3-D Holograms of “Holocaust Survivors” Now A Reality

Students 3-D Holocaust survivorsAre kids really taking this 3-D hologram “Holocaust survivor” stuff seriously? How ridiculous!

The fake “Holocaust” narrative is, in my opinion, the linchpin of the entire New World Order agenda. The foundational narrative of our recent collective history – the past 100 years or so – is largely centered around WWII and the so called “Holocaust”. The “Holocaust,” and those purportedly responsible for it, are represented as the epitome of evil.

The “Holocaust” was, so the story goes, the end result of centuries of “racism,” “White supremacy,” “intolerance,” and “bigotry,” ideas and concepts Adolf Hitler and “the Nazis” sanctioned and promoted via the German government after coming to power.

The “Holocaust” narrative, and the official narrative of WWII generally, is one big lie – an inversion of reality in fact, as readers of this website and listeners to The Realist Report podcast are fully aware of.

The fake “Holocaust” narrative is sustained and reinforced through insidious and exploitative propaganda designed to psychological and emotionally exploit the masses, especially young, vulnerable children. This is accomplished largely through (((Hollywood))) produced films depicting the alleged “Holocaust”, traumatizing photographs purportedly “proving” the “Holocaust” (virtually all of which are either misleading, presented out of context or entirely faked), and – perhaps most importantly – personal testimony of “Holocaust survivors”.

As more and more “Holocaust survivors” pass away, the Jews and their allies have become increasingly concerned that younger generations will not be exposed to “the horrors” of the “Holocaust”. Also, they will not “learn the lessons” of the “Holocaust” – the tyrannically enforced imperative of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, White guilt and shame, massive Third World immigration to the West, an end to “racism” and “intolerance”, etc. – unless “survivors” are there to perpetuate their fake narrative.

Welp, they’ve been claiming they were going to “preserve ‘Holocaust’ survivors’ legacy” by using interactive 3-D holograms in order to brainwash the younger generations into accepting the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII since at least 2013. Now, it’s a reality.

The Times of Israel reports:

3-D Holocaust survivors

Seated onstage at a museum near Chicago, Adina Sella talks about her life as a Holocaust survivor.

A group of young school kids is entranced — all the more so because Sella is not actually there.

Her likeness is being beamed in the form of an interactive and moving hologram, part of a first-of-its-kind exhibition debuting this weekend at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, which aims to preserve accounts of a fast-disappearing generation.

“She has their undivided attention,” teacher Samantha O’Neill of Chicago’s Northside Catholic Academy said.

“It really does look like she is sitting on the stage in front of you.”

The exhibit uses voice-recognition technology and machine learning to let visitors ask questions about survivors’ World War II ordeals and hear answers that grow more relevant with time, as the technology learns. […]

“It prepares us for the day when our survivors will not be here,” the museum’s chief executive Susan Abrams said.

The Nazis murdered some six million Jews, and millions of other people, in the Holocaust. As survivors age, organizations are grappling with the dilemma of how to preserve their stories. […]

Unsurprisingly, the museum plans to “eventually license the hologram project to other institutions,” The Times of Israel reports, and the museum’s director aims to have his institution’s prized exhibit “experienced globally.”

How effective this exploitative, yet truly childish and ridiculous, propaganda will be on the younger generations will be interesting to follow.

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  • Our self-appointed Overlords are taking the brainwashing to The Matrix levels, literally. Next step, tamper-proof philoSemitic chips.

  • “How effective this exploitative, yet truly childish and ridiculous, propaganda will be on the younger generations will be interesting to follow.”

    It’ll be VERY effective. I mean, just look at how effective the Jew-controlled Hollywood movies are… not to mention the peer-pressure these children experience from other brainwashed, A.D.D.-diagnosed child zombies.

  • “fake ‘Holocaust’ narrative… linchpin of the entire New World Order agenda”. Exactly! Great article John. Thanks for your excellent work!

  • i think females in general are the ones who love this holocaust bs story the most. it provides a big part of the basis for the whole pc thing. gives them the reason they think they need to make sure men (society) stay under control.

  • Hypocrites. The Bolsheviks (the leadership was 80-90% Jewish) killed, tortured, raped 30,000,000+ white Christian Russians. And lets not forget the Holodomor in Ukraine. The ‘six million’ number was lobbed around by the rabbis well before 1900 as a ‘necessary sacrifice’ to establish Israel. If you read the Talmud, you will understand why.

  • “The light of a (menorah) candle shall shine no more at all in thee…for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” Revelation 18:23

    • Well put piece of scripture! So true! But as St. Paul and Christ said, ‘in the end times all the hidden agendas of evil will be revealed.’ (paraphrase).

  • Face it America, you aided and abetted the most murderous ideology in human history. It’s one of many reasons as to why we’re witnessing your demise. Insanity comes first though. Churchill never mentioned the “holocaust” in his vast tome on WWII, perhaps he had been drinking. Post WWII you helped hand Eastern Europe over to Stalin’s murderous henchmen and their gulags. To your credit you haven’t yet criminalized historical revisionism.

  • The Holohoax is only secondary to the Globe Earth. Now that is THE linchpin.

  • We can now see the lies in 3D….awesome!

  • I taught 3rd grade at a Catholic School from 1986 to 1989. We never once spoke about the (fake) ‘holocaust’ and I never heard anything taught about it in the higher grades (up to 8th). At least the private schools have an option. The public schools have no options; it’s forced on them. I subbed in public school for a few years afterwards but never encountered any holocaust B.S. I wonder if it’s now more ‘down your throat’ like every other politically correct jew agenda item.

  • The pentagon is pledged to serve the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. U.N. HEROINE MAFIA PERMANENTLY. They wipe their ass with the Declaration of Independence. They are traitors. The holohoax is used to justify their treasonous mass murder of WW2 and subsequent PERMANENT WAR against the people of Europe. The racist aparteid state of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Vatican are the three major share holders in the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. U.N. HEROINE MAFIA. The British Empire includes 53 British Commonwealth nations. The Vatican posesses mass land holding not only in these British Empire countries but also in others. People are enslaved using the religion of fake money. Bitcoin is the newest form of fake money. Silver is real money. People who are paid for their labor in silver are not being cheated. People who offer fake money as payment are cheats and liars. The churches are endorsing the fake money religion.