A Look At Degenerate Jewish “Holocaust Art”

Jews really are sick and twisted, especially when they attempt to express themselves artistically…


Jewish Holocaust Art

Vulvas fashioned out of chewing gum, ceramic vaginas, her own naked body – such were the materials of the first feminist artist to use vaginal imagery in her work—who happened to be a Jewish New Yorker named Hannah.

Born in 1940 in New York City, Hannah Wilke (see her work here) was a preeminent Jewish sculptor, photographer, performance artist, and painter who was the face of feminist art in the 1960s and ’70s.

The first series that brought her renown was called S.O.S. – Starification Object Series. For those photographs, she stuck “vulval” sculptures made from chewing gum to her own nude body. It aimed not only to deconstruct traditional notions of femininity but also, according to Wilke, meant to evoke the Holocaust: “As a Jew, during the war, I would have been branded and buried had I not been born in America.” […]

My God, what a sick, deranged woman. (((Wilke))) represented the quintessential radical Jewish pervert hellbent on upending and destroying White Western Christian civilization.

And, of course, the fake “Holocaust” is central to her “artwork” – the fake “Holocaust” is, after all, central to virtually everything Jews say and do in life. It’s their greatest weapon against not only Germany, but the entire White Western Christian world.

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  • Not only the “greatest weapon against Germany” but also the greatest weapon against my gastrointestinal health.

  • I’m not sure she ‘was the face of feminist art in the 1960’s and 70’s. What is your source(s) for this? I’ve never heard of her, and there were other well known artists of that time who would have been called ‘feminists’ that I have (my college graduation speaker, for one).

    Is your problem with her that she stuck vulvas made out of gum all over her half naked self, or that she tries to conflate that with the branding of jews during the Hoax?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • My source is the article I cited and excerpted from posted above – it has a couple relevant links about this woman. I am not an expert on feminism or art, but my overall point was that Jews are degenerate as all hell, especially when they express themselves “artistically”. Also, notice how they *always* invoke the fake “Holocaust” narrative with everything. It’s incredible.

      I highlighted this article to demonstrate – yet again – how subversive, degenerate, and disgusting Jews truly are, and the way in which the fake “Holocaust” narrative is constantly invoked with virtually every endeavor Jews get involved with.

      The Jews always bring up the “Holocaust” because it allows them to get and promote what they want without any discussion, debate or criticism. My problem with this woman, as with virtually all Jewish individuals, is that her and her tribe pose a very real threat to traditional Western civilization and the peoples who built it, and they need to be exposed and understood as the degenerate criminals and liars they demonstrate themselves to be on a constant basis.

      • I think the overt conflation of feminism or aspects of it that some consider pornography with Holocaust iconography is recent.

        I don’t know if many white women are paying attention to feminism to even contemplate it.

        But I also don’t have much issue with bubble bum vulvas, silly and coarse as they are.

        Some edgy ‘feminist’ art had its place.

        You got mad at me on here for pointing out that anglo women are (((Diversity’s))) main target. Were more stereotypical aryan women aware of how specifically targeted they are, they would probably be more skeptical of this woman’s hoaxing on both lines.

        Just saying.

      • I should add, that the main reason I made such a major point of attacks on my ethnicity (and what is my and your larger ethnic family) was precisely to expose the jewish hand behind anti-white.

  • Don’t chew the gum!

  • Need any more reason to hate the arseholes? Been kicked out of 110 countries and still don’t have a bloody clue that it is perhaps their fault.

    • I certainly would need more to hate them frankly. Hate is a costly emotion and not one I give easily for that reason. That said I have learned to hate them for very good reasons.

  • Consider this;

    “The Synagogue” has gained control of this sorry old world via Sewer Nation and it’s “Idiot Culture”. Include it’s “Shabbos Goi” class in D.C. and (most frightening of all, as their biblical title states), being the Synagogue of Satan, they have first-person contact with Lucifer himself to “guide” them to completion of bringing this system of things down. How many of you are aware of the despicable Bush’s act of treason in the early ’90’s? Please read the entire article by the former representative, in which he explains “Noahide Law”. Further, understand this, IT HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE LAW!


    Because of the foolishness/gullibility of this “mutt” culture, we are standing on the brink of a nightmare the likes of which we have never seen nor will see again.

    • I agree with the gist of your article, and am not criticizing it. However, the fact is that “Lucifer” is, like “Lazarus”, actually L’User Fa, and L’Azure. Latinized names.

      The User Fa (L’Userfa) (User/Waser=Prince) is a very well-known historical character, although this aspect is well-hidden by the “secret societies” holding the ancient knowledge.

      He is depicted on one statue carved from red quarz, and looks amazingly like a “Sith Lord” from the Star Wars series. I guess you could say a “Red Devil.” He was said to have slain “7 Rebel Princes” of Nubia single-handed, then tied their bodies upside-down from the prow of his ship, then hung their bodies on the walls of the rebellious cities.

      Curiously, he is also attested to have been the original “Prince Charming” in the original version of “Cinderella” which was “Rhodopus.” “A “Charming Devil.”

      As crown prince, he was in charge of a dock at Thebes (“Debes”=Heaven) that was called “Puru-Nuft.” Now you know how the mummies tested positive for cocaine and tobacco. They received goods from Peru…a colony. Caral, Peru to be exact….named after a major city of his empire: Karala.

