Abe Foxman to Lead New Center Studying “Disease” of “Anti-Semitism”

Abe Foxman, the former National Director of the subversive anti-White hate group known as the Anti-Defamation League, recently announced he has come out of retirement to head the newly created Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, which is affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. Foxman will focus on fundraising for the new organization, which will study the “disease” of “anti-Semitism,” a ” disease” all Western nations have “caught” at one time or another as a direct result of Jewish behavior and treachery. “Anti-Semitism” is, fundamentally, a reaction to subversive Jewish influence and machinations in non-Jewish societies.

The Times of Israel reports:

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In 1920, President William Howard Taft said, “Anti-Semitism is a noxious weed that should be cut out. It has no place in America.”

Nearly a century later this noxious weed not only remains, it’s on the upswing worldwide, from the Middle East to Europe to US college campuses. This compelled Abraham Foxman, National Director Emeritus for the Anti-Defamation League, to come out of his recent retirement and helm a new Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism.

“Here was an opportunity to be involved in what was missing. There are about 40 to 50 Holocaust memorials and centers across the United States that portray what happened, but the why [it happened] is mostly limited to the issue of Nazism,” Foxman said in a telephone interview with The Times of Israel. “That’s important for future generations to understand what hate can do. But the disease of anti-Semitism goes back two thousand years.”

The center’s starting point will be the lingering controversy surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus, and then take visitors forward through time. It will rely on a combination of exhibits, scholarly works, and archival material to show how for more than two millennia religious anti-Semitism led to, among other things, the Spanish Inquisition, the expulsions of Jews from England, and the Holocaust, Foxman said.

As the center’s director, Foxman is working to fundraise and help find artifacts for the center’s collection, including materials related to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Leo Frank lynching, and the Alfred Dreyfus trial.

The planned center will be located on the third floor of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City, which currently focuses on Israel and post-Holocaust life. And while the exhibits aren’t slated to open for two years, the center will soon begin programming related to anti-Semitism, including individual lectures and symposiums.

Bruce Ratner, the museum’s chairman, said the center would further the institution’s mission.

“It’s critically important. As Jews we’re all very concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism and we felt it was important to begin to speak out on this subject,” said Ratner who lost some 100 members of his family in the Holocaust. “Sometimes we need to remember that anti-Semitism is not something the Nazis invented. This is something with a long history. Whether it was France in the 1870s and 1880s, or Russia, anti-Semitism has run rampant.”

Foxman, a Holocaust survivor, described his new role as both a fitting next chapter and a challenge. Fitting because it represents the culmination of his life’s work thus far. Challenging because anti-Semitism continues to manifest itself in different ways.

To be sure, said Foxman, the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which has the support of white supremacist groups including the neo-Nazi David Duke, lends timeliness to the center, because anytime there is growing intolerance Jews are threatened. […]

There are several points worth making here.

First, we see once again how Jews present the concept of “anti-Semitism” as a “disease” which infects the minds of non-Jews. According to Jews, the behavior and actions of Jews are entirely disconnected from the phenomenon of “anti-Semitism”. “Anti-Semitism” is an irrational, pathological mental illness according to them, when in reality, genuine expressions of “anti-Semitism” are always the direct result of Jewish criminality, subversiveness, and treachery. In short, “anti-Semitism” is a natural response to interaction with Jews, and knowledge of their influence and anti-White, nation-wrecking agenda.

Second, Jews are fanatical in their devotion to their race. They are constantly monitoring, studying, and raising awareness about “anti-Semitism” and “intolerance”. In short, the Jews work non-stop to effectively advance their unique racial and ethnic interests, and eliminate threats or challenges to those interests. As Foxman noted, there are literally dozens of “Holocaust” museums in America, and dozens more in Europe and other parts of the world. Additionally, there are numerous centers and organizations dedicated to studying and monitoring “anti-Semitism”, who then lobby and consult with various government agencies and representatives, providing “advice” and public policy recommendations in order to combat this alleged “threat” to society, when in reality they are simply concerned with advancing their own unique Jewish interests by eliminating opposition to and exposure of their anti-White agenda.

The Jews seem to have unlimited funding for their various organizations, while White Nationalists struggle to raise even a thousand dollars. It’s incredible.

Third, we see from the article highlighted and excerpted above how central the fake “Holocaust” narrative is in combating “anti-Semitism”. The fake “Holocaust” narrative is what drives Jews like Foxman and Ratner, who are always quick to point out their ancestors’ alleged plight and death at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. The fake “Holocaust” narrative is truly what drives the entire anti-White paradigm in the West. It has served to de-legitimize and discredit White racial identity, equating those of us who care about our race and its future with “hate”, “bigotry”, “Nazis” and the “Holocaust”. At the same time, the fake “Holocaust” narrative strengthens Jewish identity, and serves as a powerful motivator for their entire anti-White agenda.

