A Devastating Critique of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Shiksa Goddess provides a devastating critique of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jewish-run, anti-White hate group wielding far too much influence in American politics and society.


  • Nice. I added the song to my Facebook page, which is daring for liberal Canada.

    • Ha, yes sadly that’s true! Canada has been taken over by ZOG, but in an even more tyrannical way than the US. At least we can still openly proclaim basic facts about Jews, their outrageous lies and distortions of history, and their subversive, parasitic nature here in America. Of course there are risks involved with stating such “radical” yet entirely accurate and demonstrable facts, but we at least won’t be arrested by agents of the state!

  • I assume that since you call yourself a “Shiksa” that means you’re a Goyishe woman, married to a Jew.

    While I must sincerely express my sorrow for your bad life-choices…. I LOVE your vocal abilities, as well as your courage, integrity and decency.

    If you ever desire to record your own album / record without the canned karoake tracks, I can help.

    You got BALLS, lady and I don’t mean that in the usual Jewish homo-transexual-mutant-reptilian-inbred freak kinda way, either.

    • “I assume that since you call yourself a “Shiksa” that means you’re a Goyishe woman, married to a Jew.”

      Haha, no not at all – I think she is using that name to mock and expose the Jews. She’s White and is not married to or affiliated with any Jew(s).

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