      J.R.R. Tolkien knew of these varied aspects of this historical person, yet used another one to create a well-known “bumpkin that saves the world”: Sam Gamgee. Yes, L’Userfa was the “Samgan Jie.” A “Jie” was the term used by the Han Dynasty to label their Mercenary military generals/leaders.

      But I’d like to let everyone know he was also a very, VERY famous king…actually “one of them”: he was Maliqart. Or, for those not up to speed on their etymology: Malik/Maliq=”King.”

      He is (a) “King Art”….Arta-Tama, murdered by the son he had…by his sister.

      Egyptologists call him “Amenhotep II.”

      Mythologists point to him being the “Syrian” Hercules (Maliqart), but I’d like to disclose he was also the Hindu strongman “Bhima.” Amenhotep II bragged he “could outrow 200 men” and could “shot an arrow through a copper palm.” (1″ thick copper plate.)

      Ready? As “Bhima” he was stated to have “wrestled with a demon all night.”
      Amenhotep II had 10 or 12 sons, depending on the source used.

      “Jacob” wrestled with an “angel of the Lord all night”..and had 10 or 12 sons, depending on the source. An “Angel of the Lord” was a Prince of the top king.

      And yes, Jacob had a son called “Reuben” and Amenhotep II had a son called “Weben.”

      But it is curious that knowing the suffix “Atta/Ata” means “God” that we will draw to a close here with the surety L’UserFa…Amenhotep II, King Arthur, Arta-Tama, Jacob was also a Buddha: Amitabha…an analogy of Bhima Ata.

      In fact, Buddhist tradition informs us there have been “29 Buddhas.” Guess what?
      There have been 29 “Butah/Ptah” kings of Egypt….

      You see, the Jews love to hide things right in our faces…including the stolen myths of the cultures they have subverted through the centuries.

      L’Azarus…”The Blue”…was a cult myth of “raising Ausar” (Osiris/L’Azure) from the dead. An almost life-size statue, still faintly coated with blue was on display in a King Tut tour in 2012. Meaning Tut was a practitioner of this cult ritual…he “Raised Lazerus from the Dead.” This is a well-attested ritual of Abydos, the more ancient burial ground of Egypt (older than Giza).

      Making Tut someone VERY famous…well, you do the math. Did you know that when Yuya/Akhenaton was chased from Egypt, that Tut kept princes posted at the now reopened Amun temples 24/7, feeding the poor and supplying wine non-stop? Sound…familiar???

      Tut appears to have been the son of Yuya…aka “Akha Nantan.” Tut was buried with a sword made of steel…”pulled” from the Nantan meteorite…by the Akha Nantan…Yuya the Smithie…”Akhenaton.” Look at his mummy’s hands: thoe are the hands of a Blackmith.

      Tut’s mother, Queen Tiye (Tiaa) had been one of the wives of Amenhotep II, who was the father of the king we call Amenhotep III. And “Nefertiti” was Amenhotep III’s wife FIRST.

      The Beautiful Diti…that is what “Nefertiti” actually translates as.

      It appears that the 18th dynasty is a farce: Amenhotep II appears to have been the son of the last king of the 14th dynasty, and one of his royal titles begins with “Seth.”

      You see…the 14th dynasty were Mycenaean kings…
      “Wa Ankh”…Wa Ahnx…a WANAX. The ancient title of Greek kings.


      There…more Jewish stolen myth put back in it’s proper place and order. This is but a taste of what I can disclose…when not being gang-stalked and harassed, hacked and blocked.

      You see….”King Arthur” will never be found in “England”: those are stolen myths of the ancient land called “Kalam.” Which is the actual name of “Sumeria”…part of this empire was “Ebi…Land of the Elephants”…aka “Land of Ptah” in Greek: EGYPT. There never was a “Sumeria.” That is an invented name by 19th century “academics.”

      It was Kalam. And they had a buddha named “Djed.” Djed KalamPtah….a Hilltribe king.

      Jed Clampett…a “Hillbilly.”

      Think about it. Who controls The Narrative?

      BTW: in 2014, a mummy was uncovered in Egypt, near Abydos, of a person they called “Waserebri Senebkay.”

      That is “Sir Kay”…the step-brother of “King Arthur.” His mummy shows he had been sitting astride a horse when attacked by axe-wielding soldiers, over 40 wounds, mostly below the waist. “Sir Kay” was also killed in battle, either the Battle of Badon (Bad “On”/Heliopolis) or against the Romans, depending on version/source. Sir Kay was called the “Senechal”…Senebkay.

      Maybe I’ll tell you who all the other “fictional characters” of the King Arthur legends really were…another time.

  • Russian Limbaugh

    Jew Chews Gum = Fake Vagina

    Jews Talking About Anything = Fake Holocaust

  • Though I’ve never heard of her (or even want to), this doesn’t surprise me. I dated a college educated, ‘conservative’ jewish woman, whose family was filthy rich (of course). She and her sister loved to pee on the ground in front of me. I thought this was odd. Later, I figured out it was their way to demonstrate their hate of Christian morality and ethos. I was the goy, and they were doing their trained best to be ‘good jews.’ Dating this woman didn’t last that long, but long enough for me to begin my quest of asking, and finding out, ‘who are these people.’ I now know…satan’s people.

  • Compare the art of the most reviled man in history(all of it BS), Adolph Hitler with that of this degenerate Jewish “artist”. Now that’s some comparison!