95-year-old Former Auschwitz Medic To Stand Trial For 3,000+ Murders

A ninety-five-year-old former medic at the Auschwitz labor and detention camp, whose inmates were generally well cared for and provided much needed labor at the various industrial facilities in the area during WWII, is set to stand trial in Germany next month “on at least 3,681 counts of accessory to murder, German authorities said Monday.” The Times of Israel reports:

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Hubert Zafke was a medical orderly at the camp from August 15, 1944 to September 14, 1944. During this time, 14 trains carrying prisoners — including the teenage diarist Anne Frank — arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau where many would eventually be killed in the gas chambers.

Ahead of proceedings due to begin February 29, prosecutors said Zafke was “aware of the purpose of the Birkenau camp as an extermination camp” as well as of its structure.

“Given his awareness, the accused lent support to the organisation of the camp and was thereby both involved in and advanced the extermination,” said prosecutors in an earlier statement as they charged Zafke for complicity in the “cruel and insidious killings of at least 3,681” people.

The trial in the northeastern town of Neubrandenburg comes after an appeals court overturned an earlier ruling that the elderly accused was unfit to stand trial.

Nevertheless the court acknowledged that he had “cognitive impairments and low physical capacity” and ordered regular breaks during the hearings, as well as medical care.

German media had reported that Zafke was suffering from dementia.

The trial is due to run through March, although the sessions would be determined by Zafke’s health condition. […]

As many readers are aware, this is not the first time an elderly German man or woman has been harassed, persecuted, and charged with crimes relating to the entirely false historical narrative surrounding WWII, especially as it relates to the fake Jewish “Holocaust” myth.

Last summer, Ursula Haverbeck, an 86-year-old German woman who was ethnically cleansed from her home following WWII, was arrested by German authorities for publicly questioning the official Jewish “Holocaust” narrative on a German television program. I have also written about the farcical prosecution of Oskar Groening, the so-called “Accountant of Auschwitz,” who actually worked with the German government and admitted he was “complicit” in the fake “Holocaust”. As I wrote at the time:

Every month or so, a European government, usually Germany and almost always at the behest of international Jewry, arrests an old man for allegedly being “complicit in the Holocaust.”

This has been going on for decades now, with the outrageous prosecution and vilification of John Demjanjuk perhaps being the most notorious example in recent years. These ridiculous witch hunts provide ample fodder for the Jewish owned and controlled mass media to further perpetuate and reinforce the entirely fraudulent Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, in addition to demonizing and slandering National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler as absolute monsters, representing the epitome of evil.

For the past few days, the mainstream mass media and Jewish press have been hysterically reporting on yet another farcical prosecution of an elderly German man who is alleged to be “complicit in the Holocaust.” Oskar Groening, an ex-Auschwitz guard and former sergeant in the SS now ridiculously known as the “Accountant of Auschwitz,” is currently standing trial in Lüneburg, Germany for his purported “complicity in the murder of 300,000 mostly Hungarian Jews in two months during the summer of 1944,” according to The New York Times. […]

The persecution of these elderly German men and women should be an outrage to all honorable, respectable individuals.

And to think, Jewish pedophiles in the United Kingdom are shielded from prosecution despite the very credible allegations leveled against them. As I highlighted yesterday, Lord Greville Janner, a high profile Jewish politician in the U.K., was never prosecuted or brought to justice for his sexual crimes against children because, as the U.K. prosecutors said, he was “mentally unfit” for trial. Yet these heroic German men and women, who in realty are “mentally unfit” for trial in many cases (this one especially), are being prosecuted for fake crimes allegedly committed over 70 years ago during WWII. What an absolute disgrace.

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  • Bolsheviks hunting down old Nazis. The irony.

  • How do you try someone with cognitive impairments? This is a complete farce which exposes the total corruption of the German legal system. No wonder they are being overrun by sex-starved Arabs and Africans.

  • and the zio mafia crowd chants:
    crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him. crucify him.