Finally, Foxman invokes Trump’s presidential campaign and the purported “growing intolerance” in America in an effort to legitimize the creation of yet another center studying and monitoring “anti-Semitism”. It should be crystal clear at this point that any opposition to “multiculturalism” and “diversity” (code words for White genocide), which are key pillars of the Jewish agenda in America and the wider Western world, are going to be met with heavy resistance from the organized Jewish community. As Jews themselves have often admitted, they promote “multiculturalism” and “diversity” as a strategy to advance Jewish interests. Trump’s bold stance on immigration and his denunciation of political correctness have thrown a major wrench in these critical agendas promoted and advanced by the organized Jewish community.

In a rather revealing article recently published by Tablet, James Kirchick, a homosexual Jew, admitted as much:

A country that is politically pluralistic, open to new ideas and new people, ethnically diverse, and respectful of religious difference, is a country that will naturally be safer for Jews than a country that is none of these things. This, I believe, is why so many Jews, foreign policy hawks or not, innately fear Donald Trump.

Studying Jewish sources and analyzing how they frame issues relating to “anti-Semitism” is often quite informative assuming your brain has not been entirely poisoned by these parasites.

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  • it may very well be that the so-called anti semitism disease isn’t really about jewish people at all. i don’t think the distain most enlightened people feel toward modern jewry has much to do with judaism as a religion. as usual it is the politics the religion engenders that causes the problems. if anybody hates jews these days it’s going to be because of the terrible crimes the zionists are committing in palestine and elsewhere. but really, the zionists are just a political faction that uses judaism and whatever traditional prejudices have existed against it traditionally as a shield from behind which they operate their terrorist state. and every time anyone points out the trouble with zionism the zionists scream anti-semitism, as though there are no logical reasons to complain and the criticism is just because people hate jews, and as if the zionists were jews. they’re not jews. the zionists are ashkenazi and tribe of dan viking criminals running a war profiteering money scam on the arabs, the usa and the world. the real jews of the world have always denounced zionism and the state of israel. and i have real jewish friends who say the holocaust is the biggest lie of all. it is very important that critics of the israelis and the zionist takeover of the us media and government understand the difference between judaism and rothschild zionism, so as not to mistakenly alienate any genuine jews by painting them all with the same brush. yes i know 95% of the said jews are zionists. but lets not kill off the last 5% who are not. most of the israeli phenomenon, bad as it is, isn’t really about anything other than a lot of ruthless swindlers lining themselves up on lucrative weapons contracts. hopefully, as the real truth comes out, everybody involved on the lower support levels will wise up and walk away from the whole israeli mistake.

    • Haha, you still don’t get it, do you? “Zionists” are not promoting White genocide through massive Third World immigration in America – Jews are. “Zionists” are not promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, and sexual degeneracy in America – Jews are. “Zionists” are not running Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the mass media – Jews are. Jews are the problem man. That should be clear at this point.

      • Blaming “Zionists” for our ills and problems is a polite way of saying: JEWS. Not that I agree with this tactic, for it sounds absurd and doesn’t exactly identify the perpetrators.

  • Abe Foxman is insane,along with his Zionist,lying,treacherous buddies and Goy sympathiziers,the crap never ends from this bunch.

  • I just want to throw up

    • Indeed!
      And especially after reading barkingdeer’s rattle above. I know not all can KNOW what we KNOW…..but come on! The truth, THE proofs of the jews and their lies is mountainous and is 1000’s of years old….ALL this world’s people have been victim to their robbery and murderous ways! And it all began LONG before these kenite, canaanite, edomite, pharisaic, sabbatean, marrano, carpet bagger JEW demons pegged themselves “ZION-ISTS.” A true and ages, ages old ENMITY…..them against us!
      The TRUTH about the jews and their usurious, war mongering, monopoly, genocidal deeds is centuries old. ALL is well documented!
      Thing is these edomite liars and murderers are taking a blatant RE-writing history by the hand of the jew…..to new levels with Foxman’s NEW society of lies!
      I wonder if ol’ barkingdeer considers him/ herself to be christian?
      NO jew can EVER change this! ITS ALL! In THE BOOK!

      Who Killed Christ? What Saith The Holy Scriptures?

  • The infamous White-hating Jewess Barbara Spectre has joined the Jewish organization LEADEL, formed to bring Israel into the EU as a full member:


    Barbara Spectre – lest we forget:


    You can rest assured that if Israel is admitted as a full EU member, they will be exempt from the mandatory EU open-borders and open-immigration policies that have allowed Europe to be flooded with tens of millions of hostile Arabs and Africans. Israel just wants free access to the European economic markets, so they can resell Israel-branded technology which they’ve stolen from American and European companies.

  • I’m glad I haVe the anti-semitic disease it allows me to think correctly and feel good about myself.
    Shouldn’t all diseases be like that. I’m also glad that there is NO cure for my disease……I just have to grin and bare it. Of course if the Jew pharmaceutical business could make a fortune on it they would be the first to do it.

