to the subversive, anti-American organization over the past decade):

Greenblatt said he believes Trump is “tapping a nerve” in an America that is anxious about its economic prospects and long-term status and where many in so-called middle America “don’t know where they fit” amid an increasingly globalized, technology-driven economy. “Donald Trump is speaking to those impulses,” he said, “but not with serious policy prescriptions. Not with serious ideas. That’s the issue.”

Added Greenblatt: “His rise reflects the same kind of anxiety that you see in Europe right now — with migrants coming in, these refugees, people being unsure, ISIS’s violence and the kind of nihilism (of Islamist terrorism)… It’s in the Middle East, it’s in Europe, it’s here in Israel, and it’s in North America. There is a great deal of unease and I believe that is creating conditions in which someone like Trump can rise.”

The best answer to bias and to bad ideas, he went on, “is better ideas.” And that was why the ADL recently announced that a sum equivalent to the $56,000 Trump has contributed to the ADL over the past decade would be directed to educational programs. Specifically, as Greenblatt noted in recent Time magazine article, the funds will go to “anti-bias education programs that address exactly the kind of stereotyping and scapegoating he has injected into this political season.”

This entire struggle we are engaged in revolves around information, ideas, and perspectives, and the organized Jewish community has maintained a monopoly on information, ideas, and perspectives for a very, very long time. The Jews correctly view Trump and the people supporting him as a major threat to their control of the political discourse in this country.

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  • I strongly suggest readers explore Mana Truhill,who was an agitator for the ADL,he apparently was a paid informant as part of something called the anti Nazi league,an arm of the adl. he instigated riots with jews and cops too. Also pretended to be a member of James Madoles National Renacance Party.And is mentioned in various books and The Dec.1952 HUAC hearings on hate groups. The Internet Archives has tons of foia stuff on Truhill.aka Emmanuel Trujillo.This trump fluff up about the assault and other things reminds me of Truhills b.s. check it out.

  • My typo… It is Dec. 1954,not 52,for the hate group hearings.

  • it is a good sign – the adl smearing trump like this with the typical racist label. it means he’s real.
    trump never said the usa would be off limits to anybody. he’s just saying our immigration laws will have to be enforced. that would only be to the benefit of any immigrants who are trying to come here legally, no matter what color they are. once the border is secure the immigrants can stop getting lost and dying of thirst in the desert on the way here. and there is nothing wrong at all with exercising caution about who we let in here and what they really think.
    it is time the usa and every other country recognize the fact that many among the immigrants have the obvious intention of overrunning the countries that host them, and pushing out all others (you). in the especially obvious case of the radical sharia muslims and reconquista mexicans, the usa should understand it is extremely foolish to allow this to happen. in fact suicidal. it is the people living in the country now who have the say – not the foreigners.
    greenblatt’s comments could mean the adl thinks trump will force them to register as foreign agents, which is long overdue.
    not likely any zionist organization wants to make too much an issue of other people’s borders, since they’ve been stealing land from the arabs since they got there. don’t forget their dual-citizen scam either.
    and we all know the same people are behind the immigrant invasion here, while they, the ashke-nazi jews, the real xenophobes, do not allow refugees or any other kinds of “migrants” into their own country, which is by the way no paradise.
    yes, every country does have an obligation to care for actual refugees. but that would be temporary housing in refugee camps. not moving them by the thousands into their own communities in wyoming, with welfare checks, ssi, obamacare and food stamps.
    any politicians and pundits disagreeing with trump on the border issue, including the rnc, are under jewish control. of course the adl hates him.
    trump may be our last hope.

    • Trump did give a speech before CPAC a few years ago where he apparently caused 6 million jewish sphincter muscles to experience horribly agonizing seizures when he openly asked why American immigration policy did not seek to bring in Whites from Europe who had talent, brains, and skills that could help……Make America Great Again.

      Cutting off immigration from America’s traditional sources, i.e., Europe – was a critical component in the jewish 1965 White genocide immigration legislation and hearing Trump challenge that aspect of their evil agenda very likely sent 6 million jews rushing to their jewish proctologist doctors to get sphincter muscle relaxant injections.

      Thus, it is isn’t exclusively what Trump has been saying for the last year that has the jews hating him. They’ve reached back and have a dossier on every word he has spoken or written for the last 30 or 40 years, or longer and they’ve concluded that he scares them.

  • It does seem like the Jewish anti-Trump noise machine hasn’t been muffled, even after seeing Trump on his knees before AIPAC last week.

    Was it worth it, Mr. Trump? You seemingly got nowhere with The Mob, but you DID manage to sow suspicion and distrust among your Goyim supporters for your sickening prostration before The Chosen Ones.

    I hope you learned a lesson, because once you lose someone’s trust, it’s ten times harder to get it back.

  • Instead of a wall, Donald can order a Channel made from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific, no better barrier than a mass of water besides, the construction can provide jobs to many Americans and Mexicans for several years, made difficult the crossing and even more to make tunnels below, Border control could be easier, going from the east to the west a short navigating time for economic barge transport and yachting, as well as improve water evaporation in the dry west. John, if you find it reasonable, contact Donald and make the idea your own.