  • They will keep beating the dead horse untill thay have complete control> Wait a minute: they have complete control

  • How can he, in Germany, defend himself, when, we are told, even in America, by a Judge in Texas, that ‘no evidence can deny the “Holocaust,” nothing, can prove it didn’t happen’? If people were allowed to defend themselves with historical facts and proofs. then there wouldn’t any ‘holocaust’ BS going on, at all, not in public, not in the schools, and, certainly not in the Courts! What a f-ing racket, the holohoax racket, that is, this Jews Mafia has going. Haven’t the German people suffered enough and how can anything ever done to the Jews compare with what the Jews did to the Germans and still do to the Germans? Eisenhower sent eight million Germans to sure death in Siberia, for starters, hundreds of millions of people not Jews and mostly, by far the most, white people, were murdered by Jews, in high places, WW1 and WW2. Every death was a score for the Jews crying for war, begging for war, threatening blackmail and even death, if they didn’t get a war. As far as the Jews holocaust goes, the word holocaust is a recent invention, designed by a Jew, introduced to the public shortly before the New York Medias told the world ‘six million Jews gassed to death in German death camps, killed by Germans.’ This crazed story, not only physically impossible to have happened, too many bodies to take care of far too many people to murder in gas chambers or any way else, for that matter. Lining six million people up and shooting them would have been an impossibility considering the number of people total, that were supposed to have been involved in the gassing and burning the corpses’ burned, apparently, totally. No dead gassed victim, not one, has ever been found and neither are there any mass graves, i.e., graves, made by Germans to bury the gassed too death folks from the camps remains. Too darn many, hey, my dear Jewish friends, white people would have torn themselves up if the story was about one gassed to death Jew or a puppy dog, for that matter. Let alone six million innocent men, women, and children, gassed to death by the evil Germans! Americans would have been going to Europe in Rowboats, ready to fight to save “the people of the bible” e.g., this tale too is a lie. The biblical lie is far bigger than the holocaust lie, because, the publisher’s of the Bibles have made Jews God’s Chosen People! And, it is working, all the lying is working and so much that people not Jews don’t know which end is up! Bring that trial to America where free speech is still a fact, heck, that would be the end of the “holocaust” tale and the end of people feeling sorry for the richest people on Earth, the Jews. The people who think the Jews holocaust really did happen are the same people who think 9/11 was a bunch of Arabs hating us for our freedoms! Someday, the ‘playoffs’ have to end and a winner proclaimed, someday, the American Governments’ Politicians will be made, as they refuse too any other way, to obey their oaths of office, to uphold the constitution in every thing done, and, I might add without trying to change the understanding, without skinning us alive! Oh boy, one day, what a day, -a new day….of course, part of this will require the dismantling of the Jew Political Structure holding the American Politicians together and against the American People. The Jews, chosen people, gag, will be disqualified as anything real or even relevant, and, the holohoax will have ended in a judgement against the Jew’s sponsor. It will have been proven that the Rothschild’s were the captains of Jewish teams that went about in America and Europe, making lies history, and, forcing, white people to fight and kill each other. A huge debt, but the Rothschild’s can easily afford it, as they have all we have ever been, locked away in their underground vaults. Have to stop here……

  • Utterly ridiculous! And I am speaking as someone who is half Jewish! Yes, some Jews, along with other Europeans died during World War Two. As far as I know, I.did lose some Jewish relatives then, but to try a demented old man for “murder” allegedly 70 years ago is lowdown. Also, in regard to the SS and other outfits in Nazi Germany, how many of these men had any choice as to.where they would be sent?

  • The shysters are getting ever more desperate to maintain their Holohoax myth for the ever-less gullible goyim.

  • Critical Mass is when positive changes occur.
    The Internet provides these positive changes – it’s as close as the finger tips on ones hand and it IS gaining speed.

  • Your comment: “The persecution of these elderly German men and women should be an outrage to all honorable, respectable individuals.” It is in fact an outrage to all honorable men and women. The exception being the Jews of course, who have no concept of the word Honorable.

  • And in 72 years people will say that no one died in 9/11. Obviously, the cause of 9/11 is debatable by conspirators and non-conspirators alike, but you can’t deny that it happened. The holocaust was real, guys.

    • 9/11 was planned, organized, and executed by Jewish criminals in the United States and Israel primarily. There is no doubt about that anymore.

      As for the alleged Jewish “Holocaust,” how do you know it happened as depicted by the mass media, Hollywood, and academia? Have you ever read revisionists’ perspectives of the alleged “Holocaust,” which have conclusively debunked virtually every single aspect of the official narrative, including the 6 million number and the purported “homicidal gas chambers”?

  • Nikki….there were actually several “holocausts” from WW2 – none of them Jewish. Let’s see now, there was the Hamburg Holocaust, the Dresden Holocaust, the Tokyo fire bombing Holocaust, the Hiroshima Holocaust, the Nagasaki Holocaust, etc., to mention a few.