    Jim Rizoli

  • well ladies and gentlemen – i’m no jew and i’m no christian either. no way a catholic, hindu, buddhist, jane – nothing with any supreme being. i consider all religion outside of pantheism to be misguided and detrimental to the evolutionary process. but that doesn’t make me a atheist and it doesn’t mean i can’t take the best of what religious “philosophies” have to give. and i can see clearly that religion, all being man-made and generally false to begin with, is practically nothing more than politics by another name, zionism being a most egregious example, though historically we can see christianity and all the other establishment religions with their politics have behaved just as badly. be that as it may, not every jew is all bad on the palestinians. that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. abe foxman can go soak his head in the nearest toilet. everybody else please try to find the correct path too. it’s not about hatred and bigotry.
    i hope that was thoughtful enough for you. i am looking for thoughtful here.

    • My friend, Jews are Jews by blood–first and foremost-not by religion. There are plenty of Jewish atheists who are still Jews. I am amazed that more people don’t know this.

  • “Anti-Semitic Disease”??? That means a “Treatment” is in the works. Think more pharmaceutical poison. Think headshrinker psycho-babble. Think the coming codification of hate-speech laws. Think more False Flags. Think more LISTS. Are you on a LIST? And just WHY were the Jews kicked out of European Nations time, and time, and time again? Jewish Ritual Murders and Blood Libels-Matzo anyone? Infiltration of Government and Usury-like Intel or the Fed. Degenerate Culture-like Talmudic Law or Hollywood. Inability to assimilate in a Host Nation-like Russia or Germany; think Secret Societies. Manufacturing an image that is EXACTLY opposite to REALITY-like Holohoax Victimhood. Well, they tend to “stick together”, don’t they? Run the show here in America and in Europe they do. And now they are working on the Final Solution to the Aryan Problem. Of course they need your consent first.

  • Every time these shekelmeisters play their AntisemitismCard let them know in no uncertain terms we’ve heard quite enough about their self-pity.

    Ask them what they’re doing to combat anti-Gentilism — and demand an answer!

  • I can see exactly where this is heading. Before long, a diagnosis code relating to “anti-Semitism” will appear in the DSM. This is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders used by psychiatrists to diagnose and classify mental disorders. Once we have a brand new diagnostic code for this newly created “disease”, we can start medicating people against their will. We can also institutionalize them and preform ECT, preferably without anesthesia. And then finally, we can surgically remove their frontal lobe, otherwise known as a lobotomy. One, or all of these procedures, will surely suffice to cure us of “anti-Semitism”.

  • What Abe needs to do is study the disease called “the jew brain”

  • Abe Foxman, uber-turd, is the only one who is diseased. The man is suffering delusions of anti-semitism (you know, like delusions of grandeur) everywhere he turns.

    This Jewish clown belongs in a mental institution. Better yet, in prison, for his constant agitation, slander and vilification against the (Jew-wise) White peoples of the world.

  • In 1920, President William Howard Taft said, “Anti-Semitism is a noxious weed that should be cut out. It has no place in America.”

    This boob obviously was clueless as to what Jews consider anti-semitism. Anything less than fawning admiration of the delusion “chosen people” is anti-semitic. That is the “noxious weed that should be cut out. It has no place in America”–nor the rest of the civilized world.

    Bottom line: Ninety-nine percent of what Jews consider to be or call anti-semitism is downright ridiculous and absurd, e.g., Jews run Hollywood, own the major media, etc. 100% factual, actual and true–but nonetheless “anti-semitic” in diseased Jewish minds.

  • “A country that is politically pluralistic, open to new ideas and new people, ethnically diverse, and respectful of religious difference, is a country that will naturally be safer for Jews than a country that is none of these things.”

    Why isn’t Israel such a country? Hmmm?

    A country like the above eventually ceases to be a country and disintegrates into a chaotic, violent, uncivilized, mongrel Third World banana republic, and “is a country that will naturally” not be safer for” Whites “than a country that is none of these things.”

    These Jews just don’t get. They create the conditions that create a hostile and unfavorable attitude towards Jews. It’s always about “them” and what’s in “their” best interests–not ours

  • John, one more thing: I highly recommend that you as well as other readers of your blog to download and read Eugen Dühring On The Jews. This Jewish problem–not Jewish question as most call it–has been plaguing our people for a very, very long time, and in this book are valuable, very informative insights.

    Eugen Dühring on the Jews*

    A translation of Dühring’s “The Jewish Question, A racial, moral and cultural question with a world-historical answer (2nd edition, 1881)


    The Judaised press, however, constantly ridicules the German nature as that of the simpleton, of the ‘deutschen Michael’. The Jews have, through their involvement with the political parties of the present, corrupted the concepts of socialism and social democracy. Their aim in the realm of economics has been always, whether it be through Marx or Lasalle (both Jews), to foster economic dissatisfaction through terms such as “class-warfare” in order ultimately to achieve a “merging of all nations into a Jewish kingdom”.

    That could have easily been written today.

    Not an easy read but one that’s worth your time to do so.

    *Eugen Karl Dühring (January 12, 1833 – September 21, 1921), German philosopher and economist, a socialist who was a strong critic of Marxism and Jewish group criminality.


  • If anti-Semitism is a disease, Jews are the plague vectors!