  • “Accuse others of what you do” – Karl Marx

    They work right out of the playbook.

  • The ultimate form of racism is any program, or policy, that leads to the elimination of the genetic, cultural, and historical legacy of any group of people on the planet. We saw this in the fearsome and monstrous program of the Nazis to erase the Jewish people from the face of the Earth. The defeat of that evil regime ensured that global diversity was preserved, and that the Jewish people continue to enormously enrich our world in every field of human endeavor, out of all proportion to their numbers.

    But today the same ugly monster rears its head for at least two peoples, and perhaps others. In the Middle East we see the Jewish people besieged by the overwhelmingly Islamic culture around them, with open threats of their annihilation. These xenophobes, are intolerant of the diversity that the Jewish people bring to the region, wanting to remove the state of Israel so to create a monolithic Islamic culture.

    As with Israel, and its Jewish population, European peoples are confronted with the same existential threat. We European-descended people account for a minority of 9% of the planet’s total population. But foolish policies put in place by our leaders are leading, inexorably, to the complete eradication of our genetic, cultural, and historic legacy from the face of the Earth for all time. If unabated, this policy will REDUCE global diversity, eliminating the European minority forever from the rich tapestry of humankind, while the genetic and cultural reservoirs, from which the replacement populations, stem are intact forever. It makes no sense to eradicate one, and only one people, from the Earth, unless you are the penultimate racist.

    In Europe proper the influx of Muslim people is on such an enormous scale, that in only a few generations we will see a monolithic Islamic State stretching across North Africa, the Middle East, right up to the northernmost and westernmost reaches of the European continent. This is not to say that Islam, or its people are evil, or bad, for they have contributed mightily through the ages to the advancement of human civilization, enriching our world in every field of endeavor – architecture, science, literature. It’s simply that we must resist the creation of an Islamic Mega-State that swallows Europe whole, eternally erasing it from memory. By this resistance we will preserve Global Diversity embodied in the continued existence of a European people, and every other people on Earth.

    In North America, the fearsome monster of uniformity also marches across the landscape, in the form of an invading Latino army, that if unchecked will lead to a Latino Mega-State, stretching from Tierra del Fuego to Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, deep in the Arctic Circle. Altogether, this is an area of 16.4 million square miles, or 28% of the world’s land surface. This uniform empire would dwarf Hitler’s megalomaniacal dreams of a Nazi Super-State. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the Latino peoples, who reckon among the most beautiful people of the Earth with dazzling regional cultures and traditions. The question is do we want uniformity in the western hemisphere, or the current diversity represented by a North American society dominated by Anglo-Saxon and French traditions? The answer is obvious – Hemispheric Diversity is the sensible choice.

    So let us celebrate the rise of Donald Trump, as imperfect as he may be. For he is the champion of Global Diversity, and the preservation of EVERY people, everywhere on the planet’s surface.

    • Hi David, I’ve dealt with the “Holocaust” narrative of WWII extensively on this website. I hate to break the news to you, but the “Holocaust” did not happen the way the Jews and Hollywood portray it to have happened. It’s one of the greatest deceptions ever foisted upon mankind. There are many excellent documentaries on YouTube exposing the fraudulent “Holocaust” narrative – check some of these videos out:

      There are many other YouTube videos you can watch exploring this subject. Also, The Barnes Review history magazine has tons of information and books available about this topic.

      • I have an elderly former buddy from my US military days visiting in town and we decided to go to breakfast at a local Cracker Barrel one day last week. I also invited an elderly lady who I became good friends with after hiring her as my real estate agent many years ago – and she also had done some real estate work for my former buddy, who I had recommended her to. We had a pleasant visit and excellent breakfast.

        This lady was born in Germany and as a little girl, she has told me that she was forced to go on those concentration camp ‘tours’ that the jews who controlled the US Govt at the time used as part of their anti-German, anti-Nazi propaganda – which was the beginning of the jewish scheme to guilt trip Germans into hating themselves and feeling shame for what Steven Spielberg would later claim they had done to the poor, defenseless and innocent jews during WW2. Well, this poor German lady was a victim of jewish brainwashing and whenever I have tried to help her understand that the holocaust was not what Hollywood has claimed it was – she refuses to listen. She is convinced that every lie that the Hollywood jews have told about Hitler and the Nazis is 100 percent correct and truthful and no amount of talking to her has been able to crack through that brainwashing.

        Also, this old friend of mine from my military years is also a thoroughly brainwashed white guy and believes every lie he has ever been told by Hollywood. He also believes that 19 barefooted Arabs with goat poop stains on their toenails managed to outsmart the entire US Military, NORAD, the NSA and the Pentagon and pull off 9-11 – so, that ought to give everyone an idea of the numerical level of his IQ, since he also believes in fire proof passports that can survive the same fires that can melt structural steel beams that were used to support the Twin Towers.

        Anyway, during breakfast – I asked my German lady friend what she thought about the invasion of Europe and Germany, in particular, and of course, she was horrified and admitted that this was going to destroy Germany. She then quickly made some comment about Hitler and how he was a maniac – as if, in her brainwashed mind, there was some kind of bizarre connection between her expression of concern for the survival of Germany and the German people that triggered her programming to automatically feel compelled to also utter criticism of Adolf Hitler.

        I am no medical expert on how the human brain works, but witnessing that bizarre response – made me think of the old adage about Pavlov’s Dog. This is how deeply the brainwashing is that the jews have managed to inflict upon the German people, even those who have lived in the USA for most of their lives. Germans who care about their survival = Adolf Hitler = evil, racist, Naziwhowantstokill6trillionmorejews.

        At that mention of Hitler – I seized the opportunity to point out that Hitler had claimed that he wanted the jews to be kicked out of Germany and Europe, because if they were not removed, they would eventually destroy all of Europe – and then, without missing a beat, I stated that none other than George Soros, who is a jew – has openly boasted that he is deliberately financing this invasion of Europe and that was not just my personal opinion; Soros has openly bragged about his role in this destruction of Europe by writing op-ed articles that have been published in major newspapers, so does that not coincide with the exact prediction made by a man who you just called a maniac?

        Silence fell over our breakfast table after I had made that point. There was no answer that either one of my friends could offer that could dispute what I had just said. They both knew I was right.

        But, both walked out of that Cracker Barrel restaurant with their brainwashing still firmly
        in control of their thinking, despite my having backed them both into a corner with a dose of the facts and the truth. This tells me that Whites who are so brainwashed by the enemy that you can’t even put a tiny dent in their brainwashing with simple truth and logic and facts – are forever lost to our race. They cannot be cured or reached. They have a terminal mental and psychological sickness and we have no choice other than to write them off.

    • “These xenophobes, are intolerant of the diversity that the Jewish people bring to the region, wanting to remove the state of Israel so to create a monolithic Islamic culture.”

      Diversity, right, like creating a racist apartheid state in an otherwise culturally homogeneous area? Bringing in African Sephardim and then treating them like dog crap, irradiating their children to death by the thousands in the 1950s, THAT kind of diversity?

      The state of Israel is a western colony in the Middle East and THAT is why they are universally opposed there. Not to mention that the Ashkenazi Jews who stole Palestine from its native inhabitants are not even genetically related to the original Jewish people – they are Khazars from Central Asia who CONVERTED to Judaism in the 8th century. There is very little ACTUAL SEMITIC blood in the state of Israel. Fact.

    • When somebody writes, ” Hitler’s megalomaniacal dreams of a Nazi Super-State”, one hardly knows where to start with such an absurdity. David does not know of what he writes. If he did know, he’d be aware of how:
      1) Bolshevik Jews betrayed Germany in WW1by fomenting strikes in critically needed war industries.
      2) How they prolonged WW1 unnecessarily by making a deal with the British to bring the U.S. into the war in exchange for granting part of Palestine to the Zionists(source of all problems in the middle east).
      3) They declared an economic war against Germany in 1933, simply because they saw a threat to their banking monopoly from Adolph Hitler.
      These and other reasons, including assassination of NS officials, and lies about a “Holocaust”, are the real reasons why people have become fed up with Jews and Israel.

  • I think, telling vicious lies for decades is mainstreaming hate, lies like the Jews Holocaust Story. A vicious lie, a proven lie, but that doesn’t stop the Jews and their God Father Rothschild’s media from telling it over and over again. Even making it part of the lesson material little children study in school. Erecting “museums,” constantly finding and recirculating crazy, outrageous, impossible survivor stories. Vicious lies, that are the reason the whole world of non-white people hate white people today. Yes, ADL, let’s stop the crap, we are all tired of it, bloody from it, holding you and your Jews accountable for it.

  • i keep saying this, the israeli firsters in the usa government today are screaming for ww3, and who is going to fight ww3, it will not be any jewish kids thats for sure.

  • Abraham Fox’s Jewish fables organization along with the SPLC character assassinate real or perceived anti-semites. They encourage race mixing, abortions, fuel dissent among blacks and hate, literally hate white America.

    Their ACLU does everything but support the constitution and financially ruin their targets.

    A hate crime can only be committed by a white and thought crimes are already upon us.

    @BiGVUSA Vinnie bertollini/you tube

  • We demand that the ADL decisively distance itself and its membership from Jew supremacists and other radical supporters, and their mainstreaming of bias and this kind of wink and nod toward a xenophobic, Europhobic kind of racism.

  • I absolutely can’t believe I agree with the ADL, but I do.

  • Angry because they thought they had a monopoly?

  • The hypocrisy of these Khazarians is the size of the Rock of Gibraltar: ISRAEL can have a ‘wall’, but the USA CAN’T?! Really? ISRAEL can screen Muslims and Arabs at her border but the USA CAN’T?! ISRAEL can keep her nation homogeneous but the USA CAN’T?! Friggin’ BS. ADL/SPLC/AIPAC can sputter alllll they want, THEIR days of calling the shots and the agenda are OVER. As in O V E R.

  • Ha ha, they are pissed because Trump has them by their filthy yarmulkes.

    Check out this new article, looks interesting:

    Can Trump Save America From Third World Hell?